Shahana Goswami’s role in Ra One

We had little information about Shahana Goswami’s role in Ra One. Talking to the media yesterday, the actress revealed quite a bit about her character and how she had to perform some difficult steps to the ‘Criminal’ song.

  • My character in Ra One designs the G One look for the video game. I play Jenny Nair, who is a gaming technician and a colleague of Shekhar Subramaniam (character played by SRK). Our team of three, including Akashi, head the gaming department in a company.
  • I love to dance but I was caught off-guard during the shoot, as I didn’t know I had to dance. The problem was that my outfit was not helping me either. So I had to slit my gown. I was also wearing high heels, which made it more difficult. But when you have Shahrukh and Kareena dancing alongside, you just have to go with the flow.

So there you go, Shahana designs the G One look in the video game and is a part of the gaming department (in the movie) that develops the game. The same game from which, Ra One arrives to create havoc in Shekhar Subramaniam’s family. G One, then, comes to their rescue!



  • yeah, dude there u go,
    awesome character and dis movie is gonna whoop everybody’s A**.
    10 more days, I can’t wait dude.

  • Wow…..this seems to be an great effort by Ra.One team….
    Feeling confident about the movie; will break all records.
    This movie will really prove world THE TRUE POWER OF BOLLYWOOD & SRK :))

  • @aashkaran-
    do u have any more updated info abt Like with how many prints does releasing worldwide?
    Reply please.

  • tdpunks..According to my gut feeling and interviews of SRK..
    their will be 3200screens for Ra.One in India breaking 2600 record of BG
    then their are talks going on for huge release of in china..1000prints their
    then 100In Russia..then add USA UK GERMANY..and etc etc
    I think in totality the total no of prints worldwide should go above 4500..For sure..

  • thanks for the info @aashkaran.
    Btw i am very anxious about dis film’s business.
    I am praying that it will break all opening bo records of SALLU’S BG. And Aamir’s 3 idiots lifetime collections.
    What do u think @aashkaran?

  • Ra one biggest hit i n history bollywood ever beat 3idiots and bg life time 300 crores first dhay 30 crores

  • tdpunks..
    Unless the film is as bad as Raavan or KITES..nothing can stop it..
    even avg WordOfMouth..won’t stop it from being second highest grosser
    if its good..then u know..that 3Idiots is gone for sure

    I expect 230+Business if it turns out to be good..

    Initial records will be broken mattter what happens..I am sure even haters will go contriubute in its business..which will be huge..

  • can u plz tel me dat rumors of getng delayed is it true becuz they r telng dat its nt cmplete plz reply im gtng woried

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