Shahrukh Khan and Waluscha De Sousa shoot for Fan: Photos

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was spotted shooting for Yash Raj Films ‘FAN’ and while he denies that he plays a 17-year-old in the film, he was spotted wearing what looked like a college bag.

Even though YRF has banned mobile phones from the sets of the film, it’s almost impossible to control leaks while shooting outdoors. Some pictures of†Waluscha De Sousa have also leaked out.

YRF has†been extremely secretive about the entire project, as sources say, the audience is in for several surprises while watching the film.

Meanwhile, Shahrukh, who had earlier said that he plays a 17 year old in his upcoming film, has posted a clarification on Twitter “Got it! In a generic sense I said I could be 17 years with techno in my next film in context of age centric casts so casting will be character based” he tweeted.

This was probably in response to our Tweet late last night with video evidence “Video of @iamsrk himself saying he plays a 17 year old in his next.. Not sure which film he’s talking about though.”

SRK, Waluscha De Sousa on the set of Fan in Delhi Dwarka

SRK, Waluscha De Sousa on the set of Fan in Delhi Dwarka

SRK shoots for Fan

SRK shoots for Fan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is busy shooting with Maneesh Sharma

Shahrukh Khan is busy shooting with Maneesh Sharma



  • Glad to see SRK doing something new after two back to back crap movies.Will watch this film. Now Salman khan should try to bring something new for audiences.

  • Waiting for Fan ….
    But right now waiting for Mr.X 3D …
    Not many people know that Emraan Hashmi started his Bollywood career as an assistant director. That means, the actor knows the technicalities involved in the filmmaking process. While Emraan is mostly occupied with acting in most of his films, for his upcoming project, Mr X he has also been involved in the editing process.
    Since the film ó he plays a scientist in it ó has a lot of special effects, award-winning British special effects supervisor, Neil Corbould, has been roped in for it. And, apparently, Emraan has been spending a lot of time with Neil.
    “Emraan is showing keen involvement in the special effects and has been working with Neil on the VFX. He has been interested in special effects and animation since his college days,” says a source close to the actor. When asked how he keeps up with the technical know-how despite his busy acting schedule, Emraan says, “I stay updated on the latest developments in special effects and animation as I find the areas interesting. Itís great that I have got a chance to be practically involved with the process in the film.”

  • He is definitely playing a younger character. If you look closely in some of the picture of the filming for Fan he has ‘white spots’ on his face. These white spots are put on the actors face if they are going to have VFX applied to his face.
    I’m pretty sure in that interview he let the cat out of the bag and is now trying to retract that statement to keep it a surprise.

  • fan fan fan
    please i request yrf to release it this year will be a treat for us to watch shahrukh two times in 2015

  • Cigarrete and weed is really showing effect on Shah rukh khan. Check out other superstars of his era.
    Aamir khan in pk looking so sweet n cute
    Salman khan in kick so healthy fit and handsome
    Ajay devgn in AJ not his fan but respect to him always. Aj super physique very healthy n dashing
    Akshay in Baby was unbelievable! Smart young @maximum ppl hu don’t know him wil say he is almost 40 handsome.
    Saif Ali though not in their league doesn’t look good to as his ageing. But shah rukh khan is pathetic! If not cos of d make up he is ugly short wit wrinkles all over. Though his a good actor to some extent but not d shah rukh of 90s.
    Some fools were saying 17 or 71 who cares? My advice. People will care and if u wanna how? Let him b given d role of a 71 year and then see. This hyped star fans esp in India I guess? think they can talk rubbish not knowing we r in d real world.
    No hard feeling spoke my n an average new zealander mind. Hritik is d best! Then i will go for Aamir and Ajay they rock! Salman is a global face. No one denying Shah rukh he is a big star too like salman but favoured more by Indian articles

  • #BOI Star Ranking For January, 2015:
    Domestic – Salman
    Overseas – Aamir
    Worldwide – Aamir

  • @SSS r u out of your minds? U see typical desi fans of shah don’t speak good English nor construct n foolish likers ticks like comment bfo once its shah ruk. God save some Indians pls!
    @sss ppl like u in just one audience debate will contradict your own statements n vice versa. Really 18year? U must b a big fool

