Secret Superstar Release Date announced: Aamir Khan in a special appearance

The release date of ‘Secret Superstar’, featuring Aamir Khan in a special appearance, has been announced. Aamir agreed to do the film for his former manager, Advait Chauhan’s directorial debut, which is being produced under the superstar’s banner Aamir Khan Productions.

The film, which revolves around the life of a child, who wants to become a singer, will release on August 4 2017 – a week before the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s untitled film directed by Imtiaz Ali.

Aamir will be seen playing the role of a music director in the movie, who mentors the protagonist and helps her achieve her dreams.

Aamir Khan Productions has previously produced films like Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Peepli Live, Dhobi Ghat, Delhi Belly, Talaash and the upcoming film Dangal.

Secret Superstar will be the banner’s 9th production.



  • With SRKs career going down I have sensed a lot of aamir’s FAN bashing Salman for no reason, In Andaaz apna apna trend they were supporting nonsense of SRkians like anything

    Now lets come to talk

    Acc to Indicine, currently Aamir is 3rd biggest crowd puller behind Salman and Srk

    Lets compare Bhai and Aamir

    In terms of footfalls
    Bhai’s highest FF HAHK>>>>Aamirs highest RH
    Bhais 2nd highest FF MPK>>>aamirs PK
    Bhai’s 3rd highest FF BB>>>>>Aamirs 3rd highest 3 idiots

    Both Bhai and Aamir made debut in 1988

    Career comparison from 1988 to 2008

    No. Of Atbb
    Bhai-3(mpk, hahK, Kuch Kuch hota hai-cameo)

    HGOTY domestically
    Bhai-5(MPK, Saajan, HAHK, KKHH-cameo, No entry)
    Aamir-2(RH, Dil)

    HGOTY overseas
    Bhai-4(MPK, HAHK, Khamosi, KKHH)

    Record openers
    Bhai-2(Karan arjun, Biwi no.1)
    Aamir-2(Mangal Pandey, Fanna)

    No. Of BBs/Super hits
    Bhai-6 (Sajan, Sanam Bewafa, KA, Biwi no. 1 , HSSH, No entry)
    Aamir-3(QSQT, Dil, Ishq)


    Post 2008 to now
    No. of ATBB

    Bhai-3(actually 4, Ek that tiger deserved it)
    Aamir-4(Dhoom 3 and Ghajini had lessewr footfalls than K3g forget others, I dont consider them ATBBs, anyway)

    No. Of 100 cr plus

    No. of 200 cr plus

    No. of 300 cr plus


    Record openers
    Bhai-3 Actually 4(Dabbang, ETT, Bodyguard, Actually PRDP too by BOI)

    Bhais BB has more footfalls than PK, Sultan has more than 3 idiots, Dhoom3 and that is what matters, crowd pulling capacity, net adjusted Bhai has 3-4 movies ahead of Aamir.

  • @Mkki Fan, jolly llb will be biggest disaster of 2017. Your makkhi is stardomless flop actor. Comparing him with emperor Aamir is a big joke. Aamir is baap of joker in everything.

  • @Javed dont worry your oldie has no chance to give HGOTY let alone ATHG thats why you are showing frustration. Dont worry gawaar, dangal will easily kick lultan’s ass and shatter each and every records. Shameless gawaar, get ready to hide your pussy.

  • @Thug first of all this title is snatched by the emperor Aamir hinself and secondly being a fan of supper disaster mega flop actor jadoo toy, you better not talk about aamir’s underperformer which was not even flop. BTW Mohen ja daroo le ke aa and upcoming crap nakaabil says hello to you.

  • @BeingFlopPrem fan, ypur frustration is clear. Why feeling so jealous of aamir? Accept the fact that your non actress lallu monkey is kid in front of emperor Aamir. Aamir will show lallu’s aukaat once again this christmas and destroy him and his rikshaw waala fanbase. Aamir is light years ahhead of lallu in crowd pulling. Ghajini’s opening day was more than lallu’s yuvraaj, main aur mrs shera, GTGH’s life time collections.

  • @BeingLalluFan, what? What joke did you just say? Lulltan has more foot falls than 3 idiots? Ha ha ha. Now you are given my certificate as real bhojpuri gawaar rikshaw waala. And BB had more foot falls than pk? Yes only according to bhojpuri community. No facts no proof. Box office collections prove whose movie was ahead. Pk had much higher foot falls than any lallu movie. And aamir had only done 5 movies since 2008 you jerk, so dont compsre the 100 cr movies between him and lallu. Aamir opened 100 cr during a time when your aukaatless flopstar lallu was giving 5 cr- 10 cr life time disasters.

  • This cunning guy is nothing without XMAS…

    His courage and stardom are as much tiny as his height when he dares to release his craps without

    Dhobi Ghat, Mangal Pandey, Etc… ROFL…

  • @Unkatchable psycho makkhi, the fake show off patriot canadian citizen aka once upon a time waiter in bangcok is nothing even on big festivals like diwali, christmas and eid who gave didasters like Aitraaz, action replay, blue, tmk, outimd (worst in the outim franchise) etc. Just like his short stardom, short talentless career and clownish face. LOL.

