Shahrukh Khan leaves for Bulgaria: Photos

With a bushy moustache and coloured aviators teamed with a black leather jacket, Shah Rukh Khan sports a vintage look in an image he has shared on social media. As indicated by the Bollywood superstar, it’s from his film “Raees”.

Shah Rukh completed a schedule of the Rahul Dholakia directorial just earlier this week.

He is now busy for the shoot for Rohit Shetty’s film “Dilwale”.

“Battery died on trimmer so part of Raees still on face. Happy to c lil Hrithiks with their dad on way for a holiday,” SRK tweeted on Friday.

“Raees” is an action thriller, where Shah Rukh will be seen playing a gangster. Slated to release on Eid next year, it also features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan.

The superstar is currently juggling between “Raees” and “Dilwale”.

“Dilwale time?can’t wait to see the smiling faces of Rohits team. Waited a year for the fun to begin all over again?.Bulgaria Express,” he tweeted on Friday.

The film also features Kajol, Varun Dhawan and one-film old beauty Kriti Sanon.


Check out the photos:

Shahrukh Khan leaves for Bulgaria to begin shooting for Dilwale

Shahrukh Khan leaves for Bulgaria to begin shooting for Dilwale



SRK snapped at the airport heading to Bulgaria for Dilwale shoot

SRK snapped at the airport heading to Bulgaria for Dilwale shoot

Shahrukh Khan snapped at the airport

Shahrukh Khan snapped at the airport



  • He looks like some south indian movie’s goon. LOL. this look perfectly suits him. LOL…..

  • Haters go get a life..!!
    Ur senseless comments cannot affect any
    one so plz don’t waste ur time …
    Sallu fans want sultan on Eid
    let him clash if he has the real aakat ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • He looks cool in every look.Raees will be the best movie of srk after Don2.And I am sure he would bag the filmfare too that particular year
    @bipin it’s because everybody is curious about his whereabouts.His pages gets the maximum comments

  • ra one….the only hit movie in world cinema history whice earned less then its budget…
    time to open a new Indian boxoffice website

  • Agree with @sunny chechi

    If you can include FF7 n Avengers 2 then why not mad max,san Andreas,Jurassic world??

  • @khiladi kumar..Don’t u have any other work beside researching over holiday releases? Always same post on different articles? Did TwMR or Yjhd release on holiday period? No! So why your Akshay highest grossers is not even up to Kangana and Ranbir? Nd u r busy calling Shah rukh Khan Salman or Aamirs name? Their poor movies Mnik Talaash jai ho is d average collection an Akshay super hit or hit movies get b it omg(specl appearance) baby gabbar is back so26 etc etc. Look Bhaiya No doubt Akshay Kumar is a huge superstar but as Aamir n Salman and am sure SRK n Ajay too believes need of saying stardom bigger holiday non holiday phrases like that. they have been in d game for 2.5 decades so long that they must have erased competition from their heads except fans like you!! Pls stop posring rubbish okay. Let their acting speak for themselves just like Akshays acting I. Baby n gabbar is back was outstanding! But ppl like u will always make others bash him including me but I wont cos I have no problem with him. His a huge star n a jovial human being.

  • Hahaha so funny comments here and funny ID too. Anyway srk look like our Tollywood’s villain. Entertain to read….!!

  • King rules.
    This pair has always given Bollywood All time blockbuster.
    So no surprise from them for giving another entertaining movie.
    Surely Biggest movie of Bollywood in the perspective of bossiness as well as entertainment.
    If ppl appreciate it then everything is fine coz film is made to make smile on the faces of audiences rather than to make ppl unhappy and make smile on critics faces like pk.
    I always want from king to give happiness to audience coz they come in cinema to get peace rather then become confuse.
    Give good msg through movies rather than to make ppl angry just in order to get money.
    From King khan movies we always get good msg like in chak de India,Swadesh,MNK,K3G, etc.
    So no need to jealous from king rather to learn from him how to make happiest life n how to give happiness to others

  • Oh our king looks as dashing as his surinder sahani look from rab ne!!! I hope our king does full on VFX and work for it 24 hours so our king’s face might match to the body double. Our king also worked too hard for and happy celebrations. King rox!!!!

  • Our king is so powerful that he wont need to do any action sequences. He will open his arms and the body doubles will take care of the rest. Our king opened his arms in don 2 and and see how dashing in the action sequences looked. That’s our king power. King rox.

  • Looks like Rohit shooting some action scenes in Bulgaria n Srk already hinting that he is injured by appearing with a crutch and don’t give me any heavy action scenes.!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • I will be off the indicine for a month due to Ramzaan. I request @Navin @SK @Yuvraj @Marshall @Myanmar @Sky @Legend @Ishan @Rew1 to keep rocking n keep the salmir show going On. All the best to haters as well. I will be back after Eid. Eid par Eidi (BB) lene zaroor aungaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL.. This was mine and my friends reactions after seeing our King with a mush!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  • @ hritik….
    dnt wry bro salmaniac will be at top through mnth… cm back after ramdaan n then we see wether dilwaale beat avtaar..or pk…

  • @ hritikโ€ฆ.
    dnt wry bro salmaniac will be at top through mnthโ€ฆ cm back after ramzaan n then we see wether dilwaale beat avtaar..or pkโ€ฆ

  • SRK left India to give us some relief. Thanks to you. Stay as far ayay as you can. Better don’t return.

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    Mind u ..I hardly go bk nd see d likes or dislikes talkess of a reply to me. So don’t waste yr time fool. Plus next time if u talk about HEIGHT AGAIN!!, ESP on Aamir Khan,I wont take that likely for me no one can call Hritik or Ajay short rather TALL!! But I definitely can cal SRK short cos he is very short too!!

  • @Myanmar.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜
    Tollywood villian? Ya Allah am going crazy wit laughter

  • Sallu fans be like, ‘Why is he just looking super cute in every of his looks’ ahahah they are so insecure

  • king of non holiday, worldwide collection
    MNIK: 178.5CR
    READY: 145 CR
    TALAASH: 140 cr

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