Sexy! Deepika on Vogue Magazine Cover

Deepika Padukone, who had a fabulous 2013 with 4 back-to-back hits including two huge grossers in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Chennai Express, is featured on the cover of Vogue magazine.

In a cleavage revealing unbuttoned shirt, Deepika looks super sexy!

Check out the June 2014 cover of Vogue India. #Love Deepika – who doesn’t!

Deepika Padukone on Vogue Magazine Cover

Deepika Padukone on Vogue Magazine Cover



  • @Sanjeev 11 —- KKHH — Debutant director.
    DDLJ — Debutant director.
    OSO — One film old director + 2 flop actors + Debutant actress.

  • Also
    Jai Ho budget= 60 crore Gross= 180 crore worldwide
    Gross= 3 x budget. How is it a loss?

    Ra.One budget= 150 crore gross= 240 crore
    Gross = 1.6 x budget.
    So if Jai Ho is flop then Ra.One is an epic disaster!

  • @queenshuk then as per calculation
    MNIK,, Don 2 and JTHJ all gave huge losses to distributers LOL
    Salman is the most commercially dependable at the box office

  • @JS — It depends on the cost for which distributors purchased that film…..Only RA.1 maybe have some/few in red zone but many producers suffered loss in case of DABBANG 2 and JAI HO as they were sold in huge price but collection not as expected.

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