Shaandaar Thursday (Day 1) Box Office Collections

Shahid Kapoor’s Shaandaar has collected Rs 13.1 crore on its opening day at the box office, which is slightly below par for a film released on a national holiday.

For films like ‘Shandaar’, the advantage of a holiday tends to be around the 30% mark, which means the film would have collected around 9 crore on a normal Friday. The collections falling slight below expectations  could also be because of the fact that not everyone, especially at smaller centres (where the film has under performed) were aware of its Thursday release. Most people are well aware that new films release on Friday, but Thursday releases do tend to have a slight impact on business of films like ‘Shaandaar’.

The costs are on the higher side, so the trend over the extended weekend will be crucial for ‘Shaandaar’ to recover costs. Reports from theatres is mixed, so it remains to be seen how well the film performs in the long run.

‘Shandaar’ is the biggest opener for both Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, beating the opening business of R… Rajkumar and 2 States.

#IndicineFBO: We predicted that the film would collect Rs 14.7 crore on its opening day. Shaandaar has collected about 10-11% below our prediction, which is fairly accurate.



  • I am expecting it to crash from today onwards..Even though I liked it,the response is highly negative.Checked on twitter too and those public response at theatre videos,most saying it is the most bakwaas film.

    My lifetime prediction:52crs Verdict:Flop

  • I said it already,there was never tremendous buzz for this movie as indicine were constantly saying.Without a holiday,opening would have been on par with Humpty Sharma which was a much cheaper film than shaandaar.

  • No big star (Shahid hasn’t clean had a hit in many years) and lack of chartbuster songs are behind the average opening. Film seems to be carrying average to below average reports so looks difficult to achieve hit status let alone 100 crores.

  • i want this movie to be hit , but looking at the reviews and first day collection it looks impossible btw indicine how much it needs to collect to be call a hit ?

  • Shaandaar was a nice change for me from those typical bollywood romcoms like Humpty sharma etc. But I think people were’nt ready to accept it.

  • Word of mouth isn’t good…
    So no chances of crossing 80cr..
    Even the opening isn’t up to mark considering national holiday.. May be the crucial cricket match affected it.

  • Shahid Kapoor makes a good film once in a Blue Moon. His last good movie before Haider was Jab we met which was 8 years ago. I don’t know why people call him talented and his fans compare him with Superstars. No noticeable performance in his 13 years long career barring Haider n Kaminey.
    Haider galti se achha ban gaya warna ye wahi Phata Poster Nikla Hero wala Shahid hai. :-P

  • @nipun: welcome back,btw Shaandaar is’nt better than Bajrangi bhaijaan at any cost.Even honest shahid fans will agree with me here.And phantom does’nt means quality.
    When did that Bombay velvet became an Epic film??

  • dosto forget 80 crore i think it will be wrap up under 50 crore….indicine please stop your nonsense prediction. even you dont consider whether its holiday and non holiday release while you predict a movies opening example singh is bling..

  • @Fake nipun at 12.32 PM, who the hell are you? ? Stop misusing my ID.
    @indicine: please delete those comments by that fake ID.

  • Epic comment from Indicine: The collections falling slight below expectations could also be because of the fact that not everyone, especially at smaller centres (where the film has under performed) were aware of its Thursday release. Most people are well aware that new films release on Friday, but Thursday releases do tend to have a slight impact on business of films like ‘Shaandaar’.

    What an excuse. still laughing.

  • Will predict the lifetime collection of this film after I get to know today’s trend . But response is negative , so almost sure that it’s gonna be a Flop !

  • Previously I told that Indicine will be trolled badly on 23rd Oct !
    There was a NEVER a buzz around this movie .

  • Anyway! I will be active upto 26th oct.
    As for Shandaar, the trailer didn’t excite me! So I am not going to watch it. Loved the songs though. I am expecting it to do around 55-60 crores in its lifetime. I wonder how can the director of last year’s best film,Queen, fail in such a way! First Kashyap and now, Bahl. I hope Vikramaditya Motwaane won’t disappoint with his next projects . Lootera and Udaan are two of the best films of the decade.

  • dnt intrest in Shandaar.. ppl saving der money fr Prem ratan dhan payo..
    Prdp n Tamasha rocks evryvr..
    Prdp above 270crs
    Tamasha above 160crs
    Sallu n Rk rocks Diwaliii

  • I think this movie will be a Flop . The opening day collections are good if not great . So one more Flop for Shahid Kapoor . This will be the first Flop of Alia Bhatt . hope Shahid improves his script sense . Now i will hope Udta Punjab is a good movie .

  • with many big films facing clash these days…
    im surprised no 1 dare to clash with shandar as 4 day weekend n big holydays….
    very sad… films like taldvar could earn atleast 15 cr more if released against shaandar.. .
    i think its frst aliya flop… bt it will nt affect her sure..
    bt fr shahid this is pure badluck….

  • shandaar is a waste of money, dull story meant to get Shahid & Alia as a couple on screen.
    Save your money, don’t watch it…

  • BTW, I watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan also.
    I wonder how people consider it as a Masterpiece! Ofcourse, It’s a good film. Glad that Salman has atleast “acted” in the movie. Nawaz and Harshali were impressive. But the film contains many unconvincing scenes(specially those ones which are shot near the border! Salman’s character seems over-written in parts!! And what was the need of those typical b-grade looking fighting scenes?
    Despite its flaws, I enjoyed the film. It was poignant and well-intentioned! Probably the best Salman film of the decade.
    My rating: 3/5

  • Please don’t blame cricket match,awareness etc.

    If content is good then no silly match can stop a film………………………Like
    TWMR: 3rd day Sunday was a holiday,
    Release in 2100 screens & India’s most watched cricket match IPL final……….But
    TWMR collect 16cr+.

    Its all about content & WOM.

  • I have voted for 10-12cr figures for opening day prediction and I was right. Since the first look of Shandaar released, I knew that the film won’t be too different than many romantic comedies made. The trailer was too disappointing. Songs lacks appeal. Now the film reviews also not on positive side. Indicine is keep expecting that Shahid is most promising young generation actor, the kind of movies he picks mostly proves that he is really very young in script selection.
    @babaji Indicine is still very kind for Shandar because of Dharma, please recheck the review of PKP2 and Shaandar. While former review suggested for 2.5 rating but Indicine ended with 1/5 while for later the rating seems to 1.5 but ended with 2/5. How generous.

  • It will benefit alot from the extended weekend i hope it does 55cr+ weekend although the audience response is bad.
    I will watch it on sunday

  • @nipun- Both agree n disagree with u.
    Udaan was a nice film, made with the right budget n intentions.
    But with Bombay Velvet Anurag Kashyap wanted to change the taste of Hindi film audiences. Sorry to say, but it was neither an engaging crime drama or love story. Every frame of the film was crying “overindulgence”. It deserved to be a Disaster.
    Also with Shaandaar’s performance it should be clear for Phantom that don’t think u r more intelligent than the audiences.

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