Shah Rukh Khan thanks fans and well-wishers after completing 23 years!

The legendary Shah Rukh Khan has completed 23 years in the Hindi film industry. A career that started 23 years ago with ‘Deewana’, Khan has gone on to feature in mega-blockbusters like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’, ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Chak De India’, ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ and ‘Chennai Express’ just to name a few.

To make it big in an industry that is not known to be too warm towards ‘outsiders’, Shahrukh, within years of his debut, established himself as one of the most influential men in the industry.

To celebrate the actor’s outstanding career, his fans on Twitter trended #23GoldenYearsOfSRK.

Shahrukh, who is currently in Bulgaria to shoot for his 56th film ‘Dilwale’, thanked his fans on Twitter.

“Spent the day in the arms of my lil ones…..maybe the best way to celebrate so many years in the hearts of all of u. And will do a video tomorrow to thank u all personally.. till then..”

Whether you love him or hate him, do take a moment to acknowledge and respect a career that has had a lasting impact on several generations of Indians in the last two and a half decades.

Shah Rukh Khan completes 23 years in Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan completes 23 years in Bollywood





  • More Than 100 Yrs Of Cinema,So Many Legends But All Major Records Belong To Aamir/Salman

  • Finally our kindegarten dropout wannabe be strict but no smart manipulative critiK has spoken the truth…

    He watches movies in parts n reads about the other parts from reviews by his beloved Majeev Rasand and aNipunMa Chopra… This explains why he loved Lootera so much as he must have stupidly but believably watched start of Lootera, large middle portion of English Vinglish n TWM n then end part of Lootera n bingo came up with the conclusion that Lootera is Bollywoods equivalent to Shashank Redemption- a timeless classic…

  • Thank you King Khan for making Indian Cinema famous with your iconic movies and performances through hard-work and for ruling since 1992. you’re no doubt the Bigges/greatest Indian/international Mega star/actor unlike other so called PR’s made stars who were born after 2010 after doing south copy paste, craps & has huge disaster, flop, worst careers & now dependant on things like Hirani,South remakes, Nawaz, EID, Christmas and Shah Rukh Khan ( yes SRK as they take his name whenever their movie is going to release to get better opening) and still 2010 born Bhojpuri Bhai jaan & Tinymir look way smaller than you as they are born for this..

  • I Don’t care I repeat I don’t care whether he completes 23 or 53 years. I don’t like him
    I like bhaijaan & perfectionist

    Don’t talk like shahrukh is an extraordinary person ..!

    we oll know who is the most extraordinary actor of bollywood ..!
    no replacement of only Akshay Kumar in bollywood ..

  • Party Over…Next…. Year….Because…
    EID 2016….

  • Saröok is the main culprit for me to cöncentrate on hollywood. Its SALMIR Who brought back me to bollywood

  • Lehjend Aamiri Kaan – yes like 9 hits in 31 years along with 20 flops ( including 14 back to back ) records of 2010 born Tinymir and 50 flops of 2010 born ,Guilty & Bhojpuri Bhai jaan..

  • Thanks to south remake,raju papa,dhoom brand due to which many papa’s boy and actors like akki still existed.their fans must be feel jealous because whatever time taken by their stars to achieve these successes,KING KHAN overtook that success in a short time even after came to Bollywood when their stars joined the industry.

    @navin,can you imagine your bhau’s career with out south remake+masala genre+multistarrer movies+barjatya’s movies.answer is no,similarly think about amir’s existence with out raju papa’s controversial projects+dhoom brand+south remake,still answer is no,why?????otherwise many producers cried over a decade due to working with these decade failure disaster papa’s spoon fed boys,ROFL.

    @sunny chechi,yeah why not akki’s greatness is now being measured with Varun Dhawan before few days .but I am still expect akki to not being compared with arjun kapoor after some days as I’m not his hater like you and majority decides who is GREAT.KING KHAN GLOBAL MEGASTAR along with MAJOR BEARTTHROB OF THE NATION and what akki is you know very well.

  • its a simple request to not bring any other star and start a fan war
    may b on some other article but not on this one

  • @jazz
    srk himself has established a production house and mark my words in coming years it will be bigger than any production house be it dharma or yashraj
    what he decides he achieves it.

  • My top ten SRK movies are

    Top 10 performance


    Other notable performances
    Yeas boss

    There are many that I didn’t include like deewana, k3g, KKHH, DTPH, Karan Arjun, ce, don, oso, Mhn etc.

