Blaming Anushka for India’s World Cup loss is disgusting: Bollywood

On Thursday, soon after India lost to Australia in the World Cup semi-final, a section of the media and users on social media websites like Twitter, criticised and even went to the extent of blaming Anushka Sharma for the loss.

Anushka’s presence distracted Virat Kohli in the knockout game against Australia, was the reason cited for India’s loss.

However, the industry came out in support of the actress, who had a shell-shocked look on her face after Virat was dismissed for just one run after facing 13 balls.


Priyanka Chopra: So horrible to c a supportive girlfriend being lynched for a game she just watched!!Stop with the disrespect! #StillBleedBlue

Dia Mirza: It’s ok to be disappointed or critical. BUT these comments about Anushka are DOWNRIGHT disgusting.

Rishi Kapoor: With you my dear Anushka! Bunch of uneducated idiots who target you. Been through this dam thing. Jakho rakhe sanyaan maar sake na koi!

Arjun Kapoor: Let’s give the Australian Team credit for playing well on the day instead of finding lame reasons, excuses & blaming individuals for our loss.

Anushka Shocked

Anushka Shocked

Sushmita Sen: So happy 2 see Anushka Sharma be there to support her man and her country!! Those mocking her, pick another sport.. INDIA’s spirit and Cricket not for UY’Z :)

Sania Mirza: Blaming and joking about Anushka?? Because a woman can ONLY be a distraction and not a strength? What about the other times we won or Virat made a 100?”



  • sourav,sachin,ponting,kallis all were married or atleast had a gf around the current age of kohli.but none of their wives or gf were ever blamed for their poor performances.
    but simply bcz anushka is big star and is an actress therefore she keeps on getting blamed and trolled for kohlis poor performances while no one credited her when kohli batted brilliantly in the test series or got test captaincy!!!

  • Oh really? Has it gone to that extent? I didn’t know. That’s really disgusting. Anushka went to support and be a strength to the man she loves;not to distract him. I was not a big fan of her after the lip job. But after watching her tremendous performance in NH10 I liked her. May god give all the courage to her to face all these stupid comments.

  • Vry shameful. These are those people who blame their mother, sister, friends, relatives or some other person when they fail in life..

  • After dhoni,another wicket keeper batsman ready to take world cup.
    All the best for newzland team.
    this time kivis fly over kangaroos.

  • Blaming anushka is disgusting it’s the toss guy to blamed if india won toss we can win such a stupid game

  • If I was to blame anyone for Indias loss then I would pick some buddha mukherjee… If only to make me feel better I am willing to make him a sacrificial lamb and lambust him nonstop but I would never blame a a sportsman GF/ wide/ BF/ husband etc etc- thats just damnright ridiculous….!

    Blame Some Buddha instead as any person/ team he supports he brings bad luck too…

  • India lost the semi final bcoz some buddha mukherjee had sneaked in a dvd of Tevar to the teams pre match team meeting which was accidentally played by the teams motivational/ sports paychologist…! That exlains why they gave such a lethargic tevarless performance with both ball and bat…

  • I dont blame anushka….bit attitude of virat kohal…..even when he was playing good his attitude was always cocky….he played like irresponsible not like best player of india…that too in big stage n big match

  • blaiming anushka is better than attempting sucide cuz its better to making laugh on somebody to release your pressure. everyone knows it is not fault of anushka but atleast we are feeling releif because of these jokes.

  • No one blamed her..It was more of jokes than serious things…stupid b’town people couldn’t even see the difference between joke n real thing.

  • Arjun praising arjun lo
    bdw umm very disappointed wid virat for not was clearly visible from the first ball that he was nervous….else scoring just one run in 13 balls is horrible for a batsman of kohlis kind.
    selection committee is also to be blamed for not choosing senior n more experienced players like yuvraj zaheer n gambhir…if they wud have…outcome wud have been different

  • @arjun kapoor , you talking to yourself ……
    at least change your name while posting the second comment which is supposed to be the replay to first…. are too much…..!!!

  • I have rarely come across somebody who’s blaming her.There were some trolls but they were just meant for fun

  • looks who is talking.arjun kapoor who talk shit about others in aib knockout finding this jokes offensive.anushka also supported aib thats why I really hate her and I loving this kind of jokes on her.

