Hrithik – Katrina return from Bang Bang shoot: Photos

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif returned from Dubai, after shooting for their upcoming film Bang Bang, which is scheduled to release in theatres on Gandhi Jayanti (October 2nd 2014).

Quite a few action and romantic scenes featuring Hrithik – Katrina were shot.

Check out the photos that we clicked at the Mumbai International Airport.

Hrithik Roshan returns from Bang Bang shooting

Hrithik Roshan returns from Bang Bang shooting

Hrithik Roshan at the airport

Hrithik Roshan at the airport

Hrithik Roshan returns from Abu Dhabi

Hrithik Roshan returns from Abu Dhabi

Katrina Kaif returns from Bang Bang shooting

Katrina Kaif returns from Bang Bang shooting

Katrina Kaif returns from Abu Dhabi

Katrina Kaif returns from Abu Dhabi



  • *
    If ‘Bang Bang’ releases this year only on 2nd Oct then there are great chances that ‘Happy New Year’ will not be there in the list of top three grossers of the year.
    P.K. and KICK will be there along with “Bang Bang’.

  • Since last 6 years (2008-2013) repeatedly AAMIR KHAN and SALMAN KHAN are giving the year grosser movie:


    1989 -> ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ –> Salman

    1990 -> ‘Dil’ –> Aamir

    1991 -> ‘Saajan’ –> Salman

    1994 -> ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ –> Salman

    1995 -> ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayege’ –> Shahrukh

    1996 -> ‘Raja Hindustani’ –> Aamir

    1998 -> ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ –> Shahrukh

    1999 -> ‘Biwi No.1’ –> Salman

    2000 -> ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ –> Hrithik

    2002 -> ‘Devdas’ –> Shahrukh

    2003 -> ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ –> Hrithik

    2004 -> ‘Veerzara’ –> Shahrukh

    2005 -> ‘No Entry’ –> Salman

    2006 -> ‘Dhoom 2’ –> Hrithik

    2007 -> ‘Om Shanti Om’ –> Shahrukh

    2008 -> ‘Ghajini’ –> Aamir

    2009 -> ‘3 Idiots’ –> Aamir

    2010 -> ‘Dabangg’ –> Salman

    2011 -> ‘Bodyguard’ –> Salman

    2012 -> ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ –> Salman

    2013 -> ‘Dhoom 3’ –> Aamir

    And in the years:
    1992 –> Sanjay Dutt (Khalnayak)
    1993 –> Govinda (Aankhein)
    1997 –> Sunny Deol (Border)
    2001 –> Sunny Deol (Gadar)


  • Bong Bong willl fail to cross 100 crore. Hrithik is not so popular star. His Guzaarish barely did 25 crore. Lol one of the biggest disasters ever. Even much hyped K3 the biggest film of his career couldnt beat YJHDs 185 crore Lol. Hrithik may be one of the best dancers and lookwise, but in terms of stardom he is a big zero.

  • Lets see how it fares….hope this dosen’t turn out to be another KITES or K3….All The Best HR and KAT….:-)

  • HR rocks. BANG BANG will sweep everything. Nobody can stop HR. Minimum lifetime collection is 250cr above

  • KRRISH 3 made a business of 240 crores in india nett only n worldwide over 350 crores n bang bang gonna rock

  • Bang bang will surely do 170 cr business and become a blockbuster. Morons like @loki is the biggest idiot in the world. Why such shitty ppl like loki take birth on dis earth. They hate and abuse others for no reasons.they should be beaten like dogs.

  • As Dapper As Always ! Hail the King Hrithik !

    @Loki we don’t pay a shit to your screwed up comment anaymore, go hang urself !

    @kingshuk don’t worry it will b better than your fav’s crap mega releases.

    Bang Bang all the Way ! 2nd Oct.

  • @queenshuk:another k3? ? I hope it turns out to be another k3 and does 244+ crores business unlike crappy express which did only 227 crores bussiness. Lol

  • @loki, moron you son of taw@if, we all kick your ass. loll you think only about your old bakra. i know you hate HR because suzzen is your sister. loll go to srk page tweet there leave mother land. get a life loll. Dear indicine team, what about xpose collection? THANKS A LOT………

  • @Queenrukh @lauki
    You both are big morons,and i think you know that!!!
    K3 did 244crs amidst diwali pooja…lets see how your Players New year Party do this time around.

    Bang bang’s budget has crossed 150crs…so you can expect the level and hype that will be created….200crs is very much possible…it will have best action scenes of bollywood up to date,and it will be much better than the original Tom Cruise’s Knight & Day….

  • Bang Bang will earn more than 2014 other flim.This flim will be the best flim in 2014.This flim show the khan who is best.

  • @nipin senior Dont act so innocent here kid, you too abuse others for no apparent reason n here you wish to beat up ‘loki’ (hes a clown granted but you too are a joker) so does that mean we can also beat you up too…?

