Shahrukh Khan has 10 million followers on Twitter, 2nd actor after Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has become only the 2nd Indian actor to have 10 million followers on popular social media website Twitter. Only Amitabh Bachchan with 11.5 million, has more followers on Twitter.

Khan joined Twitter in January 2010, and has sent 8,050 tweets so far.

The other two Khans are not too far behind the 10 million mark. Salman Khan, who joined Twitter three months after SRK, has 9.17 million followers. Aamir sent his first tweet two months before SRK, now has 9.56 million followers.

Shahrukh Khan 10 Million Followers

Shahrukh Khan 10 Million Followers



  • srk got 2000-2500 favourite per post on Twitter and Salman got 3500-4000.
    in Facebook srk get 1.5 lakh per pic
    Salman get 12-15 lakh. ,
    that is the diffarance between them

  • so if srk or salman would start tweet at same time then their follower will be same and indicine you not mention about facebook where salman has double followers than srk lol too much fun.

  • salman nearly 9.2 million follower on twitter and 22 million likes on facebook this shows salman the king of social media and biggest fan following in B-town

  • “The other two Khans are too far behind the 10 million mark. Salman Khan, who joined Twitter three months after SRK, has 9.17 million followers. Aamir sent his first tweet two months before SRK, now has 9.56 million followers.”
    How is 9.17 million and 9.57 million ‘too far behind 10 million’?

  • @indicine why u not post about facebook where salman has biggest fan following for male bollywood star where as srk are clearly half followers of salman and in this article u said others two khans are far too behind where as difference is very small if salman would start tweet at same time of srk then salman would have more fan following than srk on twitter forget about facebook and all india where srk has not 50% of fan following compared to salman

  • Aamir with 236 tweets: 9.5 million
    SRK with 8052 tweets: 9.9 million
    Inspite of having just 236 tweets, Aamir has 9.5 million followers is a much bigger acheivement. :)

  • Its good to see that but one thing really shocks me that in case of Facebook likes he is far behind than Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and even Sonakshi Sinha . I agree that these things actually do not convert into box office but still why he has so less likes in Facebook ?

  • Will always say it despite being an Ajay D fan….4get about some criticism we affiliate wit u cos there r really some nerdy/freaky Srk fans here! But 4 his REAL fans who value and also knows d worth of other hard merited superstars….WE personally acknowledge your career success and congratulate u 4this stastictic! Well deserved.
    Also 4 2014…..NUMBER 2 has been synonymous with u!
    1. 2nd highest domestic collection so far
    2 .2nd most followed Indian celebrity
    3. 2nd richest actor in d world…..
    Who knows may 2015 will move your rankings…
    Congrats SRK

  • I don’t blv that these stats like YouTube hits,fb likes,tweeter follower gives much idea about an actors popularity.hw is it possible that in fb srk page has lesser likes than kajal aggrawal,sunny leone and in tweeter he is 2nd highest??hw is it possible that a film like sr hd just 4.4mln views for trailer yet hd huge earth shattering opening??srk is definitely a huge star and I luv him but his stardom is beyond this stupid numbers that r self contradictory

  • some idiots will start speaking about fan following and jazz!!! Our King will remain the King of Twiterrati if not YouTube or BO..

  • Oh yes.Our king now has 10 million followers and we hope the number of followers of our king will reach 4 billion very soon

  • Our king reached 10 million followers on twitter and it made us happy and we dont care whether how many of this followers are fake coz important thing is they are following our king and we also dont believe an application on twitter which shows number of fake followers and inactive accounts coz it is showing that our king has maximum fake followers among filmstars

  • just waitin for that “hasn’t a life @Bulli” to write: just 10M,we 3 billion fans of King want twitter to recount,there’s to be a mistake

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