Shah Rukh Khan thanks fans and well-wishers after completing 23 years!

The legendary Shah Rukh Khan has completed 23 years in the Hindi film industry. A career that started 23 years ago with ‘Deewana’, Khan has gone on to feature in mega-blockbusters like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’, ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Chak De India’, ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ and ‘Chennai Express’ just to name a few.

To make it big in an industry that is not known to be too warm towards ‘outsiders’, Shahrukh, within years of his debut, established himself as one of the most influential men in the industry.

To celebrate the actor’s outstanding career, his fans on Twitter trended #23GoldenYearsOfSRK.

Shahrukh, who is currently in Bulgaria to shoot for his 56th film ‘Dilwale’, thanked his fans on Twitter.

“Spent the day in the arms of my lil ones…..maybe the best way to celebrate so many years in the hearts of all of u. And will do a video tomorrow to thank u all personally.. till then..”

Whether you love him or hate him, do take a moment to acknowledge and respect a career that has had a lasting impact on several generations of Indians in the last two and a half decades.

Shah Rukh Khan completes 23 years in Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan completes 23 years in Bollywood





  • Complanholic

    Its you who cant see whats blatantly obvious to everyone in the room n that is that your hatred for all papas boys is abit hypocritical considering one day that that ugly Aryan will join Bollywood then what will you do…?

    I bet you will drool all over him spoutinging nonsense like:-

    “My king aryan sarook papa boy is self made complan drinker like me self made had no nothing no complan like me but made billu 4 debut n now self made maha super mega global iconic worldwide not china super tiny star Aryan i like he bcoz he like my king also a self made lungi wale super iconic decade star with hit after hit no blockbuster but consistency of crappy hits after hits we like hits not blockbusters bcoz we billuon fans like watching hits on youtube n not blockbusters in theatres bcoz queen is youtube king n we live youtube 24/7 7 hrs every day 24 days a months 7 months in a yr coz 24/7 we love aryan n my king ruler of pagalapur…”

  • @indicine 12:50 pm, loved your reply to those losers. you are right, it’s not easy for anyone to be on top with background or without background. everyone is successful because of their talent and hard work. now i am sure that by your reply to that @Sibasis, all the losers like @SSS, @iamDKN, @Romance expiry. @stark and many moron srk fans would have got their much needed slap on their face who were calling aamir and salman papa’s boys.

  • only for today i will keep my hatred aside. congratulations to srk for completing 23 years in bollywood and entertaining the audience.

  • @Stark now suddenly all these saint talks? why? weren’t you the one and many other moron sarookh fans who were writing same shits like raju hirani and brand for aamir? what a cheap fellows you are. and when people give credit to yrf and dharma then you suddenly say that srk has made them big. what a joke. you can’t even give credit to yrf and dharma for srk but you keep posting same shits for aamir becuse of raju and brand and bla bla bla. grow up. if srk has dharma and yrf big banners than it’ aamir who has made raju hirani the most successful director and best director in bollywood and also it’s him who has made dhoom the biggest brand in bollywood. so aamir is the biggest megastar. period.

  • @SSS srk had yash papa, karan bhaiya and now he is relying on the shoulders of rohit papa. without them his stardom is 404 ERROR not found. LOL. don’t cry for aamir’s success. it’s aamir who is the daddy of raju hirani who couldn’t gice any highest grosser of the year without aamir. but with aamir he gave 2 highest grossers of all time. so its aamir papa for raju baby. and don’t cry dhoom brand is big ony because of megastar and emperor khan aamir. without aamir dhoom 3 would have been disaster. people went to watch dhoom 3 only for aamir. so shut up. and srk’s producers also cried a lot for the losses of yeh lumhe judaai ke, koyla, duplicate, ratoon one, MNIK, and many other disasters. so shut up you stuppid chameleon clown.