  • Virat Kohli is the Best new Age cricketer for India…..India will Win Champions Trophy,T20 World Cup and World Cup under his Captaincy

  • Poor Anushka, she is trolling without her fault, her presence some how distracted Kohli focus but its BCCI fault as they banned GF and wife till league matches and allowed them in big games. Never the less it was just a game and AUS was better team than India as they are sitting at no. 1 in odi ranking.

    @sss, @shail 007 and @gj007 its been hilarious debate.Virat kohli is overrated only Sachin is best.Lol.
    Sachin is the greatest batsman of his time but despite being he is greatest he was only credited to a worldcup that too 22 years of his career & after playing 6 world cups, Virat has achieved that in 1st worldcup.
    Under Sachin time India never won any champion trophy I.e. mini world cup too.Virat also had that in his kitty.I am not saying that he is ahead of sachin but I want to show that your comments are not liable to prove your theories.
    @sss complan boy you said Virat flopped in big moment, do you remembered WC 2011 final, India 28/2 after chasing 275, home ground not so strong Sri Lanka as opposition Sachin Sehwag out, virat came and joined with Gambhir with partnership of almost 75-80 runs, he was out by scoring 35, but that time he with Gambhir took india back in the game, after that Dhoni-Gambhir won the cup for India, now imagine if India was 50/3 if kohli got out doesn’t the game turned out like it did yesterday.
    Other example in champion trophy 2013 final, kohli was top scorer in low but still winning total by scoring 43 runs against Eng and Ind won that game.
    In t20 final of 2014 Virat scored 77* but yuvi wasn’t scored well so Ind ended up low total.He scored 319 runs in 6 matches in t20 WC and declared man of the series.
    Great Sachin wasn’t scored even 20 run in finals of 2011 & 2003 final.So do you guts say SRT is overrated.
    The reason why Sachin and Kohli got instant recognisition because both shining at the time when India was struggling with so called great batsman from 1989-1996 there was Only Azhar who was a good batsman in india after Sachin, in todays time its Kohli,dhoni and Raina who are match winners, shikhar and rohit are not huge players or consistent, Kohli scored fastest 5000 runs in odi from Ind, has been scored 14 centuries while chasing 6 times when we were chasing 300 + total.
    It was off day for him and anushka presence somehow distracted but doesn’t mean he is not a superb player, he is a class batsman and India’s bright future.
    Regarding Indian team they were not even in race before starting worldcup it was Shikhar and Kohli who brought confidence in India which there back to back 100 run + partnership against pak and SA, also India was bit lucky as they were in different pool where AUS and NZ wasn’t also QF was against Bangladesh otherwise we had seen how team India Struggled while chasing against WI and Zimbabwe, it was Dhoni who saved Ind to win those game, how can you think Ind can chase 329 against Aus with this batting line up in big match that too on AUS wiket and bowling line up.
    Grow up guys.

  • guys its clearly evident that our boys are so nervous due to hype created before crucial match, winning 7matches in a row increased expectations so high and naturally very nervous and tense.they should have concentrated on the game leaving family and girls friends,other entertainment.the minute Bollywood entered in to country’s pridest game cricket has become nasty and dirty.these people especially heroines feel they are angels and want to grab attaention and want to be cynosure every where and always showoff.what the country gets is none of their business.what the hell business anushkasharma and other Bollywood chicks got todo with semifinal match of india.priyanka chopra asked when millions of fans supporting why cant girl friend anushka.there is a lot of difference when some x is supporting virat doesn’t bother he concentartes on game but when anushka means some one special naturally pressure increases psychologically.he definitely might have felt that.bcci did big mistke in the big game till quarterfinal they have not allowed but after that boys stopped practicing but started flirting more game indoor than out door.that too at the cost of country’ no point they felt seriousness.its upto virat and he knows the truth that he really felt tese looking at anushka the camera man knew that anushka is there and she is fiancée.and why should he focus on her before virat started playing all this is just showoff these dirty Bollywood chics are spoiling our game .ipl already destroyed and now they are entering in to our tem very bad bcci shoul pass stringent rules from now so many young and energetic youth is waiting to play for india with lots of courage and passion .if you want to play with chics leave so may are there to take it with pride there are so many who can dedicate their life for country.u go and play with your showoff lady