  • @Unbearable Floppy Clown, giving f8rst 100 cr, 150 cr, 200 cr, 250 cr, 300 cr requires megastardom and making Xmas a big period requires stardom. Other clownish, tiny flop actors like gobar kumari can never do that. Because just like their height, talent, acting, their stardom is also too small. Aukaatless flop actor ke ekke dukke fan, sharm se doob ja.

  • @david and Mr. Bollywood
    Why are u abusing me? As far as BB footfalls are concerned ask Indicine or BOI, both will tell you it had higher footfalls than PK. And I am talking on stats, u blabbering on MAMK??On GTGH?? Should I list Aamir’s flops here???

    Adjusted inflation of HAHk, MPK, BB are all ahead of Aamir’s movies. I am not abusive, illiterate, stupid like u I talk on stats

    And ya perhaps 3 idiots had more footfalls than Sultan., so what???? Remove Sultan, kya ukhad jaega????

  • Aamir Khan Dangal will do no more than 180crores, this fraud will get exposed. I remember when Diwale released his fans were trendings boycottdiwale along with the bhakts. These are two faced scum.

  • @david and Mr. Bollywood
    Why are u abusing me? As far as BB footfalls are concerned ask Indicine or BOI, both will tell you it had higher footfalls than PK. And I am talking on stats, u blabbering on MAMK??On GTGH?? Should I list Aamir’s flops here???

    Adjusted inflation of HAHk, MPK, BB are all ahead of Aamir’s movies. I am not abusive, illiterate, stupid like u I talk on stats

    See here

  • @Insecure, call him whatever you want, you cant even touch him and his success. He was ruling, he is ruling and he will continue to rule. No one can come close to him.

  • @BeingPremFan, yeah you can list aamir’s flops. But i am sure the list of aamir’s flops is way shorter and less than salman’s long list of flops and disasters. Ha ha ha. Who can give 50 flops in his career? Of course its non other than our bhojpuri south remake chor aka salman. Bring it on. I have much longer list of salman’s flops. And so called footfalls dont count. Everyone knows that pk was more profitable than BB both in india and overseas.

  • @Unmatchable akki, first of all i want to ask you are you really fan of akki? I dont think so. Because akki is a grounded down to earth actor and i like him and respect him. You cant be akshay fan. Akshay doesnt deserve fake fan like you. Dont force me to bash him because i respect him and like him.

  • @BeingPremFan
    We didnt Start anything & IDK about AAA Trend but
    I request you go & read Salman fans Comments on Youtube & Other Bolly Sites,unnecessarily they bashed AAMIR & Spreading Negativity saying
    SULTAN 2 on XMAS,for HGOTY.
    Just bcoz of their Comments even Neutrals are saying
    ‘Dangal looks like Sultan’
    I know these comments wont affect DANGAL.
    But If you really admire & Love AAMIR,You guys shouldnt have done that..
    And You are talking about FFs
    You think that measurement of success of a movie is based on its Footfalls?
    At the time of MPK,HAHK,DDLJ,RH
    Internet & Piracy didnt exist.
    Except HAHK & GADAR
    3 Idiots,Pk & BB are bigger Hits than 90s Movie.
    And Adj Top Grosser.
    Pk>>BB & Sultan
    Aamir doesnt release a film every year because He never compromises on quality
    Otherwise He would have the Same no.of 100 Cr.& 200 Cr. Movies.

  • @ Malhar,

    Nice to hear from a sensible fan of Aamir Khan at least…

    Bro., It seems You are new here so let me tell you something…

    All was written by me as a reply to 2 Loggerhead Jerks named Rew1 and Mrs. Bollywood coz, They understand such language very well… I don’t know You have read their comments on any Akki’s article but I tell you, They have started something and I am going to finish that in a very deserving way…

    By the way, You respect Akki and that I like in You so if possible please teach these jerks something the same if they will throw stones at sewage, it’s their dress that will get spoiled…

  • Some of you guys opinions are very petty and insecure. And hypocrisies by saying Aamir insecure. Everybody know who is the best. Use your brain before making comparison to Dear Zindagi for e.g. DZ is alia starer while srk cameo. Secret star is fresh debut with aamir extended cameo ,it does make a deference.

  • @Aamir-The Megastar
    During Andaaz apna apna twitter trend of 22 yrs, Aamir fans were saying it is only Aamir film, HAHK is Madhuri dixit film, Salman had flops before and after etc etc.All nonsense And srkians were supporting them…Even an akkian said Suhaag won at BO bcoj of Salmans presence in AAA etc and all were laughing and enjoying

    Go and see #22yearsofcultAndaazApnaApna trend

  • @ Rew1 & Mrs. Bollywood (Psycho Tingu Khan),

    Hahahahahahaha, Itni jalti hai to pahle hi auqaat mein raha karo na, Loggerheads Jerks…

    By the way, Tumhari bakwaas ka ek question hai Tumse, Please reply… HAS PSYCHO TINGU CROSSED 1,500 CRORESS NOW? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

  • @Unmatchable akki, ok i dont even know @Rew1 and @MR bollywood are (may be they are akki haters) but true aamir fans like me never bash akki. So if you are true akki fan then show resoect for aamir and dont bash him. Lets forget everything and move on.

    @Rew1 and @MR bollywood whoever you guys are, dont bash akki. He is great actor and i dont want fan war between aamir and akki fans.

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