Shaadi Ke Side Effects First Week Collections

Shaadi Ke Side EffectsShaadi Ke Side Effects has collected around 30 crore in its first week at the domestic box office. Two cricket matches scheduled on two crucial days affected business on Friday (match against Sri Lanka) and Sunday (vs Pakistan).

Unlike in the previous two weeks when films like Highway and Hasee Toh Phasee sustained well on Monday, Shaadi Ke Side Effects crashed.

Three new films – Gulaab Gang, Queen and Total Siyapaa – release in theatres this weekend. Since all three are targeted at the multiplex audience, Shaadi.. will be the second or third choice this week.

The film is likely to end its run with lifetime business of around 37-38 crore

  • Friday – 5.45 crore
  • Saturday – 7.5 crore
  • Sunday – 8 crore
  • Monday – 2.4 crore
  • Tuesday – 2.25 crore
  • Wednesday – 2.1 crore
  • Thursday – 1.8 crore
  • First week total – 29.5 crore


  • gud collections… It will be a clean hit at 37 cr.. Vidya balan roxxxxxxx……… Its budget is not too high .

  • saw it yesterday. First half was very entertaining but couldn’t maintain it in the second half which was boring.. Overall average movie.. Performance of its lead actors was good. Farhan and vidya had good chemistry between them.

  • Watched on Monday. Don’t know what to say and how. I am still wondering what that was. It’s extremely irritating except for some comedy moments. The director wanted to send a simple message: Be honest while in a marriage. Though honesty may create some problems in the short term, in the long run, everything will run smooth.

    However, I think the director himself is facing marriage problems and looks like a complex. He has taken up some marraige problems faced by 2% of Indian such as upper-middle class and top class people in urban areas. He has generalized and narrated it as if these kinds of problems are faced by all Indians.

    I think this movie is intended just for the couples who are in marriage for just few years, not for single people and the couples with grown up children. Because the couples with grown up children can’t watch the film with children together. There are some steamy scenes. Besides, the movie will discourage some people from getting married.

    To start with, first half of the film is a married couple’s so-so routine romantic relationship. When Trisha (Vidya) is pregnant, she said “we are pregnant.” Why should she say like that? Does she say the same “we are having period” when she goes her period. This is only my opinion!
    Then, she asked Siddarth (Farhan) to have a father feeling and try it feels. What does Siddarth do? So, he put a ballon with water inside inside his shirt on his abdomen and made himself look like his pregnant wife. That’s Siddarth trying to have a feeling of a father. Irritating! Is it a father’s feeling and what a father does?

    Second half turns a little bit interesting and also irritating. After the birth of their baby, Trisha quit the job. Farhan has to run the whole family. Besides, Trisha becomes so sensitive that she doesn’t give any space of breathe to husband. So, listening to advice by the brother-in-law of Trisha (Trisha’s sister’s husband played by Ram Kapoor), Siddarth started staying away from his house and wife at a house as a paying guest to have some breathing space under the context of his busy schedules at work. That are just for some three days in a week.

    And there is a new neighbor by the Siddarth-Trisha’s apartment called Shekar. He has become a close friend of Trisha so much so that Siddarth started suspecting of any possible affair with his wife. Later, Siddarth realized that it is happening because he is staying outside. So, he has resumed staying in his house like before. And Siddarth has opened up that he was staying outside, not working overtime and explain why he did so. Subsequently, he has apologized his wife. He begged her to give him a second chance so that he can prove himself to be a perfect husband and father. He also assures her that he was not having affair with any other woman but only staying outside.

    Consequently, Trisha got extremely angry with her husband and kicked him out of the house. But Siddarth was going nowhere this time and sleeping like a dog by the door of the apartment for a few days. Trisha was not giving a damn.
    1) How can a better-half treat another better-half in such a way? She had better stop talking to him and ignore him by remaining in the same house. I think “not talking to the husband by the wife is a grave punishment for a husband and vice versa.
    2) Why should she showcase the internal problems to public and make some taamaasha?

    After a few days, she allows her husband to come inside the house but only to say that her second pregnancy was not by her husband but by the neighbor called Shekar. Farhan was stunned and subsequently left home with his daughter. Being unable to see the vulnerable condition of his daughter without her mother, the next day, Siddarth comes back home. He says to his wife that they need to start a new and fresh life forgetting what has happened at least for their daughter. The wife replied that their marriage will not run smooth if it is only for the daughter. So, Farhan forgives her and say to continue their life together. That is, too, on the next day.

    Unexpectedly, then, Trisha says that her pregancy with the neighbor was a joke. The pregnancy was actually by the husband. She explains that it was her attempt to test him whether he gives her a second chance since he has requested a second chance from her earlier. And then, Happy Ending…

    Thinking practically, the questions are
    1) if a wife tests her husband to that extreme point, short-tempered men may kill the wife and he himself commits suicide afterwards. Because that’s a man’s weakest point and hardly any husband can tolerate his wife being pregnant with another man.
    2) the couple may end up divorcing each other
    3) even if they continue their marriage, the husband may suspect his wife somewhere in his heart throughout his life that the pregnancy might not be by the nieghbor but his wife might have sex with him (the neighbor) in his (husband’s) absence. Who knows! Hence, there will be a distrust.

    This kind of cinemas are made to deliver some pure messages, not to confuse and traumatize the audiences. A movie can leave audiences with a sad feeling in the end but not with a bad feeling.

    Though some people rightly call films like Bodyguard, CE, Dhoom 3 insensible craps, at least during watching those movies the audiences were able to relax themselves and in the end, they had some sorts of happy moments. But this movie to me is extremely irritating..

    Farhan justifies his role decently but both Vidya aunty and the director sux big time. Their past works can’t justify whatsover they do will be good.

  • Wasn’t expected from Vidhya and Farhan with such kind of average film as the film collection suggest,since her marriage Vidhya lost her charm as first Ghanchakkar and Now with SKSE the trend is decreasing day by day. @Gunday superb review man,i haven’t seen this movie yet but you mentioned some browny points which perhaps director failed to understands. Kudos to you.

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