Shahrukh – Deepika on the sets of Chennai Express

A picture from Facebook – of Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone on the sets of their upcoming film Chennai Express directed by Rohit Shetty.

Amidst rumours of the film releasing during the festive weekend of EID, the official release date of CE is yet to be announced.

Shahrukh and Deepika in ripped jeans.. both at their casual best. On the set picture below.

SRK Deepika

SRK Deepika on the sets of Chennai Express

Image Credit: Facebook (clicked a few days ago)



  • The official release date of CE is yet to be announced bcoz they are waiting for the announcement of official release date of “Mental” and waiting for biggest express Salman to give them green signal bcoz when Salman express comes all other small express gets cancel for that day and gets postponed.

  • Looks like Srk is pulling his pants up it, so it seems…. It looks like they were rolling around in a flower bed before being spotted hence the ripped jeans and slight mischievous grin on srks guilty face…!
    Either that or its another publicity gimmick just like before Don 2 release with piggy chops n srk holding hands together.

  • @sachin11, we shouldnt worry coz if not Mental then I think akkis film OUATIMA will release on Eid week and either film will only add to joyous mood of the nation unlike Chennai Depress which will do for EID what srks last 2 Diwali releases achieved and that is bore everyone to an early night allowing Diwali to pass away somberly.

  • @Indicine team..
    UTV has released its calendar of yearly movies and it has clearly mentioned the release date as 8.8.13..

  • Reasons why Chennai Express cannot become a blockbuster:

    1. Director Rohit Shetty: Known for directing over the top action scenes in masala entertainers like Singham, Bol Bachchan etc, his films have hardly managed to cross 100cr mark.

    2. Actor SRK: Undoubtedly SRK is the king of romance and has been delivering huge romance-drama hits. However, his recent films like Don2 and JTHJ have taken over 2.5 weeks to become hits/superhits.

    3. Clash with a biggie, OUATIMA. Chennai Express might release around OUATIMA and this will affect it’s business.

    My domestic collection predictions for Chennai Express:

    1. If there is no clash: <140 cr.
    2. If there is a clash with OUATIMA: <115 cr.

    Verdict: Hit or barely Superhit.

  • #navin
    Don’t worry;
    whether mental comes in oct,nov or december this year.. the movie will surely win another ghanta award

  • The History Of Clashes With Shah Rukh Khan’s Films
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    7) Both Shah Rukh Has Won The Battle against Ajay in tough competition(JTH ­J vsSOS).
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    Bollywood Ka King banna Bacho ka khel nhi Hai.. Lagatar 20 years tak Raaj SRK hi kar sakta hai.

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  • Is Salman Khan One Of The Biggest Stars Of All Time?

    Tuesday 12th March 2012 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Q. What is the final business of Dabanng 2 in India.

    A. 150 crore approx.

    Ali Azad

    Q. Stars like Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan have quit Twitter, will this not affect there following as they become inaccessible?
    A. Huge stars like Aamir and Shahrukh Khan should not be on social networking sites in the first place. Inaccessibility does not hurt stardom, for such big stars its better to remain inaccessible.

    N Bagul

    Q. Is Salman Khan one of the biggest stars of all time?

    A. These things are hard to judge but the level of success he has seen in last three years, maybe just 3 or 4 stars have ever seen in their careers.

    L Jalil

    Q. The director Of Jolly LLB will be directing the huge Munnabhai series will this give Jolly LLB a boost?
    A. It makes no difference to the general public, some in the industry may be interested but they are so few in numbers that that it has no chance to reflect in box office collections

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  • salman and these 3 or 4 are dilip kumar, rajesh khanna, amitab bachchan or maybe ……..

    Do post your views in the comments section below. I’d love to know your thoughts

  • @JMo
    you are giving example of don 2 and jthj both were multiplexes movies and jthj could have crossed 140 if there was no clash and mumbai shutdown still it got 122 crore with tough fight from popular genre

  • for salman khan fans last 5 movies of salman are blockbuster becuase of masala genre and biggest advantage for were festival dates on higher number of screens plus holidays
    plus no competition from others

    recent srk movies
    mnik completly different
    mnik released in february so it had no chance of getting good collection
    ra one was hollywood type movie and expermental movie
    don 2 was also classy movie with mixture of bollywood and hollywood style
    jthj was romantic movie which is not very popular these days
    if salman khan had done only one romantic or serious movie than those would be flops like main aur miss khana aur veer

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