Shahrukh Khan not a part of Dhoom 3

Soon after the huge success of Hrithik Roshan’s Dhoom 2, there were strong rumours of Aditya Chopra directing the third instalment of the Dhoom series.

Instead, Adi decided to direct a medium budget film and released Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi barely 8 months after the film went on floors. Post the success of Rab Ne, rumours of Shahrukh Khan being signed on by YRF for Dhoom 3 gained momentum, but as it turns out the rumours were completely false.

“This story (Adi directing SRK in Dhoom 3) is completely untrue and baseless. We have no idea where this rubbish originated but like all wild-fires has spread rapidly” said Rafiq Gangjee of Yashraj Films.

There you go, no Dhoom for SRK, atleast in the near future.

So what about Saif Ali Khan, is he a part of Dhoom 3? Well, there is nothing official yet. Aditya Chopra is very secretive about his films, hence nothing you hear or read is true unless its from the official Yashraj Films website.



  • This is good news,if it is true. If SRK was to act in dhoom 3 he’ll definitely be the villain who is losing at the end. Abhishek will be the hero. I don’t want to see shahrukh as the villain anymore. He has done enough of them in the past.

  • Anupama is right .
    It is not good Srk to loose at the end of the movie


  • I agree with you guys
    but its not up to us which movies he do or don’t do.
    I don’t want him to do Dhoom 3 too
    i didn’t watch the last two Dhoom and don’t care to any day
    Plus SRK had already said in an interview that he was not going to do Dhoom 3

  • By the way guys, Filmfare May 27th issue features SRK,But unfortunately It’s not being distributed here in Sri Lanka. I feel soooooooo sad. :cry: :cry: :sad: We get only one issue per month and that is the first issue of each and every month. This is so not fare. If someone knows a place to buy it in Sri Lanka or get a copy from India please comment on an article in this site. I want the magazine desperately.

    I missed the December 24th 2008 issuewhich also featured SRK in cover,because in Sri Lanka they distribute only the first issue of the month. Please Someone help me if possible. :cry:

  • SRK is the most most famous man in the world so SRK act the DHOOM3 ( mujhe sirf SRK ki film chahye hit ho ya flop i love SRK and SRK acting to mera kehne ye hai ke DHOOM3 me SRK hi villain ka charecter ada kar}

  • yeah Anupama someone told me that in Sri Lanka that how you guys get the issue.
    At least you get some bollywood magazines there. I get no bollywood magazines here where i live in the US(minnesota)

    by the way were you on vluvshahrukh…?

  • Yeah,Meshanna. I’m the same Anupama. :) we used to mail. I’m a regular in this site too.

    I’m surprised that You do not have bollywood magazines in States. It is really sad. U can send your address to my mail. U have my E-mail address. I will send u some.

    By the way, I thought u live in India. Now only got to know u r in States. Are u indian?

  • no I live in the United States

    how I wish I live in India, my house would have been completly full magazines with srk and all
    and so sweet of you dear…
    I will email u to talk

  • This is a good news.
    no one like to see this monky haklu khan in Dhoom 3 .for this roll we need some who look like a real man and we all know that Hklu khan neve look like a man .

  • I am just WARNING u again. AHSAN KHAN
    SRK will be seen in the DHOOM 3.
    We all love him.
    He will do this for us & his real fans.

  • Hey u ahsan u monkey without tail and remove khan from your name…. because according to my knowlegde khan r never rubbish and nonsense as u…..go to hell and have a same man

  • srk will looks good in dhoom3 and he’ll rock, so forget ahsan and his comments he just hates srk and his popularity

  • I consider myself to be the biggest fan of srk. I love srk . I watch bollywood movies becuase of him. I would love to see srk in dhoom 3.

  • srk please dhoom 3 karlo hit hai. dhoom3 nahi tho dhoom 4 ok.please………………………………………

  • since theh starting of the movies of 3 khans ;shahrukh has been always the i dont care whether srk is in DHOOM-3 or not.His coming films are going to be super hit in bollywood.

  • Its Nothing Matter that SRK is In or Out the film will be blockbuster because there is Legend of Bollywood and No. 1 Actor Amir Khan

  • SRK is Best for dhoom 3. i love srk. and without srk dhom 3 is not flop but not a bloackbaster movie title.
    srk is the heart of dhoom 3. and you know srk is heart of ever one. example my heart loving hero srk i l u

  • plz dhoom 3 zaroor kero mujay ap ki her flim zubani yad hy ap her film ki dvd mere pass mojood hy or ap ki her film mein itni bat dekhi hy k aub to her mujhay zubani yad hy mein her waqat isi intizar mein hota ho k ap ki film release ho ap ki film hit ho ya flop ho but i love your acting i love your speaking style and your smilling plz dhoom 3 karo


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