Shaadi Ke Side Effects First Day Collections

Shaadi Ke Side EffectsShaadi Ke Side Effects has collected Rs 5.45 crore on its first day at the box office. The film has performed well in circuits like Delhi/UP, East Punjab and Mysore, but business from the biggest circuit Mumbai was below-the-mark.

The film took a decent opening of around 30-35 per cent all India, but business was restricted to big cities only. North Indian cities like New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon were very good. Other major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai picked up towards the end of the day.

The reports are mixed, which could probably mean that Shaadi Ke Side Effects may not show the huge growth in business over the weekend like Hasee Toh Phasee or Highway. Also, the keenly-awaited India vs Pakistan cricket match could also significantly impact the evening / night shows tomorrow.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects First Day Collection – Rs 5.45 crore net (Rs 7.1 crore gross).



  • Filmfare award best film by year since 2000,
    2001:kaho naa… pyaar hai
    2004:koi mil gaya
    2005:veer zara
    2007:rang de basanti
    2008:taare zameen par
    2009:jodha akbar
    2010:3 idiots
    2012:zindagi naa milegi dobara
    2014:bhaag milkha bhaag
    ranking of actor based on no. best films:
    1.hrithik roshan=amir khan:4 films
    2.SRK=Fahran akhtar:2 films
    3.amitabh bachchan=salman khan=ranbir kapoor:1 film

  • As expected Ekta kapoor and his production house balaji are busy promoting Ragini MMS 2 as if it is the most awaited movie.While SKSE has actors like Farhan and Vidya,Ragini MMS 2 has a pornstar Sunny leone but they have given much importance to Sunny Leone
    Please a request to srk fans who abuse Akshay and spread negativity about Holiday.Please stop otherwise we will start bashing srk.The only negative point you people say about akshay is number of flops.Even megastar Amitabh has a lot of flops.A superstar is not determined by flops but the ability to give bumper openings and that is a superstar.The only srk film which opened bumper in 90’s was karan Arjun where even Salman was the real hero.Even mkta opened better than KKHH.From 2007,he has only 2 films(OSO,CE) which opened bumper.They talk about consecutive hits but even Emraan gave consecutive hits too.Please leave Akshay alone,otherwise we will start throwing punches back.I don’t want to hurt any SRK fan but you should stop otherwise we will start

  • The promos were pretty below mark. Jokes are more or less same to what people fwd on WhatsApp etc.,

    Vidya and Farhan shd take riskier roles as they have the calibre. This subject shd have been given to newcomers.

    The movie will mostly flop or do below avg business.

  • @aeyyy shut your mouth. Posting nonsensical random posts anywhere. Only 2-3 Akki fans are in this website.
    And these 2-3 people write the foolishest of all comments.

  • @nipun
    Don’t know how Dabangg got the filmfare award for best film that year…
    My Name is Khan was the best film and it deserved…

  • @aeeyy
    SRK is never a big crowd puller,Bcoz he is’nt very much liked at the single screens or the types of films he has done are not much liked by these audience.
    His biggest blockbuster DDLJ collected less than Salman’s HAHK…
    Now since multiplexes have come into the equation,he will guarantee a good opening every time,though the no. of footfalls will be less.
    Opening day footfalls of CE were less than that of ETT…

  • Shaadi ke side effects will turn into a below avg. grosser,i guess..
    A bulk of movies are coming next week,so just one open week for SKSE..

  • Not the kind of numbers we expect from Farhan and Vidya starrer, but it failed to create much hype or buzz, none of its songs was chartbuster either, so the low numbers are not much surprising.

  • @ Nipun well said i also want to tell the actors who have won most best actor awards since 2000 ; Hrithik has won 4 times in 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2009 . Srk has won 4 times in 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2011 . Big B has won 2 times in 2006 and 2010 . Ranbir has won 2 times in 2012 and 2013 . Aamir has won 1 time in 2002 and Farhan has won 1 time in 2014 . So if we compare in Best film and best actor in both these categories HR is no. 1 tied with Aamir and Srk . In terms of highest grossers of the years Hrithik, Aamir and Srk all have 3 only Salman has 4 highest grossers . So in terms of films, awards, box office and records in all these things Hrithik is equal to Khans i am not saying he is better then them .

  • @aeeeyyy .. Karan Johar was SRK’s only bumper movie in 90’s ? & only CE & OSO have got huge openings in the recent decade ? -_-
    you either die or visit a psychologist !

  • @Zeeshan Sayed read the comments very well and then visit a psychologist !
    @floppy it hurts hahaha You always post nonsensical things on akshay’s page.This is just the beginning.Truth hurts.If you don’t stop we will begin.btw i respect srk but some of his fans…….
    @babaji yeah srk is like Emraan,his films work on WOM

  • @zeeshan:no dude,dabbang won it though MNIK and udaan were far better films and more deserving.
    @babaji:yeah,mnik was my fav too.
    @saksam:thumbs up.

