Shahid Kapoor at Villa 69: Photos

Actor Shahid Kapoor, who is currently shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider, was spotted at Villa 69 in Mumbai over the weekend. His film is scheduled to clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang and Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom biopic on Gandhi Jayanti this year.

As always, Shahid was surrounded by his bodyguards. Check out the photos.

Shahid Kapoor snapped at Villa 69

Shahid Kapoor snapped at Villa 69

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid snapped at Villa 69

Shahid snapped at Villa 69



  • Looking as cool as ever!!!

    Bang bang is definitely going to release on OCT. 2,

    I think Haider should probably be delayed by a week for everyone’s convinience…

  • My Most Awaited films 2014(in no particular order):

    Ek Villain
    Singham Returns
    Bang Bang
    Bombay Velvet
    Welcome Back

  • Hrithik and Niel look like foreigners. They lack Indian good looks.
    Shahid is one of the best Indian looking actors of Bollywood.

  • Shahid cannot cross even 30 crore what a shame. Real flop. He has 2 choices become a spotboy or sit on railway station.

  • Shahid is a much better actor than Hrithik. His performance in Kaminey > > > than Hrithiks all performances.

  • After BANG BANG’s trailer is revealed both haider and mary kom will change their release dates because none of them can afford to be a disaster. Bang Bang will get solo release and BANG all the records and pathetic haters. BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER coming this 2nd october !!!! Hrithikrulesssss

    @shaheer, and you think khans are better because you are khan fan but actually khans are far behind than many actors in talent. @vicky, you are a pathetic hater, you should stick to watching south remakes if your bhai doesn’t go to jail lol.

  • surely if its clash Haidar will not cross 40cr lyftym collection.. And I dnt think so producers of bang bang will give their dates to other movies as they crossed big margin of budget they will surely block dates totally….
    And @shaheer Hrithik is (only) Handsome men from India who is include in top 100 handsome faces while no other actor or Indian in dis list… So dnt bark here.. And yes Neil has best looks than shahid, salman.. After HR… I find Shahid is most cute bt nt most handsome

  • shahid kapoor is so handsome.he is my favourite among all youngsters a true rockstar.I’m waiting for HAIDER which will be huge thanks to hr for shifting his mindless hollywood copy film.ONLY KING KHAN and Shahid and ranbir could be favourite and could impress most of females among which KING KHAN has maximum female are ugly stars.

  • @ankan hrithik is not cute while Shahid is rare combinatinon of cute and handsome that is what makes him the most good looking actor of bollywood.

  • To all those people who is talking about Haider and bangbang clash first let both the movie release then talk.

  • Someone called shahid’s kaminey is better than hr’s all acts. Lol. Is he a moron? Hr’s gud acts:knph,fiza,mission kashmir,k3g,lakshya,kmg,d2,krrish,jodha akbar,kites,guzaarish,znmd,agneepath,k3. .

  • knph-good, fiza-good, mission kashmir-average, k3g-average+selfconcious, lakshya-good, kmg-overacting, d2-average selfconcious , krrish-overactin+selfconcious, jodha akbar-good , kites-average , guzaarish-good , znmd-good, agneepath-good, k3-good. Shahid never gave a bad performance. Even in PPNH he gave a good performance. Shahid is better actor than Hrithik.

  • @Rajesh, Rili Hr is nt cute?? Watch krrish, his smile cutest than shahid, and dnt ask about, handsomeness, sexiest, hottest, best look, style icon.. Shahid nt win least 1 award for it.. He is best just for his fans and blind morons…. While he’s average actor, average in looks.. After salman wen Hrithik cms in nly he is thr who most handsome actor in Undoubtedly b4 2000 that place was salmans

  • Huh. .whoz dat kishmis3 to rate hr’s acting? ? Does he have a brain ? ?how come hr was average in d2? ? Hr was gud in all of his films except 2-4 like aap mujhe ache lagne lage and main prem ki diwani hun where he did some overactings. Hro is my fav. But i luv shahid also. But his fans shouldn’t invine hate.

  • @ankan hr is a average actor who does overacting and shivers in all his movies and don’t about awards we all know it’s fake,only a moron and a blind fan like you only say that hr has cuter smile than Shahid and about handsome Shahid is definataly way more handsome than your average looking hr,hr is only best for fans like you and if you have doubt go and search or ask girls you will know the answer very well the winner will be none other than Shahid.

  • Huuh. .
    More handsome:hrithik
    more cute:shahid

    no more argument over looks please!i love both.
    N btw,those who are saying dat hr is an average actor, plz watch guzaarish,agneepath,ja,kmg,d2. U will know who hr is. And plz, never bash hr for looks. He has height,gud body structure,attractive greenish eyes,sexiness,hotness,handsomeness,charmgentleness,style what many actors don’t have.the only where shahid scores is cuteness.

  • Hrithik is just average actor. He is very overrated. He overacts in most krrish movies and mostly gives average performance in all movies leaving Lakshya, jodha akbar and guzaarish. In terms of looks he is behind shahid.

  • if hr is average, then no Actor in who is even 10% of him.. L0l shahid is handsome?? From which angle? Hahaha
    @Rajesh A legends of blinders, :D u dint mean awards cz shahid doesnt able to get 1 rofl haha so poor baby :p i dnt knw y americad media, hollywood reporters, and others r saying Hrithik is 1 of most handsome in world while poor baccha shasha in nt in top 200 :D and thats it his place, he is nothing, nd style? He is big zero infront Of Hrithik….. And is shahid even in top 10 sexiest asian list?? Rofl dnt even u think for it, its dream for baby shahid, and forget to win crown for sexiest men twice.. :D get a life, f…o.f

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