Sarfira Song Video – Katti Batti

Listen. Sing. Dance. Repeat. Maddy and Payal bring it on in this first song from Katti Batti titled Sarfira.

UTV Motion Pictures Presents Katti Batti starring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut and directed by Nikhil Advani. The film releases on September 18.

Katti Batti is a modern day romance that traces young architect Madhav Kabra’s (Imran Khan) love for the free-spirited Payal(Kangana Ranaut). They make for a perfect couple until a sudden turn of events creates an unanswered distance between them. What follows is a series a events that tests the fate of their relationship.

Song: Sarfira
Music: Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Neeti Mohan, Siddharth Mahadevan



  • Flop movie….!!…

    Pathetic promos n songs….!!..

    And there is imran becoz of which akki suffered ….becoz he made negative buzz for OUATIMD n it flopped…!!.. Pathetic actor…!!..

  • Was just wondering that how most of the young male actors are from industry family only- ranbir, imran, varun, Aditya, arjun and even that ranveer!
    There is nowhere so much nepotism as in Bollywood. And these people preach about merit in films.
    Gr8 that at least among female outsiders are at top ( vidya then deepika and kangana) kudos to them!

  • @Y


    I m tellin these things from start …!!.. But some ppl like nipun who support craps like Bv,,ddd,, lutera give rise to nepotism….!!..

    Actually these Ranbir,,ranvver,,varun, imran and specially arjunK r good of nothin flop non-actors…!!..

  • @Y


    I m tellin these things from start …!!.. But some ppl like media created Kapoors give rise to nepotism….!!..

    Actually these Ranbir,,ranvver,,varun, imran and specially arjunK r good of nothin flop non-actors…!!..

  • Sakshi tanwar to play Aamir’s wife in Dangal. She is so lucky to work with Mr.perfectionist.

  • @Y
    well said. Ranbir ranveer r strictly passable. Arjun,imran r good for nothing.wonder they r forcefully stretched to do acting.

    Coming to katti batti, song is good.but movie rests on Kangana’s shoulder.

    I m extremely waiting for azhar biopic on 13 may 2016

  • @indicine
    time has come now.. U shud declare ROM-COM as female lead starrer or actresses genre….!!..

    Coz of my survey which indicate dat:-

    1) hskd was hit due to Alia…. Ppl whom i asked ..max ppl went to watch Alia ….!!..

    2) shaandar trailer released….but i see everywhere talkin abt Alia’s pics….!!.. Nobody talkin abt shahid… Also many ppl say i will go to watch alia only….!!..

    3) Abcd2 film released…!!.. But many ppl said becoz of sun shatiya song,, they watched it becoz shraddha looked good in it..!.. Ppl said they r going only to watch shraddha… Shraddha n dharmesh entry got cheers but varun =no response…!!..

    4) a small Baby can tell 2 states was hit due to Alia.. Max people went to watch alia only… And not ugly Arjun…!!.. Chetan bhagat novel was also benifitting factor.. But it was alia who got accolodes coz ppl watched due to alia…!!..

    5) twmr everybody know it was hit due to Kangana…!!..

    6) Yjhd was hit becoz deepika has huge followin .. Ppl watched it coz of her…N praised her act only…!

    7) HTP flopped coz it did not have alia,,sharaddha,deepika…!!.. That means male lead Sid cannot make a good ROM-COM hit with Dharma banner n huge marketing …!

    8) Tamasha will work(less chance) only due to Deepika like yjhd…!!..
    Who wants to see wasted spoon-fed flop star-kid Ranbir??.!!..

    9) and see ram-leela another rom-com type movie… Which was hit due to deepika…!!.. Ranvver singh came up wid solo film Kill Dil,, N u all know it collected historic 25cr…!! Rofl..

    10) only ROM-COM which was hit also due to male lead act was Jab we Met of shahid….!!…

    After doing quality controlled film like Haider,, i was expecting shaandar to b something like Queen…! But ALAS…

    Shahid disapoointed me.. Becoz he also joined Ranbir,ranvver,,varun who take credit of success hiding behind female lead’s cheapness in those films…!!.. Alia’s cheapness in shaandar will benefit it rather than shahid…!!..

    11) see those dialogues of HSKD… ” tera dimaag to chhota hai aur WOH toh usse bhi chhota hai” …
    Such a vulgar crass regressive double meaning dialogue…

    12) see those pics of Alia in shaandar promo… Y has she kept the remaining Pink clothes??.. Plz open that too….
    N see the last dialogue of promo.. ” tune kabhi Woh kiya nahi kya??.. Tumhare hath me Kabhi sticky Fevicol nahi aaya kya???”..
    Another 3rd class cheap vulgar dialog…

    How does censor pass this with U/A cert??… If censor passes this,, plz make Grand Masti, kya super cool hai hum as U/A films too…!!:..

  • @arjun Flopistan fan bhatts r not biggies of bollywood. Launching by them is bane not a boon. Unlike non-actors arjun,imran who got launched by biggies. Emraan hashmi is better than them anyday anytime. OK?

  • @ajinkya @sajid exactly and imagine if an outsider had given flops like tevar, bv, kill dil they would have gone work less but these still get the biggest films. And that’s OK but the main problem lies that some of them like arjun and ranveer are big torture to eyes and brain and they keep getting more work and we bolly buffs try but can’t ignore them!

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