  • we all are virat fans…. but why he watched NH10 insted of practice… sleep with her … then gave interviews to few websites n finally got new haircut for his love… he hit johnsons bouncers all over the park from 4 mnths n finally got out on same ball…. anuska did her work n then came to watch but virat showed how immature he can be… shame viru…

  • Dhoni – Oye Online h kya koi?
    Raina – nhi hu mai to.?

    Rohit – mai bhi nhi hu.?

    Dhoni – saalo zyada hero mat bano aise bol rhe ho jaise mene match harwaya h.???

    Dhawan – are yaar news wale sab mujhe bol rhe h k mene harwaya h.?

    Raina – chinta mat kr kal tk Anushka ka bolne lagenge sab.???

    Kohli – dekh be usko leke mazak mat kr.????

    ( Kohli Added Anushka)

    Anushka is Typing….

    Dhoni Removed Anushka

    Dhoni – sun be har kisi ko add mt kr tu.?

    Kohli – use sirf sorry bolna tha sabse. Or meri bhi bht bezzati ho gayi yaar uske saamne.???

    Dhoni – bhag sale ladki ki wajah se out ho gaya.?

    Raina – haa be mujhse kuch seekh kuch din mei shadi h fir bhi nhi bulaya kisi ko mene. Or sala ticket kisne di usko.???

    Kohli – dekh tu mat bol zyada.???

    Jadeja – bol tu to Raina, isi k karan haare aaj apan.?

    Rohit – oye Jadeja tu kab aaya Australia. Tu khel rha tha kya wc.???

    ( Jadeja Left)

    Dhoni – Oye Rohit mat kr yaar….
    (Dhoni Added Jadeja. )

    Yadav – salo mene to mera kaam kr diya tha. Tum hi ludak gaye.?

    Kohli – sahi bol rha h sala kisi se kuch nhi hua.?

    Rohit – tu bhi to ladki k chakkar meu out ho gaya.?
    (Virat Left).

    Dhoni – yaar aise to grp khatam n jaega.?

    Dhawan – haa yaar Rohit mt kr, or mujhe pata h tu bhi usi ko dekhte dekhte out hua tha.???

    (Dhoni added Kohli)

    Jadeja – oye Virat rohit bhi anushka par line maar raha tha .??

    Kohli – Rohit kutte

    Rohit – yaar ye Jadeja to match se zyada accha yaha prfrm yaha kr rha h.???
    (Jadeja Left) …..

  • I knew it was coming, I also posted about it here just after Virat’s wicket. I know how dumb people can be when it comes to Cricket.

    Some people were even seen crying when Indian Cricket team went out of the World Cup, I wonder how do they feel when thousands of army officers die protecting our lives and country.

  • oh cmon…..if anything he should have been motivated to see her cheer him up….

    its sad that the team lost…..but its fine…..u win some lose some……im sure we’ll do well in future….and so will Virat & Anushka :)

  • @sky

    Honestly I used to like Kohli. But his abusive attitude is really annoying. Besides, people grave begun comparing him with Sachin which again annoys me.

    About your comparison, well I can present way too many stats to counter your argument, but let’s leave it here. This is a bollywood site, so let’s talk about bollywood not cricket.

  • @sky

    Since this is Anushka article, I want to take the advantage of it! Here’s one of the 4 deleted scenes from PK! You’ll love it!


  • @gj007 you took me wrong way or perhaps I failed to understand my point to you, I was responding for the comments when @sss and you bringing SRT in comparison,its actually @sss and you responded.I am not a fan of either but I just give some fact to show that Kohli also stand out in important match, regarding comparison to Sachin, I think people are unnecessary comparing these two, Sachin is miles ahead than any batsman in world, so even comparing him any batsman in the world itself doing insult to Sachin.Regarding Kohli his attitude is completely different and yes he is arrogant but its his strength too.That’s the way he succeed and we only concern to his performance more than attitude.cheers

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