Shahrukh Khan could host Bigg Boss 8

There are rumours doing the rounds within the television industry that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan could replace Salman Khan as the host of India’s most popular television reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

The 8th season of the show will begin in October this year and Salman has reportedly decided to opt out after hosting four seasons back-to-back.

Sources close to Salman say, the actor wasn’t happy with the criticism that he received for supporting Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli on the show. He was also criticised for being too harsh against Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon. He announced on the show itself that he may not return back to host Bigg Boss again.

Rumours of Shahrukh hosting Bigg Boss gained further credibility when the actor was recently spotted at the Colors’ party.

Other names like Ranbir Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan were being discussed, but the channel was quick to put the rumours to rest. However, in Shahrukh’s case, they have remained silent.

Apart from Salman, Bigg Boss has previous been hosted by Arshad Warsi (Season 1), Shilpa Shetty (Season 2), Amitabh Bachchan (Season 3) and Sanjay Dutt (co-host on Season 5).

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  • Some one says i have another id vera and i am nonindian they are wrong, i am from west bengali ami bengali boy

  • Another srk article. WTF?

    by the way, srk fans who were barking that salman was hosting a cheap show and blah blah, i guess should now eat their own trash. lol.

  • waiting for expected comments from “i hate big boss srk fans” to suddenly “omg i love that show so much srk fans” –

    yeah, true king

    so humble

    colours know who is the real superstar

    blah blah king is so cute blah blah it will break records blah

  • OMG! SRK is going to be the host of BB8. What a good news!! If so, for the opening few weeks, TRPs will somehow escalate. And for the rest of the season??? He’s going to make BB flop like he did with KBC by replacing the legend Amitabh Bachchan as its host. It will become another Kya Aap Panch vi…whatever…show. Who will want to see a boring face with lame jokes every week? And BB itself is a scum show. I hate the show itself. Just watched the final last season.

    My friend, Romance expiry, has always said that SRK has 3.7 billion fans worldwide (meaning half of the world’s population). I had been at my wit’s end until recently. Somone has cracked the sherlock homes’ (i.e. romance expiry’s) code. So, he seems to have meant SRK’s 3.7 billions fan worldwide include the Bakras as well. Tit for tat. Make fun of Manoj Kumar more.

    @Indicine, Are you back with another monotonous SRK-related reports. Please change your website name into srk..something..

    The sentence “He announced on the show itself that he may not RETURN BACK to host Bigg Boss again.” is as funny as the concept of the film ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’ and Ameesha Patel’s double roles in the forthcoming film ‘Desi Magic’ under her banner hilariously named ‘Amisha Patel Productions.’

  • it will flop as zkj, kbc, and kappsjh hahahaha it means srk is no popular even amitabh and aamir can easily beat him.salman is the king of boxoffice and tv now and no one can acheive what salman achieve no one cares what sites like indicine tell or report bad about him he is always top without any big banner or with heavy criticism that,s the power of a true superstar.

  • Last year they sent a dog Heaven in Big boss house and this year they will send a bakra if Srk will host this

  • If Srk hosts Bigg boss then there will be very strict rationing and there will be supply of only rice and coconut water daily and after winning the tasks the contestants will get idli sambhar and dosa in luxury

  • I dont think Srk will host the show unless Colors agrees to shell out more money than Salman got it. Moreover for srk it will be a left over by Salman to eat it. Now for srk fans the Bigg Boss show will suddenly become a great show if Srk agrees to host it !!! I hope it does not turn out ‘Zor ka Jhatkaa’ way !!!!!!!!!!

  • If it happens …
    8th season of Big Boss will be the best and most watched show of all seasons.
    Guaranted Blockbuster..!
    SRK rocks……(^;^)
    Even Hrithik will do justice to the show but if Ranbir does it , it will be a all time below rated show of all times.
    Guaranted Flop…

  • No one can do as best as Salman. No matter how big star they sign they cannot fill Salman’s shoes as a Bigg Boss host !!!!!!!!!!!

  • if srk host big boss it will be a disaster show like zor ka jatka even arshad warsi is better host than overrated srk.

  • wow! Finally, I feel my wish is coming true! I have always Salman to leave the show. I just used to watch weekend show for Salman only. Now, we will see how SRK handles it. I just wish Salman came back with Dus Ka Dum, the most entertaining show.

    SRK likes to work on/with ready-made/established thing/people. Yet, he messes up the things. What will a Bakra with a Burger? How will a Bakra eat a Burger? Langoor Ki Mu Pe Angoor!

    He will make this show flop as well. After all, he is notorious for doing flop shows on tv.

    Indicine, post reports only SRK. There’s no one in Bollywood but SRK for sure.

  • No wonder this time either! SRK has grown up into stardom by eating Salman’s dusts and left over! Be they food or films like Baazigar, Devdas, Chakde!! But SRK doesn’t know how to entertain reality audiences. That’s why he is a super disaster on tv.

  • Shahrukh as host and Deepa sahi as housemate could make this show superhit and deepa talking about her experience and that iconic scene of her with shahrukh in maya memsaab will be viewed worldwide by billions.

  • I think Colors is being over-confident with the show. They might be thinking the show might be bigger than Salman is like Salman was overfident with his thought on Jai Ho that he is bigger than the script itself. Fair and square, people watch this scum show because of Salman’s entertainment quotient..

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR…ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER on its way.Irshad kamil is giving lyrics for the film. Popular singer Arijit Singh shall be lending his voice to a special track for the film. The film has a song named ‘Indiawaale’ as revealed by the makers. Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal will perform a romantic ballad in the film. So far, three tracks of the action-comedy-drama film have been recorded.
    Irshad Kamil has already mesmerized us with his ‘penmanship’ for iconic tracks from films like Rockstar, Jab We Met, and the latest one, Highway.

  • SRK please nooooo to big bos 8 this show is a flop and cheap and craps……it doesn’t suit you… this show is for mindless people and rickshawala auto and taxi driver…please please say NOOOOOO

  • lallu is the flop star,please someone teach how to act,his stardom is so puny in front of MEGASTAR SRK.although I’m the fan of KING KHAN,but my recommendation for SRK not to host this crap.if SRK will host this show,then I’m very sure lallu will recover from his controversy that he got in bb7,lol.

  • I don’t want any top rated star to hast this show… salman did a good thing opting out.. colors should ask “Chanki pandey” to host this show..

  • @pjp yeah srk needs this advantage for his movie to become atleast hit or above average but salman is ine man army he does not need anything only his name is enough to create havoc at the boxoffice hope hny break the collection of of gunday with this advantage otherwise 50cr is impossible fo his movies….lol

  • @sss first tell your star to give atleast hit without big banner,big heroines.hit music and big holiday then talk about starpower of salman first tell me one thing that your star is ever give five back to back blockbuster oh sorry even in entire career he give just 2blockbuster forget about back to back and about consistency then he already except that he is given 50% flop so first break the records of salman then talk but its impossible man lol…..

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