  • Tomorrow india vs pak…
    Are u ready guys…?
    In this match,marenge chakke indiawale,lenge wickets indiawale,aur jeetenge match indiawale…india rocks:-):-P

  • @aeey are u ok dude? In Karan Arjun, they were both equal heros and equal leading men, so what if his movies didnt take bumper in 90’s, DDLJ and KKHH still became ATBB, DTPH was superhit, Pardes Hit, Baazigar hit, Darr Superhit, Dewaana hit, All these films made him the number one star of the 90’s and most loved star of the 90’s along with Salman……………………also tell me how many bumper opening did Akshay have in 90’s? Only one: Mohra…………so if Akshay also had only one bumper opening why on earth do u have the audacity to critize SRK? Also in 2000’s Akshay only have 2 bumper openings Singh is King and Tees Maar Khan…………… both SRK and Akshay had the same number of bumper openings in 90’s and 2000’s so why do u bash SRK???? Ur own star did the same number of bumper openings…………………….A bumper opening doesnt mean superstar,even non superstar Saif gave bumper opening for Race. A superstar is one who gives at least good, excellent, bumper, all time opener consistently…………………………which SRK always gives……………………….However if I turn around the tables and ask how many ATBB Akshay gave in 90’s =0, 2000’s = 0. SRK in 90’s =2(DDLJ and KKHH), 2000’s =1(CE). Salman in 90’s = 1(HAHK;KKHH was SRK movie), 2000’s =1(Dabanng)…………Aamir 90’s =1, 2000’s = 3. So the major superstars Salman, SRK and Aamir have at least 1 ATBB in 90’s and 2000’s while ur Khalidi has none, so is he relly a superstar???? I like Akshay but if u continue ur rant on SRK I will also turn on Akshay………..

  • @ aeey, the so called consecutive hits of emraan have never done more than 67 crore nett………..his hits are mainly becuz his films have small budgets……………his popularity and nett earning are nowhere near SRK……………………………….however Akshay is king of 60-70 core now, so u shud relly compare stardom of akshay and emrann as this will be a better and more relevant comparison.

  • @Babaji ka thullu Oh please both SRK and Salman are the biggest crowd pullers in the industry…………………..SRK is equally loved by single screen audience as Salman, it just it appears they love Salman more, this is becuz all the recent films (2010-2014) Salman has done are masala single screen films……………………from 2010-2014 SRK has only done one masala single screen films in past 4 yrs and this film was the first to break 3idiots record……………..all the masala flims bhai gave between 2010-2014 no doubt collected huge but they never came close to 3idiots record even though this was bhai best career phase…………..between 2010-2014 SRK did mostly multiplix/oversees kinda films like MNIK, Don 2, Ra One, JTHJ……………………so obviously they wudnt collect hugely at single screen, but that being said, they all got a good initial at single screens when they released becuz of SRK, even though they were multiplex films…………………………..

  • @ aeey SRK films work on word of mouth??? hahaha that is a good joke………………everyone else whose head is in reality knows that SRK and Salman are the biggest crowd pullers in the industry, in fact its Askhay films nowadays that will have to work on word of mouth since 2013 was not a good year for him

  • @babaji ki thullu. Ur name suits Ur comments ethical crapster. SRK was never a crowd puller. Joke of the millennium. WY dont u get Ur nonanchalic brains checked and get it repaired.

  • @Triniman I wasn’t bashing srk but is a warning to some of his fans who talk nonsense about akshay and holiday to stay away.Akkians don’t abuse srk but always people like @floppy talk nonsense on akshay’s post.So read my post well and i hope srk fans will stay clear of akshay and holiday as we do

  • Aaj se 25 saal pehle, Delhi se ek anaath aur gareeb ladka Mumbai aaya tha.

    Ek shirt aur ek pant ke saath.

    Uski pocket mein zyada kuch nahi tha bass 350 Rupees the.

    Woh ladka Hero banna chahta tha.

    Uski maa kehti thi ki beta tu Dilip Kumar jaisa dikhta hai.

    Phir waha par Mumbai mein kisi ne uske Talent ko pehchaana aur usko ek chhote se TV Serial ka chhota sa Actor bana diya.

    Par woh ladka ruka nahi aur aage badhta chala gaya.

    Dheere dheere woh TV par chhaa gaya.

    Tab, 1992 mein, uske sapne ko pehli baar kisi ne sach banaya.

    Usko pehli baar kisi ne ek Movie ke liye offer kiya.

