Santhosi – No time for fear

RajKumar Santhoshi says his busy schedule has left him no time to worry about death threats.

The startling confession of dreaded gangster Anthony Lobo, that he intended to kill Rajkumar Santoshi, has left the filmmaker completely shaken.

Speaking on Sunday afternoon, two days after the arrest of Lobo and his associates, Santoshi says, “Fortunately, I’ve been too engrossed in planning my next production to sit and worry about death threats. Very frankly, I never got any threats directly from them. But yes, some time ago, cops had intercepted a call from them making a death threat to me. They had given me a round-the-clock armed police man for my security as a precaution.”

Now, after Friday’s scary incident Santoshi has been provided even more security. “There’re two cops to protect me now. I’ve full faith in Mumbai’s police force. No harm can come to me,” he says.

About the return of underworld threats to Bollywood, Santoshi wonders, “When had they ever gone? One keeps hearing about extortion and death threats. I can’t afford to pay attention to them. If I did my work would suffer!”

Source: mumbaimirror


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