Shah Rukh Khan to Gaurav Chandna: Red Chillies VFX

The task of transforming Shah Rukh Khan into Gaurav Chandnaá(a young man in his early-20s) was a massive task for Red Chillies VFX. The results were astounding as not only did Gaurav look much younger than the 50-year-old superstar, but he also looked shorter and thinner.

Visual effects had to be applied to almost every scene to make the film and the main character look convincing on-screen.

On Saturday, SRK tweeted “The magic of movies & the magicians behind itů” and attached a video titled ‘FAN Showreel’.

Do watch.



  • He looked very impressive. The physique was little bloated for a young man but it wasn’t that weird…this was very compelling work. Well done Red Chillies vfx.

  • after promoting SRK & his films now Indicine promoting Red Chillies Entertainment….. oh wow what a site!

  • No matter what anyone says I am proud of SRK doing that movie. More than the VFX achievements it is his performance as Gaurav which I will never forget.

    Like there was a Sunil in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na which I will always remember with pleasant memories; same way will remember Gaurav in Fan.

    Expecting more performances like his Fan performance from SRK. High expectations from his Raees and Anand Rai movie.

  • @ yuvraj u are wrong fan wasn’t third class film it was one of the best film & performance of the year . Only one thing wasn’t good the character of Gaurav wasn’t connected with audience .

  • Thank u for sharing this video and I must say that red chillies are doing great work in the VFX technology department..Ra.1, Krish3 and Fan are perfect example of their ultra morden technology utilisation…Yes these movies didn’t like by larger section of audience bcz of their story line..but technology used in these movies are remarkable for Bollywood movies..Excellent work RCE and good that star like SRK has this kind of great vision to use latest technologies in his movies…Some illiterate people here talking about Fan’s storyline etc while post is about the technology they used..Please watch this video and experience the smart work of these technicians..

  • While Aamir and Salman looks young this guy looks…. There is no word too describe this :P Even Amitabh looks better at his age compared too SRK :P

  • Red chillies bringing new technology in Indian cinema…. Ra.One…. Kriss 3…. N many more of their excellent work will come in future.
    Good Luck…!!

  • Forget about the quality of movie, the vfx is pretty impressive. Hollywood standards!
    The future of RedChilliesVFX is looking promising.

  • Awesome work…it wud have helped movie to do better if they had released some snapshorts as part of making of the movie. Anyway the vfx is world class…

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