  • to end this hypothetical concept that if srk won’t have done dharma/yrf movie or salman won’t have done south remake or aamir won’t have worked with raju this or that would have happened
    things which have happened has happened . no one can change them.
    contradict on something which is not hypothetical because I’m sure if anyone else would have done movies with yrf/dharma or raju or made a south remake, won’t have become as big as khans.
    little more respect to srk for being an outsider

  • Salman-2011 (2) 2012 (2) 2013 (0) 2014 (2) 2015 (2) 2016 (1)…
    Srk-2011 (2) 2012 (1) 2013 (1) 2014 (1) 2015 (1) 2016 (2)
    2016 have 2 releases cause fan postpones due to not getting holidays. .. see so much fear of getting flopped

  • Congragulations for Shah rukh khan, may you be another 23 years in the industry, and continue entertaining us. i dont consider you king, for me, Hrithik roshan is favourite and king. but still congrats.

  • According to this Buddha Navin Uncle, I watch each any every film in Parts. Loser, I watched Swadesh in parts because I had got some serious works to do at that time while watching it! And stop giving your senseless opinions over other users of indicine!
    This loser is saying that Hrithik failed in B’town!
    This Criminalfan needs to know what his Bhaijaan was before Dabbang. And, How come Hr failed when he has a MUCH BETTER success ratio than their Bhojpuri star and 4 filmfare awards?
    BTW, We cann’t expect SENSE from these Bhojpurians who took birth in 2010!

  • @ jaleel first I want to give u a compliment that your name suits you bcoz your comment was I don’t care if he creat 23 or 53 year bcoz I like bhaijaan and aamir oh really ???? I fell so pitty about you that in some year earlier 90 s and 2000 to 2010 you became a berozgar becoz at that period your star not even in top 10 one of them go to vanvas for five year and other was giving continuously flops in a raw than it’s comes to time of south remake and you got some oxygen to bark srk post

    it’s good to see although you don’t like him but always comes to his post and post a foolish comment which make all of us laugh :) so keep it up

  • @SSS
    lol funNy
    do u want to listen wht Akki iz ???

    pura din ßit jyga likhte likhte ..
    & I know u r so Scared of Akshay Kumar ..! cos he iz the best..better then SRK

    I will only say tht Akshays movie r most watched across the globe so u can imagine the popularity of Akshay…akshay ka nickname(Khiladi) hi kafi dusre heroes k pasine chhudanee K Liyyee ..!

    anyway in these 23 years of fAvrt 5 films of him R :-
    actually it’s tough to tell fav5 SO FAV3 ONLY cos I haven’t seen his many movies completeLy , Not just me bt many more ppl of India haven’t watch many SRK movies apRt from hiz some big Hits .. !Akshay ki flop movie v SRK ki movies se jyda popular hoti h :P
    bt Stiil

  • King of hearts , king of romance ,baadshah of Bollywood everything about Srk is so Royal.
    SRK the best .

    And for srk haters everyone’s jealous of his success,his popularity,his fame and fortune. Just keep hating.

  • @navin
    so u respect someone who has been found guilty in endangering the life of others
    I can openly say this that at some point in our life we all loose our cool and say something which is offensive to certain people. srk too on one night did so. Should he be charged for that . Should someone lodge a fir for this. if police starts jailing people for using offensive and abusing language
    then , 80 % of indians and allmost all salman khan fans will end up in jail

  • Congratulation king of bollywood n biggest superstar of all time SRK for huge contribution towards hindi cinema and entertain us your versatile acting from 23 years..

  • A bad actor completes 23years in bollywood
    ### SHOCKING##
    I am going to Quit my job to become an actor

  • @iamAKN
    ha ha ha ha

    You are talking about opening day opening day again again & again…

    Lets see

    1.Dabangg Highest opening day.
    2.Bodygaurd HOPD & first bollywood film which crossed 20crs in single day.
    3.ETT highest opening day & first film to cross 30crs.

    Your so called King first crossed Salman’s non holiday release Ready after trying 4 films with on Diwali(2) & X’mas & Eid each 1.

    1.Ra.One-Most expensive movie.With Akon & Rajni.
    2.Don2 – Sequel of Don.
    3.JTHJ – yrf+Yash Chopra+Rehman+Guljar.

    And if your king is so big then why he failed to beat Salman movie which released in same years with his movies..?

    Why after HNY failed to beat Pre-Eid release Kick?

    And you are saying Salman born in 2010.?

    Ok do you know SRK crossed Salman’s 1994 released HAHK’s lifetime first in 2007 when ticket rates rised atleast 10 times.

    So that means your King is born in 2007 & finished in 2007 ha ha ha ha.

  • King always remain as a king now it has been 23 years but king srk is still ruling the bollywood with out any bad phase..

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