  • chalo…… king khan look very handsome here in the pic and very dapper just woowwww factor…… wish i could come to india and meet him in person it will make my day huuurrraaayyyy

  • @Rohit
    The way you said “HNY failed to beat pre Eid Release Kick” seems funny…Didnt the movie benefit from Eid.Kick had the advantage of holidays after weekend which is above all advantages..I have example of 5 movies(all crossed 200 crs) which had festive holidays after weekend and they became BB(D3,K3,CE,Kick,PK).While a holiday in the first weekend itself means loss of a holiday.Man pre festive releases are the best releases in bollywood.Amir started this trend and you will see it is going to be successful even in the future.
    And I can ask in the same way that when bhai is going to break 2 years old CE worldwide collections of 422crs??Ok 422 is big amount for bhai let take it 400.When bhai is going to break 400 crs worldwide and 100cr worldwide.Leave Amir aside he has become a horse of other league it is difficult to compete with h is records this or next year.I have 5 targets for bhai
    (1) 422crs worldwide
    (2) 100 crs overseas
    (3)Break the opening day record of HNY.and we have no problem when he release his movie.Choose any day in the year ,I will accept it.
    (4) Beat the single day record of HNY.
    (5)Beat the opening weekend record of SRK(I dont know exactly who holds this record b/w amir and srk but it is not certainlyBHAI).
    Bhai lags behind srk in these 5 fields .when he will break these records I will consider him ahead of SRK.Get ready for some new targets after dilwale release.

  • And about the topic..Shah you are just awesome.Tumhara name sun k hi tum pe payar a jata ha…Congo for entertaining us for 23 years.And still much is coming ahead

  • Congrats Shah Rukh d FACE OF BOLLYWOOD
    Global Superstar….words r short just want to say you are a source of inspiration for d upcoming actors!! Just b yourself N keep taking good care of Gauri n yr kids they to too stood by U truout!
    Love yr movies
    Veer Zara
    Chak de india
    Looking forward for Raees

  • @jaleel
    I hope you never care.But the man who doesnot care doesnt need to read the article and comment on it.Surprised you have so much time that you waste it on the things you dont care…

  • @rohit
    all most every movie of srk has taken record opening
    movies which failed to do so were don2 , jthj and mnik
    don 2 failed firstly because of its genre.
    it was action thriller without any popular songs
    also It was second release of srk within 3 monhs
    at that time there was huge negativity around srk . thanks to ra 1
    considering all these factors and also the fact that it was released on regular friday
    one can say it had a good opening of around 50crs

    jthj clashed with more commercial sos
    screen divided and it was hardcore romantic movie without any chartbuster song
    this prevailed it from getting all time record

    mnik was completely a different movie
    it released on non holiday
    whatever opening it had was due to srk

    otherwise everymovie of since oso has taken record opening
    no star can beat shahrukh. he is most consistent megastar ever

  • Oh I 4got….From a Devgano n Hritikkian 4 life!! Hvnt watched MNIK yet but Insha Allah am dedicating today for that movie!! Will watch it 4 real!!
    Congrats 1nc more Shah Rukh

  • @ultron
    When salmir made you back to bollywood and when you quit?I think salmir joined the industry before srk….and both of them took you back.Amir is ok but if salman took you back then its because you late reach to south cinema .If you again plan to go for hollywood ,then go to a dvd shop and buy 40-50 south movies dvds they will bring you back

  • @indicine
    Hey u guys r u sure Khiladi Kumar and Sultan Singham r in dat league with d Khans??
    Many morons n big time lunatics will argue with that even though as u said and WE KNOW it’s not an easy task to b in d industry for that long and still be at d top and @indicine thank God u said “one of d most influential men in d industry” just dat statement means alot and can b used as a spare tyre in a car wen d need arises esp for King Khan foolish fantasy world living fans!! Though many of them are sound n reasonable but d rest r big momento BASKET MOUTH!!!

  • Congrats Hritik for 15 years and still counting
    Congrats Shah rukh 23 yrs!
    Congrats Akshay Kumar 23yrs 7months!!
    Congrats Ajay Devgan. 24years!!!
    Congrats Salman Khan. 26 years!!!!
    Congrats Legend Aamir khan 27years!!!!!

