Shahrukh Khan leaves for Bulgaria: Photos

With a bushy moustache and coloured aviators teamed with a black leather jacket, Shah Rukh Khan sports a vintage look in an image he has shared on social media. As indicated by the Bollywood superstar, it’s from his film “Raees”.

Shah Rukh completed a schedule of the Rahul Dholakia directorial just earlier this week.

He is now busy for the shoot for Rohit Shetty’s film “Dilwale”.

“Battery died on trimmer so part of Raees still on face. Happy to c lil Hrithiks with their dad on way for a holiday,” SRK tweeted on Friday.

“Raees” is an action thriller, where Shah Rukh will be seen playing a gangster. Slated to release on Eid next year, it also features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan.

The superstar is currently juggling between “Raees” and “Dilwale”.

“Dilwale time?can’t wait to see the smiling faces of Rohits team. Waited a year for the fun to begin all over again?.Bulgaria Express,” he tweeted on Friday.

The film also features Kajol, Varun Dhawan and one-film old beauty Kriti Sanon.


Check out the photos:

Shahrukh Khan leaves for Bulgaria to begin shooting for Dilwale

Shahrukh Khan leaves for Bulgaria to begin shooting for Dilwale



SRK snapped at the airport heading to Bulgaria for Dilwale shoot

SRK snapped at the airport heading to Bulgaria for Dilwale shoot

Shahrukh Khan snapped at the airport

Shahrukh Khan snapped at the airport



  • @Indicine y dnt you post everythng about SRK..when he gets up, when he eats breakfast, when he leaves the home for shoot bla bla bla..
    Looking absolutly rocking the king srk

  • SRK copied this look from Aamir Khan in Talaash.. and Indicine copied these pictures from Twitter.

    We hate plagiarism.

  • Oh ho ho ho ho!!!!!what a look?????RAEES will be the EPIC CLASS MOVIE OF THE DECADE.THIS LOOK is just killing no one could save haters and their star than cause KING KHAN returned to HIS REAL CLASS.TRULY LOOKING LIKE THE KING.

  • what ever SRK look is just amazing…….. you just cant denied that……he look dangerous here i think he will tought in raees

  • moustache doesn’t suit SRK and other khans bollywood ajay is the best with moustache…sultan mizra…….

  • Actor’s highest grossers onnon-holiday
    Salman’s Ready: 121 cr
    Aamir’s Talaash: 93 cr
    Shahrukh’s Mnik: 75 cr

    Akshay’s Rowdy rathore: 135 cr

    I think this clears all myths about khan stardom.
    Akshay>>Salman>Aamir>Shahrukh in stardom

  • Whenever I talk about non-holiday, the true factor for stardom, khan fans come up with holiday release movies.
    Anyone can give a hit on holiday. Joker and TMK had very poor script and negative reviews so it underperformed.
    Khans movies on holiday get positive reviews even when their movies are craps, as critics are biased toward Khans.
    If RR or Baby released on holiday, they would have earned huge 150-175 cr sure.

    My question still remain….who is bigger?
    Akshay who can give a 135 cr film on non-holiday inspite of 4 films per year
    Khans who release 1 film per year and still do poorly on non-holiday?

  • Dashu Khan

    1000% time better looking then Talash’s Tingu

    @indicine both pic together

  • @indicine, what happened to round iq questions ?
    as I have a question as brother’s trailer is receive well …
    which movie will be bigger hit bb or br?

  • Let Raees release on non-holiday we will see Floprukh’s real aukaat. Mnik did only 75 cr on non-holiday. 75 cr king haha.

  • many actors had seen in moustache but non of them was looking as much handsome ,stylish like KING KHAN is looking.KING KHAN as usual so much fair and handsome ,really last time HE did moustache in a CLASS movie ‘PAHELI’,after that all salman,amir,ajay copied that role,lol.really KING KHAN is a trendsetter HE already gave look moustache look,6pack look,Beard look,Long haired look,10 pack look,reallyEvery look is suitable to THIS MOST HANDSOME MAN IN BOLLYWOOD.

  • waw king started promotions..of dilwale…. nw he will give 200 intrviewz…waw…
    nw comedy nights get booked for whole decembr…3 episode for KING 2 for varun kriti n 1 for legend rohit shetty…

  • Sirf moustache rakhne se koi dabangg nahi banjaata.
    Sarook is not a macho man like salman
    #we want sulthan for next eid

  • Sorry ßt he iz Looking Worst .
    B.t.w indicine now it’s too much of SRK .
    No more fltu article related to SRK …!

  • our queen did so much of romantic films….less action films THATS REAL FITNESS ?? ? that his all parts r damaged…
    salman ajay n akshay r fake action hero only queen is real … queen did last action film ?DON 2yrs back n still hav fractures….?
    this is dedication… .

  • What srk fan like most about him might be his lipstic…. ?
    thats why they call him cute ? …. after smoking 30 cigarets in a day king of romance must be minty fresh….
    most srk fans r girlish…. u can observe…

  • & Indicine one more thing
    Y u R not updating the collections of Hollywood movies Like Mad max , San Andreas nd latest Jurassic World ??
    if u r Putting avengers nd F7 in the list of biggest openers then it’s ur duty to Update collections of All the big Hollywood movies ….! Think about it !!

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