Harman Baweja in Echo of Eco

Harman Baweja who made his debut in the 2008 disaster Love Story 2050 and followed it up with yet another disaster, Victory, is still very much in demand.

News is that Harman has been signed on by producer Deepika Gandhi to portray the role of a rich young Indian Industrialist, who ends up loosing everything in the global economic meltdown. Depressed and frustrated, the character decides to kill himself.

When Harman, who will next be seen in Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s your Rashee, read the script of the film, he was instantly impressed and immediately agreed to be a part of it, despite his tight schedule.

Pan Nalin, director of the award winning Samsara (2001), will direct the film titled Echo of Eco..



  • I like Hurman and think he has a greta future – but what a depressing plot to star in. Oh for the escapist Bollywood when there’s so much doom and gloom in the world! May skip that one.

  • Love Story 2050 was a good movie, the audience was dumb.. stupid.. so made it a flop movie!
    Victory was also a good movie ( at least better than Luck by Chance, not a boring one) also the audience was responsible for the failure..

    But.. if Aamir Khan was in the leading role in these 2 movies they would’ve been and (for sure) some super hit or blockbuster movies which proves that the stardom of any actor is the main reason for the audience to like or dislike any movie ( it’s sooo different the way we watch any movie when it’s for some big superstars.. we watch the movie and think whatever is there is right.. correct.. flawless, and when it’s a movie for a newcomer or for an actor which we don’t accept, so we watch the movie in just a different way and we think: no.. that’s no good, he lacks talent.. etc) that’s the way audience is in fact!

    It’s Hurman’s bad luck..and if he wasn’t a qualified actor so why some big directors e.g. SLB & Ashoutosh would sign him for their movies?!!

  • Indicine Team: I read long time ago, after the release of LS2050 in yahoo website, in one of the pages about bollywood that SLB signed Hurman for a movie before the release of LS2050, and that he signed him because he found him a good actor and very hard work, and there was a rumour that SLB – after the failure of LS2050 – changed his mind about him, but SlB denied what people said.

    I don’t know what’s false or what’s true.. that’s what I read.

  • I also liked Love story 2050. It wasn’t that bad. I haven’t watched Victory. Hope Hurman’s next one will be a hit. He looks good and is a good dancer. I think that is why he gets to work with good directors.

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