Maggi Endorsement: FIR against Amitabh, Madhuri and Preity Zinta!

A Bihar court on Tuesday directed authorities to file an FIR against officials of Maggi noodles maker Nestle and Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit, brand ambassadors of the food item. Also Preity Zinta, who was too a Brand Ambassador, a few years back.

“The court of the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Ramchandra Prasad after hearing the case directed that an FIR to be lodged against the officials of Maggi noodles maker Nestle and Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit in Muzaffarpur’s Kazi Mohammadpur police station,” said the petitioner, advocate Sudhir Kumar Ojha.

On Monday, Ojha filed a criminal case in the court of the chief judicial magistrate in Muzaffarpur against officials of Maggi noodles maker Nestle and Amitabh and Madhuri.

In in his complaint, the petitioner said that he purchased Maggi on May 30 and fell ill after eating it.

The popular snack has been hounded by controversy after media reports of the presence of harmful contents surfaced.

Update: Amitabh Bachchan has just released a statement “Will fully cooperate with the law but I stopped endorsing Maggi two years ago”

With inputs from IANS



  • the manufacturers and govt authorities passing them for commercial sale should b held guilty and punished.not the brand can they know about wat is added to the product that too a reputed brand like maggi

  • Y no case against rajkumari and her mother, they also endorsed it :p and their ad was far more memorable than these celebrity one’s!!

  • if tomorrow say, fails to deliver products in proper conditions to their customers then should aamir b punished for it or should only the company authorities b punished?

  • Next in line on whom FIR will be filed:

    1) The tempo driver who delivered maggie to the wholesaler
    2) The boy who helped in stacking the products in the godown
    3) The shopkeeper who kept the packets in their shop

    They are all responsible for getting this product to the consumer. They should have “known” the contents before doing their job.

    Just to try and hide their own mistake, government is hiding behind celebrities.

    I wonder, also, are they also going to sue the makers of the advertisement, the guy who wrote the script, the cameraman, the spot boys etc., because according to the logic on filing the FIR, everyone involved should have deep scientific knowledge about this product. lol.

    funny things happens in this country.

  • Soon Our king will be arrested…for doing fairness cream ads
    i tried it believing that king is luking so sexy becoz of its usage… but face is full of pimples….

  • Amitabh gave a long speech that why he not endorsed coca cola saying it is harmful for all and he doesnot want to harm any1 ,but indeed he is trapped in this maggi case ,
    akhir jo hona hai wo ho ke hee rhta ha.

  • @ challa i completely Disagree with u when celebrity endrose any product its also responsibility of celebrity & celebrity give assured the product is healthy for customer .

  • @akki But how come the celebrities know about the contents of any product.Just like us they too would have been made to believe that is is safe and healthy.Amitji endorsed cola brand and once he realized it isn’t good for health he stopped endorsing it.
    Your logic may sound good in case of celebrities endorsing something which they themselves know is wrong to consume.I don’t like any celebrity endorsing any liquor brand but in case of Maggi it is totally unjustified to criticize Amitji and Madhuri

  • @Akki is king
    But how will Amitabh or Madhuri know that Maggi contains lead,msg??
    It can only be known after chemical tests.
    I don’t have much knowledge about this but I think FCI provides no objection for various food items.
    Don’t you think they are responsible.

    And Maggi is one such product which is hugely popular not bcoz of Amitabh,madhuri but it has been reigning the noodle market like no other.It is that popular that most of us call the instant noodles as “Maggi” .So these celebs endorsing it barely makes any effect on its popularity.

  • @Challa I dont know about other celebs but legend aamir should b punished if snapdeal failed becoz he is the one who keep one barking “Mai wahi kaam karta hu jo mera dil kehta, jisse desh ka fayda ho” such a fake persona

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