Shahrukh Khan gets gifts from the mayor of Dubrovnik: Photos

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has said that he was treated like a ‘king’ during his visit to the Dubrovnik city of Croatia to shoot for his upcoming film ‘FAN’.

The mayor of the city, Andro Vlahuši?, invited the actor and also presented a bag of goodies and gifts to the superstar. The local media has also hailed Shahrukh as the popular personality from India in Croatia, where he commands a huge fan-following.

Recently, a few pictures of SRK shooting for a few action sequences for FAN had leaked onto social media websites like Twitter
and Facebook.


Shahrukh has been updating his followers on his experience in Croatia.  He recently tweeted “Danced all nite long to lungi dance…Indians, koreans Slovenians, Croatians, Greeks & so many more. Fan & Dubrovnic has been life changing.”

“All so beautiful in Dubrovnic. Warm & caring. My physios..the grip team…the lite guys…the film federation. Felt like a King in ur Landing.”

“Kiss from my action director Mr. O for job well done. G’bye Valamar Hotel & will miss all lovely people of Dubrivnic. You’re as pretty as your city.”

SRK met the mayor of Dubrovnik

SRK met the mayor of Dubrovnik

Shahrukh Khan with mayor of Dubrovnik

Shahrukh Khan with mayor of Dubrovnik



  • Meanwhile SRK is getting gifts from other countries while on the other side Salman Khan is busy in court saying his driver was driving. Difference!

  • He is calling himself king. What a pompously proud person he is. Zero at box office, zero in public respect and zero everywhere. But still fooling himself.

  • He is the King of B’wood So Surely he will be treated as a ‘King’ does not matter if he is in India or some where else… after all the King tag suits him the best..!

  • How Salman Khan fans would be feeling? When on one side SRK is getting love, respect from all over the world while on other side their ideal is still busy in court cases to prove he was not the driver. How Poor..

  • Indicine if SRK would not be treated so who will be treated as a KING. Bhai who has spent whole life in court or the other one who has spent whole life in jealousy, betraying wives, doing cases on brother,father and stealing credit. #JustSaying.

  • King is the richest man of world. He paid some money to the mayor and clicked a few photographs……KING ROCKS.

  • Also our aamirji desperately needed some money,so he showed his fakeness again doing the Snapdeal ad. After once he said,I will do only govt. ads for country.loolz Fake Khan

  • Still believing he is king despite billions of audiences in India and now China quite categoricalky telling him he is not BoxOffice King….

    King try instead looking for your missing billions of fans- my bet is that you will find them in Youtube….

  • @i am a sad loser

    Yes our bhai jaan is in Court telling the truth that he was not drinking nor driving and our King is in Croatia still believing he king but of what nobody knows coz it certainly isnt the boxoffice….

  • Im sure dancing to lungi dance all night long is all he can do after hearing of the disastrous impact his lungiwale anthem had on Team India yesterday…. Thanks for demoralising our boys with your crapgiri anthem

  • @i am a sad loser

    Yes we all show the love our King got at the chinese boxoffice recently when his crappy halloween party released…! :-P

  • what is in gift pack?
    lungi i guess cuz after chennai express whole croatia use lungis as their national uniform.

  • After Russia,Germany,Mexico,France presidents and prime minister it’s time for Craotian mayor to crown THE KING.that’s why HE IS THE KING OF THE WORLD.while our bhai needs appointment even to meet pm of India.that’s the difference between WORLD’S MOST POPULAR ACTOR and the roadside tapori beggar.

    While our bhojpuri fans are making fun of Lungi Dance at the same time It becomes a fever dance song not only in India but also in whole world.

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