Even if critics give minus ratings, my fans will watch my films: Salman

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ has received rave reviews from most critics, websites and news channels, but the actor says his fans will watch his films even if critics give it minus ratings.

“This is our mistake, there are some actors and producers who think that such reviews will affect their movie, but I say that you guys give me minus ratings, in fact don’t even waste ink for writing about my movies, then I will see that my fans watch the movie or not”

However, Salman went on to add that people might not want to watch a movie if it gets negative reviews, because tickets at multiplexes cost a lot more than they did before.

“Such people, who give reviews, should say that they don’t like the movie instead of saying bad things it. Such people don’t influence the movie, but now the ticket prices have also risen and there are some people who follow the review and might not watch the film because of a bad review and because of that we lose that person’s ticket which affects the producer” Salman said.

Directed by Kabir Khan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan released in theatres today.



  • Salman is a rare actor who can overcome a bad script and make movie a blockbuster all other actors need strong content to survive

  • yes yes yes Yes sir we watch your movies because you are the king off indian cenema we love you we love you fans we are u fans and we will be The Legend Of Indian Cinema Salman bhai

    BB 1st weekend 100 crore plus
    1st week 170 crore plus
    Lifetime 250 crore plus
    My PROMISE…If BB failed to do so I will never visit INDICNE

  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan is superb emotional heart touching movie…
    And best Salman movie in recent years..
    Dil khush ho gaya.. Dil ko chhu liya, kya movie banai hai Kabir Khan se…
    I cant describe in words.

  • Hahaha so bb got rave reviews lol …😂😂
    I am sure this movie will not cross 200 crore in domistic and 350 crore worldwide.

  • Bhai movies are always critics proof. But this time everyone is giving rave reviews to BB. Thats mean tsunami is coming to indian box office.

  • Not most From every critic,website and channel it got EXTREMLY Positive Review..OK Indicine…

  • @Javed:
    We watch his movies on theatres because we are his true fans unlike you fake loongitards who always praise king on social networking sites but never watch his movies.

  • Reviews affect mainly at multiplexes!!
    Die-hard fans will definitely watch their star movies even if they get average or bad reviews like I watched Bang Bang ;)!

    As for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, it’s getting mostly positive reviews like Ek Tha Tiger!

  • A common man is not interested in a rajeev masand or anupama chopra they see bollywood king megastar salman’s movie poster they will enter the theater thats it

  • Truth is said baijaan!!
    Thanks for agreeing indirectly the poor quality of your movies even though it became blockbusters…

  • Even if someone would offer me a ticket of bhojpuri bhaijaan’s movie for free, I happily will reject it. Iam fed up of craps after craps.

  • @javed wait the next Friday u will see BB easyy will cross 200 crore insha allah plz make my words If BB failed to do so I will never visit indicine Belive me

  • Bajrangi bhaijaan will fail to beat the record of his previous crap kick ….!!!
    shame on bhai hugeeee shame 😂😂😂

  • Salman has true loyal fans unlike srk fans who were busy winning every polls on every websites where srk struggled to cross ek tha tiger and 3 idiots..

  • @Javed lets wait and see bajrangi bhaijaan cross 200cr on domestic 350 in ww
    I promise bb cross 250cr in domestic and 400cr easily

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