Sapna Jahan Song Video – Brothers

Watch the love song from Brothers that will take you through the journey of David and Jenny’s love story and all it’s beautiful moments. Starring Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez, the song is sung by Neeti Mohan and Sonu Nigam and composed by Atul-Ajay.

Song Video: Sapna Jahan
Music Director: Atul-Ajay
Singer: Sonu Nigam, Neeti Mohan



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    Kya naam h Yarr .
    So attractive nd powerful …!
    Naam Sunte hi ache acho k Kaan Khde Ho Jte haii , especially haters ..!

    hit Like If U love This name ‘Akshay Kumar’

  • @indicine pls Some of the comments in your comments section are disgusting. They are not pleasant to read at all.Some call actors by giving them stupid names and insult them but u post them.Please u need to read the comments be4 u post them

  • South remake blockbusters not working for flop kumar so its time to do a flop hollywood remake

  • Superb song best love song of the year so far, whole team deserve credit be it singers sonu and neeti mohan, composers ajay – atul or actors but for me the lyrics of amitabh bhattachary is soul, 5/5 fro me.

  • Sooo romantic song and soft song just loving it..
    Hate him or love him its nt affect his hardwork..keep rocking akki sir

  • Sooo romantic and soft song just loving it..
    Hate him or love him its nt affect his hardwork..keep rocking akki sir

  • Liked the song…watched warriors…ausum movie.totally appreciated the emotional values.akshay sir is perfect for the role…MMA is only possible with him…

  • What a crap söng….!!
    Not interested in brothers….!!!
    Waiting for Asin’s all is well….!!!!

  • Bhojpori Bhais is gonna flop big time. 80cr looks tough n now producers are cutting back on promos in hope of saving their monies

  • @Asin kya …lol on u ..
    u might hve burnt by my cmnt bt bro my that cmnt will get most likes on this article because no one can write better about akki more then me ..! I love him nd so many Indians too nd also across the globe nd his movies will always be successful only because of him..He iz Shaan Of Bollywood ..!

  • Waiting eagerly for brothers.@indicine @hitler is absolutely right.No one has the right to insult superstars.If v dont lyk thm thn we can bash thm bt cant insult thm.There is thin gap between bashing and insulting which v all fans need 2 understand.Our stars srk,salman,amir have reached this place because of hard work.WE shud nt make fun of thm especially their names.I have seen many writing sallu lallu.@indicine shud nt post such comments.

  • I don’t what to say abt this song bus ye gaana sunke kaano ko sukun milta hai.
    So peaceful song after long time…

  • Good song tried in the same line of “Avi mujh me kahi…..”!! Bt could have been much better!! Not even close to that awsmm song “baki thori si hai zindegi…” as per melody and song quality!! Bt this song also has it’s own soul….

  • I am damn excited for this film..just loved the way Akshay Kumar has performed emotions in this song and Jacqueline is so so so beautiful

  • Really fantastic song.Loved the music very much…[dont have any idea abt lyrics as i dnt knw hindi.].Music make me to fall in romantic mood.Akshay is superb in song,he looks like a innocent in few scenes of song.Jacqueline looks so beautiful and she is my fav now.

  • Indicine team post Amy Jackson plays the Lady Khiladi opposite Khiladi Akshay kumar in Singh Is Bling.She had action scenes in it.

  • @Bivin @Bipin @Bhagwan @kowsigan. All names @Sunny chechi is using to praise akshay. U morons you don’t have confidence with akshay? I can see no well known name is on this blog except u. Shame on U! Look @indicine don’t even use d word superstar again for yr makki. @INDICINE look at the comments from @Sunny created users all write the same way he does with ( hello….indicine.. amy Jackson..made.. me so..excited) that’s his trade mark. We read his disgusting comments on other sites so we know him very well. SHAME ON AKSHAY FAN CLUB!!

  • Okay with Sid I think the chemistry wldv been more scintillating! But it’s alright,d lyrics was more fascinating And it’s MY PERSONAL OPINION!!
    @Kowsigan welcome to @indicine. Wow so jaq has become yr favourite? Favourite what? Actress? Really u don’t understand hindi? Ohh so sad…? Well aaj ki liye sirf itna khafi hai. And I know u understood that @kowsigan aka……?

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