Pakistan theatres stop screening Indian Films after surgical strike

A few Pakistani theatres have decided to stop screening Indian films, after the Indian government launched surgical strikes against militants from Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

A Karachi multiplex ‘Nueplex Cinemas’ posted a message on its official Facebook page announcing that the theatre would stop screening Indian films with immediate effect.

“To express solidarity with the Armed Forces of Pakistan, the Management of Nueplex Cinemas has decided to stop the screening of Indian films with immediate effect”

A few other theatres have also decided to stop showing Indian films.

On Thursday, the Indian Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, directed the Indian Army to launch surgical strikes targeting terrorist camps. News channels have reported that 30-40 terrorists have been killed in the operation that took place before dawn on Thursday.

Over the last few years, the collections of Indian films in Pakistan has seen significant growth. While it has helped increase the overseas collections of Hindi films,ย theatre owners in the neighbouring country have also seen their revenue jump due to increase in footfalls.

With the relationship between the two countries worsening with each passing day, distributors from Pakistan have decided not to releaseย ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ in theatres this week as the film is about an “Indian hero”.



  • Man’s heart deceitful and desperately wicked who can know it. It will never end until the return of Jesus. Father Abraham disobeyed God and to this day the descendants are paying for that act. The descendanta will be blessed but can know no peace. They will continue to fight against each other. If love and repkace their hatred then and only then will change come.

  • if think for a while it is a great loss for us. on Every Festival or Movie with Superstar we get collect atleast 30-40 crores on other hand we collect yearly more than 500 crores combine.
    today we have killed their two soldiers. when all things get stop. and we focus on our youth. from one wrong decision in anger we all Asian have to face Nuclear War. And we Asian will come back where we were at British Rule. That all the Super power want from us so could never top or succeed.
    i m really upset now days.
    instead of this nonsence blood shed we should do one cricket match series and end this shit.

  • Look at them…One surgical strike and the whole country is united against Indian movies…And some of the fellow indians are still supporting their actors in the name of ART…


  • Where are those who were lecturing MNS..๐Ÿ˜•..MNS kick Those out asap!!and the need of Theatre owners of Pak is more than of Bollywood ๐Ÿ˜ƒ now those theatres will show some terrorist attack videos instead now ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Bdw so Pak Theatres are admitting attack ๐Ÿ˜‰hmmmmmmmm๐Ÿ˜…
    Salute You INDIAN ARMY๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ŒโœŒโœŒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™
    want such thrashing more Modi Ji!!!

  • This was expected. I think this will worsen all ties with Pakistan and we wont be seeing any Pakistan actor in Bollywood for long time. But I back this stand we cant keep watching and praising pakis when their country is hurting our Nation. A big trouble for ADHM and later Raees !!!!!!!! Even if they are released and running in theaters without any protests majority of people will stay away from these movies for emotional reasons and of fear !!!!!!!!

  • Bollywood is the only option of entertainment in pakistan if they ban
    Bollywood film than they need to leaarn English to watch Hollywood film

    Hollywood films are only dubbed in Hindi not in Urdu. so also stop watching Hollywood Hindi dubbed film pakistan

  • Just watched M S Dhoni in Dubai….Just one word- its an experience!. Just immerse yourself in the world of Dhoni for 3 hrs and 15min (with intermission it adds another 15min)

    Movie is very very lengthy…but the climax could have been better, I mean every one knows the result of the match -2011 final world cup. Also the movie show that pakistani people are good when Indian team arrives to pakistan for matches in early 2000’s for series. This shows only that the current situation of war kind situation is because of Indian and pakistani gov or army but the people from both sides are good and loving people.

    Last note: If the movie was trimmed to 2:30hrs, it would have done wonders at the boxoffice.

  • Pakistan ke under ghus ke maro,Its nt about releasing movie in pakistan ,its about country’s safety and selfrespect.Every neighbour country should respect INDIA.Attack Pakistan

  • kuchh stars apni popularity aur paise badhane ke liye pakistan stars ko film mein le re hain, lyk pak actors ko film mein rakhne se film ka market muslim country mein badh jaayega.Its good Thing but we hv to respect our Indian hero’s sacrifise and stop pakistanis

  • So Indian Government and Multiplex owners should also stop screening Pakistani Movie and artist BUT NOT BAN ON OUR OWN HINDI MOVIE.
    Why we loss our own Film Industry for 1 or 2 Pakistani Actors, Government and MNS and others party’s should allow Raees,ADHM,Shivvay,Dear Zindagi, and others Hindi movie to release freely in India and Maharashtra.

    Because in These movie 400-500 our Indian people involve and lots of Indian money invest.

    So Why We Lost Our Own Indian Money.

  • First their pm condemned this surgical strike and said that Pakistan can reply to the Indian army and bla bla bla.

    Then their army says that there was no such surgical strike and Indian army is telling lies.

    Now their movie distributors and exhibitors are baning Indian movies because Indian army conducted a surgical strike.

    My request to Pakistani people- please ek baar decide kar lo ki tumhara stand kya h, then baat karo.

    Ek surgical strike ne ye haal kar diya h Pakistan ka to jab hum pura action lenge tab kya hoga.

  • all the porkis on this site used to claim that their stone faced actors be allowed to act in bollywood.

    PS. all the proki actors have fled India…
    #proudIndian #surgicalstrikes #SaluteIndianArmy

  • bandh karo ya tension. let’s b brothers again. Till a month back situation was fine. tere sang yaara & jag ghoomeya sung by pak singers were chartbusters while fawad’s KnS was a big hit..So plz stop this indo pak tussle. I m not liking it. Pak govt & army plz sudhar jao ab

  • anyways…its good….they lead their whole life in piracy….they watch indian films, listen to hindi songs, even show their hatred on indian social media pages and sites. They are going nowhere with this. Let them suffer with their failed lollywood

  • Now where are those haters bashing MNS for fake patriotism @ xzone @ AB they are hiding their faces . Karan Johar has no single comment after uri attack & Indian army attack no comments bloody hypocrisy he just feel that he will loose pali audience . Ghar mein Ghuske maro inhe . Man se ( Dil Se )
    What will se Paki indicine users come on now ? No boundaries for artist . Bharat Mata Ki Jai . Vande Mataram .

  • I am a Pakistani citizen.& i confirm Indian Surgical Strike on Pakistan Territory. This strike was carried out by Saif Ali Khan along with Katrina Kaif in the Indian Film โ€˜Phantomโ€™ Directed by Kabir Khan.

  • I am a Pakistani citizen.& i confirm Indian Surgical Strike on Pakistan Territory. This strike was carried out by Saif Ali Khan along with Katrina Kaif in the Indian Film โ€˜Phantomโ€™ Directed by Kabir Khan.

  • Surgical strike hahaha Indian army have no guts to do it watch video which is prove Pakistan army destroyed Indian camps n there is cross firing not surgical strike I think Indian army don’t know the meaning of surgical strike :-P :-P :-P modi n army nay lollypop dai dia Indian awam ko :-D

  • we dont want pakistan for our films to relese…we have enough fruitfull market….they got a good leason from our brave solders..jai hind

  • Pakistani occupied Kashmir lolx @indicine have ever heard that there was a war or people are dying like in indian occupied kashmir lolx

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