Shahrukh Khan leaves for his concert in Malaysia: Photos

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan will be performing at Kuala Lumpur’s Merdeka Stadium on 15th February 2014, as part of his widely popular ‘Temptation Reloaded’ tour.

The show has been described as a 3 hour long live Bollywood movie, with more than 100 people performing live.

The highlight of the show will obviously be Shah Rukh Khan, who will be performing on stage with Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherji, Jacqueline Fernandes, Arjit Singh and Yo Yo Honey Singh.

SRK is yet to completely recover from the injury he sustained to his knee and shoulder while shooting for his upcoming film Happy New Year.

We spotted the superstar at the International Airport on Thursday night. Check out the pictures!

Shahrukh Khan leaves for Temptations Concert in Malaysia

Shahrukh Khan leaves for Temptations Concert in Malaysia

Shah Rukh Khan waves to media

Shah Rukh Khan waves to media

SRK departs for Malaysia Concert

SRK departs for Malaysia Concert

Shahrukh Khan leaves for Malaysia

Shahrukh Khan leaves for Malaysia

SRK leaves for Malaysia

SRK leaves for Malaysia



  • Cool .. Handsome… u r seriously looking hot clean shaved…:)
    Even Salman is looking dam good in the french beard recently- new look for Kick I guess

  • SRK’s temptations is the most famous international concert by an Indian…..its gonna be blockbuster as always….HAIL THE GLOBAL SUPERSRTAR…ONE & ONLY….KING OF BOLLYWOOD..SHAH RUKH KHAN

  • ” Love u srk ”
    Love u for being the reason of smiles,

    Love u for being the most giving teacher
    Love u because of ur heart warming smile
    Love u because of ur soul touching eyes,
    Love u for not knowing why I love u most,
    Love u because u shahrukh.
    Happy Valentine’s day to my super cute darling.

  • Srk is known for giving tributes in his movies and shows.This time Srk can’t dance properly bcoz of his shoulder injury so he has got good opportunity to give tribute to Sanjeev kumar(Thakur of Sholay) and they should create a scene of Sholay between Thakur and Gabbar where he can play Thakur while Honey singh can play Gabbar and ask Thakur to give his

  • Iam wondering hw he is carrying on the shooting of HNY wid the injury,,,, I think he shud hav postponed the shooting…. der is ample tym for the release of HNY… its not aSci-Fi movie wer VFX needs to be done

  • Srk is looking handsome. Srk is the face of bollywood. Undoubtedly the most popular actor of bollywood around the world.

  • @sachin11 Yeah Thakur of Chennai should do a tribute to Thakur of Sholay Sanjeev Kumar but Im thinking the scene should be enacted as following:-
    Thakur of Chennai should play Gabbars character- our Sarkar has the rugged look and villainous streak in him to be a good Gabbar so shouldnt be too hard.
    Honey Singh should act as Thakur of Sholay.
    Sarkars shoulder injury is legit so his need for a functioning left arm is at its greatest need as of now so he should demand Thakur of Sholay give him his arms and that should be the final act of the Temptations Reliaded Tour. Audiences will be awestruck at Sarkars brutality but needs must as they say as he needs 2 functioning arms so someone has to make a qurbani. End Scene

  • Thakur turned malang chacha (pran of upkar). The show will have a song’kasme vaade pyaar wafa sab’. Srk will be tributing to late Pran saab !!!!

  • SRK is more popular here in Malaysia than any other Bollywood actor. Because he did many movies in our country, took part in tourism programs and invested some money in properties and business here. Therefore, he has been awarded a title called “Datuk” which literally means “Grandfather” but technically does “Honorary.”
    But it doesn’t mean that many of us go and watch Bollywood movies. But I with my friend do often if the film looks interesting enough. We feel Indian films are distinctive and unique. They should stick to the originality instead copying Hollywood movies that we are seeing often these days. Copying Hollywood movies do not really impress us. What Bollywood needs to do to go global is Think Out of the Box in terms of Appeal, Marketing and Promotion. Some movies like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, MNIK, 3 Idiots, Zindagee Na Milegi Dobaraa, Ek Tha Tiger and Lagaan etc were really impressive.
    Coming to the show, Live Performances by Bollywood Celebrities are rare here. Whenever it is done, people go for the experiences. This time as well, the stadium is going to be almost full and I think it is going to rock. More such shows should be done.
    Two of my friends are going to watch. I can’t make it because I have something to do tomorrow. But I would prefer watching the show over my work if it had Salman Khan who is my favorite.