    Bass, phir kya tha, woh Deewana toh waha bhi chhaa gaya.

    Tab uss Baazigar ne kabhi peechhe mud kar nahi dekha.

    Uss ladke ko kisi ka Darr nahi tha.

    Aur phir 1995 mein, uss ladke ne Itihaas rach diya aur woh Dilwala apni Dulhaniya le gaya.

    Uske baad usse laga ki Dil Toh Paagal Hai yaa phir uske dil mein Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

    Yeh Paheli suljhaane ke liye woh Devdas ban kar Swades chala gaya.

    Usne socha ki kya pata Kal Ho Na Ho issliye Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

    Par phir usne Don ban kar sab ke paas se ek cheez churaayi,”Dil”!

    Phir usne kaha ki Om Shanti Om aur tab Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

    Har Proud Indian ki tarah, usne bhi kaha,”Chak De India”!

    Uske baad usne apne Musalman Bhai ke liye jung ladi aur poori duniya ko dikha diya ki”My Name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist”!

    Tab usne dobara Don banne ke baad ek Superhero ban kar sab ki Raksha ki.

    Uske baad hum sab se yeh kehne par majboor kar diya ki”Tum hi ho meri Jaan, Jab Tak Hai Jaan Jab Tak Hai Jaan”!

    2013 mein usne Chennai Express ke saath starting mein sab ko hansaaya aur ending mein sab ko rulaaya !

    Iss saal woh phir aayega aur hum sab ko Happy New Year wish karega aur bolega ki”Iss Diwali todenge taale India waale”!

    The Journey of the King !

    Truly, a Living Legend !

    Yes, I am talking about the Biggest Megastar on Earth !

    Yes, I am talking about the most Popular Megastar on Earth !

    Yes, I am talking about the Megastar who has a Fan Following of 3.5 Billion Fans Worldwide, the Biggest Fan Following of any Megastar on Earth.

    Yes, I am talking about the Richest Megastar on Earth !

    Yes, I am talking about Sir Shah Rukh Khan, my Idol and Inspiration !

    The Best Actor at present and one the Best Actors this World has ever seen !

    The Man who has Owned the Word”Stardom”and has even left behind Hollywood !

    The most Awarded Actor Indian Cinema has ever produced with the most number of Best Actor Awards ever !

    The Man who is Compared with each and every Star of Indian Cinema !

  • I hope that SKSE would collect more than this. Still hope for the best. @triniman Salman always had single screen fan base since his action and comic movies in 90’s, plus you not aware that single screen was close to shut down in India due to more romantic, family drama and sensible movies being made than typical indian Masala entertrainers and the arrival of Ghajini and wanted relived single screens,it was Salman’s first out an out action flick after Garv and it become superhit solely due to single screens performance and Salman fan base who waited for action flicks of Salman from long time and now with 5bb’s history written by him.

  • @babaji ka thullu I know u r a big haters of srk but at least say some truth…who said srk is not crowd puller. Do u know what is meaning of crowd puller as far as cinema is concerned One question can u tell who was big crowd puller in 90s. U said HAHK was biggest grosser than DDLJ agree but in other moment u r saying ett is bigger opener than ce. Is it not double standard. Get ur fact right HAHK released in one screen in every city how come salman turned big crowd puller through HAHK since his earlier 10 movies were desastrous Do u know there were only single screens available in 90s. And do u know srks flop movies used to open much better than salman movies. Hum, khalnayak, Karan Arjun, Trimurti shares honor of bumper opening. But other which opened bumper were KKHH border RH koyla, DDLJ, Biwi no1 HSSH DTPH mohra, beta, BMCM, Daar, saajaan, anjaam etc some of them sustained well and grossed big in long run and some fizzled out after big opening. Srks flop koyla was bigger opener than Salmans hit judwa, PKTDK, jpkhh etc
    Don’t follow Boi for their opening note it’s absolutely wrong. Most of srks movie were downgraded in their opening note.
    In 90s Daar, anjaam, Karan Arjun DDLJ DTPH KKHH koyla ramjane badashah etc
    Since 2000 Mohbbate, k3g, devdas, Mhn, vz, oso, ra1, don2, ce all opened bumper.

    Salmans bumper opener in 90s
    Saajaan Karan Arjun
    In 2000. Partner, dabaang, bodyguard, ett and dabaang2
    Remaining are good to v good opener even though they r big grosser. Ex pardes, judwaa PKTDK yes boss
    Even MNIK opened big in Kanpur single screen than veer. Rbdj was atbb in central India and cp brarar which was mass dominated area. Oso bigger grosser than partner in mass dominated center. Mhn, vz were bigger hit and grosser than MSK now this is enough for u.

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