Shah Rukh Khan rubbishes rumours of a film starring 3 Khans!

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is well known for his wit and cheeky sense of humour. The actor, was recently on the social networking website Twitter, and had a question answer session with his fans under the hashtag #AskSRK.

One of the biggest news that has been making rounds these days is the making of a film involving the three superstar Khans of the country, Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir. It was being said that the movie will be on the grounds of Amar Akhbar Anthony and will be made by Sajid Nadiadwala. So, a fan went ahead and asked a question related to this to SRK.

She asked “On a scale of 1 to 10, how fake is the news of the 3 Khans movie?”

To which SRK replied “Somewhere between the moon is made of cheese and the lochness monster.”

So, even though we loved the way SRK responded to the question it ends the speculation about the movie. How we wish we could see the three Khans together!



  • It was obvious it was fake. I don’t care about seeing SRK with other two khans. Want him to do more character driven roles like he is with fan n raees

  • Unfortunately it’s not possible in the current scenario!
    It only happened in Malayalam film industry on a 2008 film called ‘Twenty-Twenty’ where all the superstars and stars acted together for charity…

  • Aamir would never agree to work with the rest of “khans” as he’s alone good enough to make a legendary movie. An indian movie inches closer to 1000 crores, who imagined that. But thanks to Aamir, Raju and their team for giving such a fantastic movie.
    While other superhumoungous stars keep making crap like flopwale,disastrous new year and bhojpuri bhaijan.

  • So, Dilwale is releasing this year which means it’ll be a hat-trick of CRAP movies for SRK. I liked JTHJ though, it wasn’t crap. But CE, HNY and now I m pretty sure Dilwale would be the Shittiest of them all bcoz it is helmed by Rohit Shetty. CRAP KING for a reason. ??

  • I don’t think a day would come when all three of them would come together.But in case if happens can’t imagine the number of records it would break

  • @shaheer it isn’t possible in Kollywood too.Neither did Rajni and Kamal nor would Vijay and Ajit work in a movie after attaining super stardom

  • We love king of Bollywood. n we don’t want any other khan to share screen space with SRK.In a film we only want king acting,dancing, laughing, loving and entertaining. We don’t want to watch Complex actor I.e AMA KHAN lol.

  • @Ultron: ur wish will come true.. “Tathastu”..but both Aamir and Saif will outclass salman by their acting talent and den u may get Hurt…

  • No one in Bollywood has dare to act in a film WD king khan.coz SRK is the best talent. God gifted man n earlier in K2h2,mohabten,k3g we have seen how he surpassed Salmon,bachan g,rithik respectively. And specially Amir khan has not dare to work with any big actor.Coz he knows he can’t make impact with other big in 3idiot,dil chahta he,rang de basanti he worked with ordinary actors yet others actors did excellent work.
    one must have courage to face others.only when we will judge who is best.its reality.

  • ..We love king of Bollywood. n we don’t want any other khan to share screen space with SRK.In a film we only want king acting,dancing, laughing, loving and entertaining. We don’t want to watch Complex actor I.e AMA KHAN lol.

  • Thank God.. Don’t want SRK to work with Bhojpuri Salman, and Tiny Aamir. SRK himself is enough alone for any movie for any character.. He doesn’t need Motu aur chotu to give 45cr opening.. he can given 45cr opening with TMK’s director while Salman, Aamir can’t give 24cr opening with Hirani.

  • so the wait is over…selfie le le song from bajrangi bhaijaan will be release today on 3rd june

  • If there will be a movie starring all 3 of dem…den definitely shahrukh will outshine both of them.datz y aamir have neva done a move wid shahrukh…n salman..we all know he know nothing..nothong se i mean acting

  • KING KHAN not at all in a mood to work with the rest 2 flopkhanss.air is the biggest insecure who thinks if he work with KING KHAN there is huge chance that might he becomes overshadowed by THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD,for which reason amir will not work.don’t know about salman because non actor always ready to work with anyone,so might he agrees but after all we have some reputation . after getting flop worked together by the rest teesra and doosra khan in 90’s epic humshakals called andaz apna apna,OUR KING OF BOLLYWOOD rescued the career of doosra khan’s career in KA.well said KING KHAN,YOU’RE the wittiest in the world.

    @ishani ki galati,well enjoyed JTHJ good.add one more extra CLASSIC ACTION—-DON2 that you couldn’t mentioned into your list with out feeling any hesitation.but really amir’s all movies after 3i is not worth watching.all of them are classless don’t act in a way as your star gave back to back class performance who actual rather gave classless craps.CE is mediocre,RA ONE & HNY you can call bad,no problem.

    @IAMAKN,bro very well said,may they need Rakhi sawant to give a 45cr opening as one chotu failed to deliver with Katrina/anushka and motu failed with Katrina/jacquelene/kareena,lol…….

    @ultron,legend khan,add one extra flop khan into flop khans list

    salman khan,amir khan,zayed khan,lol.

  • @challa, ya mate, i know kamal and rajani worked together in their early days…
    so sad, nobody is ready to compromise…
    I heard a news that Kamal rejected the villain role in robot n’t that right?

  • Amir knows acting..And without any doubt srk is king.This is very encouraging news for bhai fans as this movie would have expose the acting talent of bhai…Tamasha hi ban jata hamare payare Bhai Jan ka…

  • That’s never gonna happen because now that they are huge stars, they have massive egos. Even if they show their friendship in public they are insecure about their screen space. How about Akshay, Ajay and Hrithik together atleast they seem humbleness and less egomaniacs.

  • @ Ultron :
    Even a 8-year-old knows the spelling of ‘Shahrukh’ , but you don’t know that !!!
    Quite expected from a fan of someone , who is famous … sorry , notorious for his limitless taporigiri !

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