  • The Jadoo Destroyer ritik roshan was born in 2003 born again 2006 and reborn on 2013- how why…? Well bcoz of the jadoo franchise thats how why…. This is thanks largely due to papa for sending Jadoo back home ET style n thus making the focal point of future jadoo films his shivering useless alien reject kid.

    Some stupid kindergarten dropout or expelled juvenile thinks bhai was born in 2010 but bhai has achieved something that his spoon fed useless papa boy has or never will achieve which is having the Highest Grossing Movie of the Decade not once but twice courtesy of MPK 1989 and HAHK 1994….! This is beyond jadoo boys capabilities as hes only good at manipulating figures just like his stupid fan is good at manipulating a multitude of reviews to come up with an even crappier review that even krk would be proud off…

  • Yes! HAHK was the Highest Grosser of that decade. But what happened after that? Haha. . Not a single highest grosser of all time since that time where as Hrithik came later and delivered two highest grossers of all time: D2 and K3. Lol. For KNPH, KMG, D2, Krrish etc, HR took away all credits. But for HAHK, Max credit went to Madhuri Dixit. Lol. Bhai took around 15 years to give a Blockbuster(HAHK to Partner). Lol.. Where as Hrithik delivered BBs in 2000,01,03,06,13 with not that much of Gap. Also, Hrithik’s lowest Grosser, Naa Tum Jaano Naa Hum(8-9 crores lifetime) was a much bigger grosser than Tapori boy’s Marigold(75 lacks).

    The only reasons for which films like Ready became a BB are the Bhojpuri film loving uncles!

  • Rohit – yes i’m talking about opening… The Biggest Mega star’s fan…

    1. Dabangg? Dabangg & MNIK came in the same year and MNIK’s World-wide opening 5 times more than Dabang’s opening, 50 times more than 2010 released Veer’s opening & .. MNIK’s overseas opening was 20 times more than Dabangg’s opening, 100 times more than Veer’s opening.. MNIK’s World-wide gross is way more Dabang’s gross. 10000 times more than industry disaster Veer’s W-W gross.. MNIK’s overseas collection is 100 times more than Dabangg’s collection & … 400 times more than Veer’s OS collection. MNIK Highest Grosser of 2010 W-W / OS & Dabangg, veer failed big time both in W-W and OS..

    2 – Bodygaurd? Blockbuster South Remake still world-wide & overseas opening day & weekend was way less than & don 2, Inspite of blockbuster south remake & eid release still failed to beat & Don 2 W-W Gross & OS collection.. MNIK, Don 2 – top 2 highest Grossers of the year while Bhojpuri Bhaijaan’s copy paste, crap movie failed…

    3 – Ett? Ett is the only Bhojpuri Salman’s film which crossed 30cr on first day, later with flop jai ho he failed & also failed with Kick but SRK’s CE crossed 30cr 2 times, hny Crossed 30cr 2 times, 40cr once & 45cr once but your bhojpuri Bhaijaan is still struggling to cross 30cr without YRF..

    Non-holiday? even SRK’s 2008 RNBDJ non-holiday’s gross is way more than Salman’s any non-holiday gross, ROFL… non-Holiday release MNIK, Don 2 both have twice more gross than any Bhojpuri’s Bhai jaan’s non-holiday gross..

    you 2010 born actor fan is talking about opening? when hny’s first day collection 45cr which is more than the Combined of Kick-jai ho opening.. ROFL, Aukaat ki baat hoti hai.. you Copy paste actor’s fan is talking about opening? when SRK’s 2 movies back to back cross 100cr in just 3 days while your Bhojpuri Bhaijaan couldn’t cross at least once, failed several times.. and still chasing Hny and CE’s Domestic, W-W & OS opening and still chasing Hny, Ce’s W-W & overseas gross from last 2 years..