    Bong Bong will earn 150-175 cr n anymore will be tough to say at this stage. Teaser/ trailer will need to be good to attract widest possible audience. All the best.

  • It will be a biggest hit flim in 2014.It will be earn lot of money.Hrithk make flop flim blockbuster.If it is a blockbuster it will only possible for Hrithk Rosan.

  • @nipun still living in 244 crore fake paradise. K3 collection is 180 crore which very soon the truth will be exposed.
    CE was a common Srk movie with only 6 open days while K3 was the 3rd part of a franchise and Diwali solo release still
    CE=227 crore
    K3=180 crore
    CE=21 million
    K3=8 million Lol
    Hrithik has very low stardom as I said. It is bitter truth.

  • It should ahead of 250cr lifetime and if wom will b gud its surely beat Dhoom 3 records, climax scene of Bang Bang shooted at where fnf 7’s climax was shooted, it will b huge action movie of all time, hollywood class package by Hrithik my love, and Katrina :* go Hrx i love ya baby

  • Hrithik-Katrina duo will rock, best entertaining movie is coming, haters brace ur self, Hr gonna break records of ce again by Bang Bang after K3, :D :D :D :D :D jali na? jali na? Hahahahaha it will be collect 250cr+ lifetime…..

  • Bang bang and hny will rock this year. @myanamar is there a need to abuse srk? U are so boring and cheap. By the way ur fvrt sallu(old pig) is identified by another witness.

  • so much haterz… i want to clarify that i am not a Hater of Hrithik…I watch all his movies….

  • @nipun i like hrithik, accept it or not quality wise chennai express,Dhoom 3,Krrish 3 all are zero.For me Krrish 3 is a bigger zero than Dhoom 3…so dont say blindly that Krrish 3 is superb..blah..blah…blah

  • @shukfunk chinese, another K3 ?? oh yes, it would be another huge money spinner but bigger than K3, K3 did 245 cr in India but BANG BANG would go on 250+ cr ! I hope your hny doesn’t turn out to be another or tees maar khan, oh wait its directed by farah khan, queen of crap masalas. then it will surely be like tees maar khan.

    @Lauki, keep calm son. crappy new year will beat players and cash for sure and collect 60 cr at the box office.

  • BANG BANG will BANG all records and haters will keep barking just like they are doing now. some haters and supporters of khans may call it fluke collection or whatever but hey its FOX, if you mess with it, you are going down!

    BANG BANG all the wayyyyyyy……………………….for 2014 !!!! BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER EXTRAVAGANZA


  • @navin:sometimes i give funny comments. I am honest enough to rate a star in terms of his stardom,skill,looks,quality etc and i do dat accordingly. But dat stupid @loki tells lie and abuses hr unnecessarily. Look at his figure. According to him, ce did 227 cr(producer figures) and k3 did 180 cr(boi figure). So it’s nothing but Height of double standrd and biasedness.

  • @saheer: first of all,i didn’t say anything about quality of k3. N btw, do u know what “ambitious is? Do u know what “path breaking” is?k3 was ambitious atleast. U cann’t say zero to k3? !zero ratings can be given to himmatwala,zanjeer,karle pyaar karle etc. K3 had some limitations,still it was a gud film. It was atleast different from regular rom com n deshi masala. N all actors acted well. It had a story for indian audience. N here u see the biggest n best critics rating of india for the three u mentioned:


    according to me, there was nothing great in ce. It was like a film dat we watch and forget within 5 mins. About d3,it was illogical.n saheer acting was nt dat gud. K3’s limitation was it was a bit unoriginal. But superhero films r neva original.otherwise,all hollywud films can b said as bad.

  • dnt knw smbdy cmented D3 btr than K3.. Rofl rili? Thats y on imdb rating k3 ahead of both D3 and Ce, Well in which thing D3 btr than K3? In Acting? No..
    In action? No, in technology? No, in story? No, k3 has suspence D3 also has, as aamir double role in D3 and in k3 vivek is clone of rohits Dna, and he is bro of krrish, and K3 has very long and cnnected story to each part, nd what D3 story? About his daddy’s death… Nd indian circus… And D series knwn for robberies whr its nt show in whole mvie… Undoubtedly k3 has best climax of longer than 30min which has emotions and lots of action…… If cmpare it with h.wood superhero mvies its too weak, bt its best superheroic movie than any movie which made in Ind.. And btr than any biggie movie frm 2013… I admit its vfx worse that Ra-one, bt u cnt say Rakesh’s movies has lack of story…
    And Finally, I can say Bang Bang will shockingly entertaining, nd easily make 250cr on domestic BO…

  • And here we go….Listen everyone K3 never did a collection of 244 crs…..Joginder Tuteja,Koimoi,BOI have all denied it earning so much…..and FYI am not talking about collections here….only quality wise…..KITES and K3 were promoted as path breaking cinema while the resultant is a big zero….at least for me….but all you out there are going nuts and uttering abusive words…..While i have just said my own opinion and even wished HR best of luck……SHAME ON YOU ALL.

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