Secret Superstar Release Date announced: Aamir Khan in a special appearance

The release date of ‘Secret Superstar’, featuring Aamir Khan in a special appearance, has been announced. Aamir agreed to do the film for his former manager, Advait Chauhan’s directorial debut, which is being produced under the superstar’s banner Aamir Khan Productions.

The film, which revolves around the life of a child, who wants to become a singer, will release on August 4 2017 – a week before the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s untitled film directed by Imtiaz Ali.

Aamir will be seen playing the role of a music director in the movie, who mentors the protagonist and helps her achieve her dreams.

Aamir Khan Productions has previously produced films like Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Peepli Live, Dhobi Ghat, Delhi Belly, Talaash and the upcoming film Dangal.

Secret Superstar will be the banner’s 9th production.



  • The title is quite interesting . The release date is good as it comes one week before SRK- Imtiaz Ali’s film . Aamir as a producer has done good work and I hope SS turns out to be one of the Best films of 2017 . It will be fun to see Aamir in a special appearance as a music teacher . The last time Aamir played a cameo in Luck By Chance in 2009 . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have not forgotten Aamir khan’s hypocrisy, the way he attacked on SRK last year and Dilwale, Fan and Raees all were affected hugely !!!!!!
    How can I forget his faku intolerance comments ?????
    Just let Once Dangal Come then we will show his real place !!!!!!!!!!

  • Sultan will remain the biggest hit of 2016.
    Dangal has no chance to beat sultan not even if it turns out 1000 times better than 3idiots !!!!!!!

    Dangal will be a huge disappointment this year !!!!!!

  • “Aamir” the name itself is enough to go watch it….
    looking forward to its trailer..
    it should be well balanced budget movie.
    Aamir’s production never tasted a failer..

  • Not a single movie of Aamir Khan’s Banner has been flop till date And this record will remain even after Secret Superstar.
    This will be another classic like taare zameen par.
    Even as actor his last flop was Mela in january 2000

  • good release date as the period is very lucrative for film business……..

    and make no mistake, this is NO clash between the khans……secret superstar just has a cameo from Aamir and would probably not be a mass entertainer kinda film……

  • I dont want to waste my money on seeing this movie just a week before Srk-Anushka movie..

    I would love to prefer watching Srk-Anushka movie many times instead of watching secret superstar…

  • Going to release a week before SRK-Imtiaz movie.. This is the only reason I am going to skip this movie..

  • This one looking intresting.. Aamir in another look.. But unfortunately cant watch it.. I will watch it for sure if it releases 14 days after or before release of SRK-Anushka movie..

    Anyway Best of luck Aamir for Dangal & Secret superstar

  • Although I like Aamir as an Actor, he is very insecure and is releasing his move around the time SRK movie is coming out so he can dent the collection, although, minimally.
    Aamirs star power is to the test this Christmas, we always called him the numero uno, if he does not beat Sultan with 3 solo open weeks that means he was cashing in on the fame of Raj Kumar Hirani and the Dhoom Franchise. Similarly, if Secret Superstar does not take a similar level of opening to DZ that means he lacks start power, Secret Superstar must open to a 40cr net weekend (DZ went through demonitization phase) in order to be called bigger than SRK and Salman.

  • Aamir Khan is the big thorn in SRKís career Ö continuedly beating him and taking away his shine & now he might in a cameo role pull out more rabbits to take away the sheen from SRK/Imtiaz ali film

  • SECRET SUPERSTAR ironically will release a wk before the media OVERHYPED SUPERSTAR Pluto Boys mahacrap….

    So august will be the month when the REAL SUPERSTAR will be unveiled n he goes by the name of Aamir Khan

  • Aamir indeed is a SECRET SUPERSTAR who lets his films do all the talking while the OVERHYPED SUPERSTAR lets the media OVERINFLATE his mediocrity by making a big song n dance about his hit films like they are BlockBusters etc etc

  • For me LAGAAN & TZP are the Best movies of Aamir.
    I hope the movie turns out to be very good like TZP.
    Movie is Releasing on RAKSHABANDHAN WEEKEND (Raakhi on 7th) so Release date is Best.
    And Very happy atleast
    We donít have to wait Diwali 2018 to watch AAMIR on big screen.
    One side You guys Claim
    SRK-The Biggest Star in the World & Aamir is releasing his Small film where he is doing an extended cameo,
    Still you guys are bashing Aamir saying It will affect ‘THE RING’
    Keep ur hate aside & Read Article again
    Aamir Khan Productions didnt produce Mangal Pandey.

  • Aamir following srk footsteps ?? I would have watched it. .. But just one week before srk starrer ? No I can’t I can’t waste my money I’ll save it for srk starrer

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