  • Why always its SRK vs ALL?
    May be its a Fan Base..may be its an Actor himself or Media…All compare their stuff with the like of SRK…Chennai Express record was broken by Dhoom3 and still on various polls new releases are compared with Chennai Express only..Why is it so??Insecurity or Competition or Revenge??
    SRK has been most consistent among all his contempories.More than 2 decades now he is ruling but just as someone start tasting success goes into attack mode with SRK.
    When SRK fails all start bashing him and when other actors fail all media and trade start finding excuses. My question is what’s problem yaar?
    Take the following cases..
    OUATIMD: At start all news were about how SRK has blocked screens and after 1 week when major chunk of screens were released no one mentioned it.Ajay devgan raises his voice and says his support with Ekta. So it’s (AJAY + Akshay) vs SRK …but now it’s clash between Akshay and Ajay
    Dhoom3: Salman and Aamir join hands to tackle Chennai Express success.Do anyone remember when 3Idiots was at top ,SRK joined other actor to bring him down.
    So it’s (Salman + Aamir) vs SRK.
    Krrish3: I know SRK said this Diwali go for Krissh and I will come next Diwali.But at end of its run Hrithik fans started abusing SRK as news about fake collection spread.
    Jai Ho: Now Aamir joins Salman and question is,? Will Jai Ho break Chennai Express record (Boss Dhoom3 is at top now..usse compare karo)?.Aamir promoted JaiHo on twitter till it last day but when film doomed where’s he? So it’s (Salman + Aamir) vs SRK again.
    Now Chennai Express: Now it was last for SRK according to media.Its competition was with Rowdy Rathore(Akshay)..Ek Tha Tiger(Salman)..3Idiots(Aamir)..n no one come to support him..It was 1 man show, he need to promote himself and guess what’s media talking — SRK over promoting they won’t say he alone is promoting.
    SRK said go for Krissh then go for Dhoom3 then JaiHo also during award show. So why other actors behave in such way and avoid his work??Again Insecurity?
    I don’t feel anyone is superior or inferior but if you go with team against 1 man then had to think SRK is superior among all others.
    Now check this –
    JaiHo doomed : ?odi effect?…?icket price?…?ow promotions?
    OUATIMD doomed : ?ess screens?..?ad script?…?mrankhan?
    Talash doomed : ?ad Script?…?ess entertaining?..?ot business oriented?
    Himmatwala doomed : ?ajid khan?..?ajid Khan? …?ajid Khan?
    RaOne doomed : ?RK over?…?RK buddha?…?RK over promotimg?…
    thats how it goes….Feel sad about all this but bow to him and his fans…they bring him to the top when everyone is trying to bring him down!!!
    Stop pretending your star is better than SRK untill you come in group?o one on one and lets find the winner?ts as simple as that
    Truly i feel Akshay and Salman are good human beings may they patch up with SRK and no one can bring this 3 down den…Mass+Class+Rom+Action+Comedy these 3 can do anything..and so does Hrithik…

  • @indicine,what happened to you?couldn’t I praise SRK?even though you allowed @navin,@sachin11,@hrithik to post their abusive comments.why are you so biased?didn’t you want me to comment again.waiting for your answer.

  • Box office rulers:
    Noone can come close to the box office kingdom of Aamir and Salman. Other ‘kings’ (lol) have no chance as they have been chasing Ready’s records for 3 years. LOL

  • @navingirl, @sachin11whowillneverbelikerealsachin and @hrithik, u post abuse on SRK, but he is injured and still willing to do his concert and film HNY, what about Bhojpuri Bhai who refused to do much stunt work for ETT…………………..and had 95% of the action scenes filmed with stunt doubles who were clearly visible and use CGI to put abs on himself………………..@navingirl u always laughing at the door which hit SRK which is a serious thing, are u that cruel and mean hearted?? When bhai went for his brain surgery I wished him speedy recovery but if SRK had brain surgury u wud hav turned that into another one of ur sadistic and petty jokes………….grow up man, ur an adult dont laugh at peoples injury.

  • Navin uncle took 45 years to develop dis kind of sense of humour…still noone laughs…(xcept his so called chamchas sachin11 n double faced hrithik)

  • while reamake khan is struggling to cross his own film “ready” at box office, HNY will break each record this year

  • @Triniman,
    Hey Body-Double was used for the stunt scenes only in Dublin where it was extremely cold and he had not fully recovered after his surgery. Get your facts right!

    Salman has to do CGI for abs? Total absurdity! Rather inversely, the pictures you saw and said to be orginal pictures of Salman abs were the results of morphing. They did it to gain publicity. Needless to say, though there are some more fitter heroes coming up, Salman is the pioneer of the fitness icon in India. (He is my fitness icon as well.) Even your inner sense is telling you that for sure.

    The fact is that it has been only Salman Khan who can take off his shirt in public (in reality) in the given circumstance. Anyone who has six-pack abs do not work out hard, he losses them. To regain them, he has to work out hard one to two months. (See Aamir Khan for example.) Actors do filmshooting works as they get it. In the normal time, they don’t work out that much hard, so their abs become normal. No matter who he is!

    Salman worked hard continuously for one month to gain that abs for Jai Ho. Got it?

    If you are going to believe which some websites say, I am going to believe media rumors that the Sarkar of Paglapur sleeps with Karan Johar.

    Bhojour is still in India on Earth but Paglapur is on……….I hope you get what I mean!

    I always make fun of the Sarkar of Paglapur but at the same time, wish all the best for his health condition.

  • @Raj Kumar Yadav U say SRK sleeps with Karan but isnt Salman the oldest male star in India who has never married despite many beautiful lady prospects around him???? SRK has 3 children plus has been linked strongly to PC………………………Karan and Salman was born in same year and despite both being 48 yrs old never married………………………..therefore it is ur Bhopuri Bahi more likely to be the one sleeping with Karan and NOT SRK like the mainstream rumours u hear……………………………………………..girls call guys in the west that dress, workout and act like Salman g’y…………………….so there u have it, we solved the mystery, ur Bhai is hiding a dirty secret very well and has paid rumour websites to pin this secret on his arch rival in order to get eyes off himself!!!!!! This is a common tactic used by insecure ppl like ur bhai, to shame others so that society will keep their eyes off of u and ur dirty deeds!

  • @Triniman : First of all you should thank me for comparing srk with one of the iconic star Pran saab. Secondly, dont behave as saints we have been there n seen your comments for Salman. Last I have also wished srk during minor fire incident at Mannat and recent mishap (for srk fans) during HNY shooting. Is doing a song as tribute to Praan saab is abusive for you then I cant help it !!!!!

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