  • @Race Raes..I concur wit most of your points about srk vs his colleagues in terms of overall very healthy body and ageing face(though u can’t b specific dat srk is not fit or healthy…some ppl just have smallish physique yet they r healthy..)
    But no to his over hype status. No he is not an over hyped star! Mind u am not his fan but respect him a lot unlike his own fans who keep on bashing every contemporaries of his from Aamir to Salman to Ajay to Akki. But despite that let’s call a spade a spade. Srk current status is as a result of pure hardwork and merited talent. He deserves it bro.
    Glad to hear d praises u showered on Aamir and Ajay!! Tanx

  • Keep it up indicine ur doing a great work for making srk films atleast a hit nd not giving ny attention those films of imran hashmi or sunny deol
    how much money hv u given to promote srk film?

  • @Raes…. By d way am an AD fan 4 life!!! U said u ain’t an AD fan but u respect him a lot and u even named him among your best actors….that’s Ajay Devgn 4u…yes he may b bashed castigated but there’s an honest part of d heart that will always give his Acting skills and intense roles with ease kudos no matter his critics!
    Stay safe bro but also try n reduce d harsh comments on Srk… Use it wen due but wen not due it may signify a personal hatred which for any celeb its harsh cos they wake up every day practice their professions just to put a smile on d audience and fans.

  • @Sani D
    Thank u. Nothing against d Shah rukh guy. I know he is a global star but personally I know even if my LEGEND HRITIK ROSHAN hears me saying I place Aamir Ajay above Shah rukh in bringing out of skin d real character asked to play they do it wit ease yes even ahead of Hritik. But I can boast and say currently nothing Shah rukh will show Hritik nothing bro! Am not a fan of Filmfare but even that Hritik numbers are staggering compared to shah rukh considering age and career time frame. He is a complete actor! Has d looks d charm d physique u tell me. So Hritik is way ahead and has more time to achieve more compared wit a 50year old!
    Don’t get me wrong wen I said am not a fan of Ajay Devgn but I said I respect him always. He doesn’t have to prove anything now whether an AJ or SReturns. Before to b honest I didn’t like him cos I thought he was a snub but COMPANY won my respect 4 him and being a real movie critics I study movies lead roles and actors efficiently. I observed that anytime Ajay Devgn stars with a huge star too he simply outshines d guy. Yeah.I saw it in Hum dil due Chile sanam vs Salman. I saw it in Khakee vs BIG B n Akshay. Vs sanjay dutt in mehbbooba hum kise se km nhi all d best sos. Saw it in Ishq vs Aamir khan. Vs Akshay in insaan suhaag.I think he has done over 10movies wit Big B watch d movies again. So don’t get me wrong @Sani D. Not ajay fan but respect big time.
    But he is behind HRITIK hahaa.! Cheers

  • @Sani d,
    sounds good. I really appreciate your cool attitude,
    It wasn’t us who started bashing other actors,
    you may remember the comment section five or six months before when HNY released, every one competed each other to bash SRK and fans. I have already told this, they use each and every article to bash SRK, made fake ids only to bash SRK, almost every fan base gathered together .
    Barring a few all SRKian we tried to defend in a gentle manner.

    But it never ended,
    then we too became aggressive , even sensible users like @chalaa too posted harsh comments.
    Usually we SRkian never bash others until unless they provoke us.
    Regarding Akshay and AD , there is something more to me…

  • @Sani D; Your recent comments are testimony of the fact that you appreciate Bollywood as a whole! unlike some morons who keep on bashing each other unnecessarily! I have become your fan dude! Respect. Hi-5 !

  • @Race…hmmm ok Hritik beta (lol)…no probz he is way up there immediately afta d khans…though wld b nice if he gets a National Award or 2!! Anys… Tanx 4d compliment u gave to Ajay wat astonished me d most and knew u really follow Bollywood not like some 7years career actors fans(REALLY MAKE ME LAUGH) based on some irrelevant yardstick placing him above d 3 big stars after I said wot astonished me d most was your observation on Ajay Devgn wen paired with oda huge star always makes his mark…u r spot on! D actors u called were spot on too!! Safe bro

  • @Vignesh… Tanx pal. I do come across your comments(tick them like most times) and personally never anything bad esp in AD case.. Cos am sure ur reason is “if others do dosent me i shd too”. U2 keep it up wit ur comments…or fan too! Safe!

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