Shah Rukh Khan thanks the Indian army for action against terrorism

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has thanked the Indian army for the action against terror elements from across the border. He also asked the citizens of the country to pray for the safety and well-being of the Indian soldiers.

“Thnx Indian army for the action against terrorism.V should all pray for safety & well being of our Indian soldiers.” SRK posted on his official Twitter page.

Akshay Kumar too said he was proud of the army and praised the government for taking the bold step.

“Proud of the Indian Army for successfully carrying out the anti-terrorism operation.Glad the Government took this bold step, was about time!” Akshay said in a tweet, which has been retweeted more than 12,000 times.

Varun Dhawan too shared a similar feeling as his senior actors, he tweeted “Congratulations to the Indian government and proud of our army for taking the fight to the terrorist”



  • srk, stop this drama already ….we know who you support inside your heart. Just to show fake patriotism you do all this nautanki? Don’t try to fool us indian. Go make a fool out of your brainless fans.

    On the other hand thanks alot to Akshay..

    Jai hind

  • if pakistan is about to ban bollywood movies in their country then I feel, the pakistani actors also should not be allowed to work in bollywood…


  • Excellent innitiative!

    Indian Army did excellent Job at carrying out the strikes. This was the aspiration of billion plus people. At some point, justice needed to be served from point blank range.

  • shah rukh stop dreaming in the middle of the day…who will cross the border ?? do you have that much brave soldiers to cross Pakistani border ??? come on man its not a joke….pakistani border is like a swamp and no one will return alive….dek lena…. just cross it and see….

  • Why you have put Shahrukh’s name in the headline and not Akshay’s … Can you explain this ? The site like yours don’t need to be partial …

  • every one is happy for the counter attack against pakistan except aamir.. nothing from him.. what happened to you aamir.. you were our role model..

  • Well said SRK, Akki and Varun sir.. We all should stop all terrorism across the world.. Make our children world better than now..

  • Sorry Sharukh…
    That is not enough for these publicity seekers to stop banning your films….
    Because you are Sharukh Khan….
    You are neither a non khan actor or a modi worshipper….
    If you are a modi worshipper you could say any comments about terrorists or rapists….nobody cares…
    But unfortunately you are not….
    So be ready for the protest, cause this is Incredible india; The Biggest Democratic and secular country in the world !!!

  • Superstars should take their stand, if not always, then at least at the time of national crisis.
    I sometimes wonder that they will be vocal on the issues like beef ban, price hike, entertainment tax etc but they take so long to respond on the issues of national importance!
    Why so?
    Are they only concerned about their monetary benefits..? And as long as their fiscal interests are unhindered , they will not be even bothered about anything else.

  • nd der r sm ppl who doubts on SRK’s allegiance… my fellow srkians if any other actors’ fans doubt on srk’s anti nationality just show them dis tweet of srk

  • Thanks SRK for taking a stand! It means a lot to us.
    Have never ever doubted your patriotism but few morons will always be looking for a chance to degrade you and tarnish your image by terming you anti-national and quoting your ‘links’ with Hafeez Saeed.
    I believe, at least now onwards, they will zip their mouth off.

    Many Khans (Muslims) are there in the industry, but always, it’s SRK who is expected to share his stance on contemporary issues, as though he is the only flag bearer of Muslim community in Bollywood.
    Other superstars are mum on this attack but you won’t hear any commotion, but had SRK kept mum, the capricious reactions of right-wing extremists and haters would have been a treat to watch.

  • Funny thing is Pakistanis started bashing SRK after this tweet and abused him and what not including many many many of his Paksitani Fans… One of them even said that you are also “Pakistani” then how can u say such thing.
    SRK in his tweet never mentioned Pakistan,he only said against terrorism but still Pakistanis got butt hurt .. They themselves reinforce the fact that they are a terrorist nation..

  • Situation compelled him to say the frog to the snake, to save from the licensed terror group(mns) otherwise raees is in danger to be releasing.

  • I’ve seen some pakistani fan of srk using abusive words against srk for praising indian army. They said they will never watch srk’s movies in future. I just want to remind them that srk is not only indian but belongs to a family of indian freedom fighter. so, praising his army is comes from the blood. we indian fan is enough for him.

  • Even US has said that it was just a normal LOC firing. shame on BJP Govt for fooling common people. Actually corrupt generals want more and more money and defence budget so when AAP & Congress asked for action they were under pressure to show some FAKE Gimmiks

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