    SRK has 2 movies (Hny, CE) in top 3 opening domestic while your Bhojpuri Bhaijaan has not a single movie.. in top 8 highest day collection (domestic) SRK has 4 and Salman 0… & Record opening : SRK -10, Salman – 4.. Record weekend : SRK – 11, Salman – 4.. Record week : SRK – 9, Salman – 4.. you’re talking about opening? when your Bhai’s aukaat is to compete with Varun and Siddarth..

    And if your king is so big then why he failed to beat Salman movie which released in same years with his movies? – Same year Highest Grosser Domestic. SRK – 92, 93, 95, 97, 98, 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08.. and Guilty Salman – 94, 96, 99, 05, 10, 11, 12, 14.. SRK – 13 & Salman – 8.. ROFL.. not talking about World-wide or Overseas Same year highest Grosser as your 2010 born Bhojpuri Bhaijaan looks like a johny lever infront of KING KHAN…

  • @navin what a loser you are. HR has had a craze like no one in the history of Indian cinema. Now don’t make illogical crap that the craze was because of papa. The most gorgeous good looking hunk who competes with Hollywood actors in style, charisma and physique. With his debut, he made all girls fall for him and he received 30,000 proposals just with his debut. So shut your crap. And yeah your khans dont stand anywhere in front of him in acting skills. I dont care weather hrithik will get so called highest grossers of the decade but I am sure and I can proudly say that he will never give 2 RS crap mindless shit movies like no entry, shaadi karke phas gays, marigold, wanted, ready, bodyguard, dabangg 2, ek tha tiger, kick, etc. So shut your mouth. HR>>>>>>>>>> whole Bollywood.

  • Congrats srk for giving us terrific films like Darr, kabhi ha kabhi na, dil se, swades, chak de and many more! Awaiting Fan and Raees!

  • For a wannabe kindergarten topper n strict critiK you nipun do talk alot of b***shit…!

    Stop using your manipulative malfunctioning kalkulator coz even a retard will know that between 1994 n 2007 thats a 13 yr gap not 15 yr gap but being a jadoo fan I guess you are used to imagining stretching numbers beyond reason like 177cr can become 244cr…!

    Between 1994 bhais blockbusters include memorable iconic films like Karan Arjun, KKHH where people ONLY remember the second half of the movie after bhais entrance, HSSH and then Partner.

    As for Jadoo Boy he only achieved 1 HIghest Grosser Off All Time n that was thanks to Dhoom brand bcoz Jadoo 3 as everyone knows was the greatest case of accounting malpractice since ENRON…!
    Movies like KKKG he was so insignificant in that movie that ppl actually prefered the fat boy Rohan over the older shivering Rohan and as for Jadoo Mil Gaya well we all know Jadoo was the star there so giving credit to Jadoo Boy is stretching the truth alot…!
    So boasting about Jadoo Boys Poor return of 5 BBs in his crappy 15 yr career pales in comparison to bhais 6 BB/ ATBB which he has delivered in just the last 5 yrs so take that pacifier out of Jadoo toys asshole n stick it in your mouth you big whining moaning lootera cry baby…!

  • @stark
    agree with you & i am always agree all actor fans who talk sensibly.

    You are Srk fan but you are talking on facts.

    Where as another Srk fan imAKN just commented after you.Read his comment & then decide his IQ level.

    I am saying all SRK fans always talk about HNY opening day & says why Salman not crossed it.But when they realise that there is no Salman movie released after HNY.

    ETT maid 32crs on Holiday that too pre-Eid.
    Then JTHJ not stood nowhere near to it.
    I understand that it due to Laxmi Puja Day release & Clash with SOS.
    Then exact after one year CE got 33crs opening on Eid day with nearly 5% increased ticket price & with 1000 more screens.

    But no SRK fan think that all Salman & Aamir movies after 2012 are released on working days & pre-Eid & pre-X’mas.
    & talk non sensely.

    For all Srk fans once Salman or Aamir get a national holiday release on that day HNY’s opening day record will be trashed.

    BB & PRDP both are normal day release & even on Pre-Eid & Laxmi Puja day.
    So not possible this time but Sultan which is going to release on Eid day next year will be the first 50crs opener of Bollywood.

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