Sexy! Deepika on Vogue Magazine Cover

Deepika Padukone, who had a fabulous 2013 with 4 back-to-back hits including two huge grossers in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Chennai Express, is featured on the cover of Vogue magazine.

In a cleavage revealing unbuttoned shirt, Deepika looks super sexy!

Check out the June 2014 cover of Vogue India. #Love Deepika – who doesn’t!

Deepika Padukone on Vogue Magazine Cover

Deepika Padukone on Vogue Magazine Cover



  • HAPPY NEW YEAR gonna be ATBB………….can’t wait to see SRK-DEEPIKA jodi again after the blockbuster OSO

  • I love her sweet looks more than sexy looks… She was looking very sweet in white saree in CE. .

  • She doesn’t have any fashion sense and that’s why she always copies katrina and her designer

  • I jst dont understand 1 thng,, do glamour in b’town only means to show skin,…. or Showing intimate portions of body defines Hotness,, God Knows! A Word called INDIAN Culture will become extinct in the books of our INDIAN HEROINES

  • Some people say that DEEPIKA outshines SRK in CE.
    Oh yaa.
    Plsss do tell the scenes in which DEEPIKA was able to do that ???

  • Also some say ROHIT was the only man behind CE success.
    Oh yea.
    Plsss name the previous films of ROHIT which earned 200 crs.
    Also people say that EID was the sole reason for CE success.
    Oh yea.
    Plssss name the film which released on EID and earned 200 crs.

  • All Srk films before CE failed to cross 125 crore
    Deepika gave 180 crore film before CE
    Rohit is a highly commercially successful dorector.
    So CE success maximum credit goes to Deepika amd Rohit.

  • @JS — None of SALMAN films crossed 150 crs before ETT while KAT was the number one actress at that time and the production house YRF is one of the greatest of all……also KABIR was an hit and highly acclaimed director before ETT…..So maximum credit goes to KAT, YRF and KABIR

  • @JS — Also DEEPIKA made her acting debut with SRK with BB OSO…..So if you give the whole credit to her then also give maximum credit for DABBANG 2 success to SONAKSHI.

    Also you are yet to anwser which ROHIT film crossed 200 crs before CE, Which film released on EID earned 200 crs and in which part of CE DEEPI was able to outshine SRK ???

  • @kingshuk Bhattacharjee:
    LOl you are only seeing the one side. How about you name one another Srk movie that has crossed 120 crores, forget 200 crores?

  • Emraan and Deepika jodi can break any records. Go & bring them together.
    Emraan has been self dependable so far.An established heroine and Emraan will give biggest grosser.

  • Deepika looking hot but we have seen more glamorous and sexy divas of bollywood but if someone looking sexy with short dresses or cleavage show that’s not a big deal, If some one looking sexy in Sari, Tab koi baat h.

  • @kingshuk thanks to open our eyes we aren’t aware that Deepika totally outsined srk in CE, for you guys if someone got all awards for any role that mean he or she beat everyone. For CE deepika got every major awards while People bashing for nomination of srk in the actor category. Clear proof who outplayed, yes Rohit haven’t touched 200 cr but srk also failed for the same, difference was srk collecting 100 cr in holidays while Rohit managed to achieve 100cr even in non holidays with Bol bachchan and Singham. Deepika touched 175cr with YJHD a romantic film not much popular in mass centers so when she came with mass entertainer she definitely deserves credit.

  • I will accept Srk to the biggest actor in terms of boxoffice whenever he gives a big blockbuster doing a movie with debut director and an actress who is not so popular (also movie should be outside YRF and Dharma banner)…. util that time Salman holds the position.

  • Salman+Sonakshi 2010 – blockbuster
    Salman+Asin 2011- blockbuster
    Salman+Kareena 2011 – blockbuster
    Salman+Katrina 2012 – blockbuster
    Salman+Sonakshi 2012 – blockbuster
    Salman+Sana 2012 -semihit
    In the last 4 years Salman gave blockbuster with 5 different actresses while
    Srk gave only 1 blockbuster in the last 4 years that too only with Deepika.
    And Deepika doesnt need Srk to give blockbuster, look at YJHD.

  • @SKY — LOLLL…..Bro you misunderstood my comment…..according to many (even you in one case) DEEPIKA and ROHIT were the only entertaining things in CE while SRK was nothing……We SRKIANS are always giving credit to each and every aspect related to not only SRKs film but also in case of other films as we always accept that there can be no RAJESH KHANNA now in the name of whom a film can earn BB status…….but its all the SRK HATERS out there who are praising DEEPI and ROHIT while condemning SRK…..Me also know that a award cannot justify a actors role in it but its also true that each and everyone deserves a credit in a films succes which we srkians always give…..We also agree that SRK haven’t got any 200 crs grosser but how many films before CE earned 200 crs….even in his trend of back to back BB s SALMAN failed to achieve 200 crs…..In todays INDIA entertaining films are in full flow thats why a no brainer like YJHD and BOL BACCHAN and singham (???) were highly succesful… today 100 crs is not a big thing…..SRK also gave 100 crs in X MAS with DON 2 when X MAS fall on SUNDAY……A entertaining film with a star is a sureshot 100 crs now regardless of the time of its release…..Even HEROPANTI will collect 50 – 60 crs…..SRK failed to give entertaining films to INDIANS (A poor script RA.1,A target audience DON 2 a outdated romantic saga) before CE while CE was a perfect blend of all aspects of a 200 crs grosser…..Even in SALMAN case also before doing DABBANG he failed to gave succesful films with MAMK,MARIGOLD etc as those were poor scripted,wannabe classy film,non entertaining films etc.

  • @JS —You haven’t read my comment well…..I am asking you about the highest grossing SALMAN film before ETT…..None of the films crossed 150 crs despite being masala and festive release…..with ETT SALMAN grossed 186 crs…..after that he did D2 which despite having the highest screen count and festive release and open weeks just crossed 160 crs (Credit of which goes to Sona according to your theory as she gave 133 crs RR with non festive release) and provided loss for distributors……Even with JAI HO SALLU provided loss for distributors.

  • If DEEPIKA the main cause behind OSO why didn’t RACE 2 and RAMLEELA earned huge despite being directed by ABBAS MASTAN and SLB….Also you meant to say YJHD was a hit because only of DEEPIKA as RANBIR provided BESHARAM after after YJHD and none of his other films crossed 110-115 crs ???

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