Sanjay Leela Bhansali announces his next for Christmas 2017

In a game that has become all about booking big release dates in advance, ‘Bajirao Mastani’ director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has announced his next film for Christmas 2017. His film could be up against Rajkumar Hirani’s  Sanjay Dutt biopic starring Ranbir Kapoor in the lead.

Aamir Khan is unlikely to have a release next year, but with Bhansali announcing his film for Christmas, the three major festive dates for 2017 are all filled up.

Two of them taken by Salman (one confirmed, one isn’t) and the other by Bhansali’s next magnum opus – he hasn’t yet announced the star cast of his film or its title.

Update: Aanand L Rai’s next film starring Shah Rukh Khan was also announced for Christmas next year.

Festive weekends 2017

  • Eid 2017 – Salman Khan in Kabir Khan directed film (confirmed)
  • Diwali 2017 – Ajay Devgn in Sons of Sardar (confirmed) + Salman Khan in Rajkumar Santoshi directed film (not officially announced)
  • Christmas 2017 – Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next (confirmed) + Aanand L Rai’s next film Shah Rukh Khan (confirmed, but star cast hasn’t been announced – SRK has confirmed in an interview) + Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanjay Dutt biopic starring Ranbir Kapoor (not officially announced)


  • Diwali for Salman is Almost Confirmed.. Salman Bhai ab Christmas pe bhi 1 Movie announce Kardo :D :D Pura Bollywood e Dharne pe Baith jayega :P :P

  • So he won against Srk but now comes the time to go back to Sawaariya days! Messing with the big daddy of Bollywood.

    Slb, Hirani is your daddy. Remember that.

  • What about Anand L. Rai’s next where the lead actor will be playing the character of a dwarf? If I’m correct he also had locked Christmas 2017 for that film, which may have SRK in the lead.

  • Its probably an SRK-Bhansali collaboration.
    Bhai mein agar himmat hai toh aaye next Christmas aur clash kare. Dekhte hai kon baap hai, kon beta ?.
    Iss baar toh YRF ka sahara leke bach gaya non-actor since eternity.

  • At long last Salman will have a go with Ajay Devgn. After hearing Raees probability of shifting date his fans are making a hell lot of noise unnecessarily like children. Hope to see Ajay another master of clash Trash Lallu which he can.
    Lallu has been dodging and compromising when there’s clash. No way to run 2017 Lallu.

  • Guys the Anand Rai movie with SRK hasn’t been locked for any date yet. Infact SRK will start shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s movie before Anand Rai’s movie. Everything will fall into place eventually.
    SRK has the best line up of movies with the best directors.

  • Enough of the wannabe magnum opums. Time to dwell into spiritual films that come wrapped in package of Laugh out loud entertainment. Sanjay Dutt’s story will be more about a person’s journey from star kid to a drug addict to a guy who realizes purpose of his life.

    It will be a story that will engage, entertain and enlighten. Wannabe magnum opus should better postphone itself! Go Hirani!!

  • If allowed, non-actress would love to capture all three lucrative release periods every year because she knows her aukaat on a non-holiday.
    Such a loser.

  • Bhai keeps blocking Eid & Diwali dates because he knows his movies won’t work on non-holiday.
    He even failed to deliver during Republic Day weekend.
    Reminds me of one of Bhai’j famous dialogue from ‘Kick’.

  • Even Rajpal Yadav can deliver a good movie on non-holiday but not that non-actor.
    Hence, Rajpal Yadav > Bhai.
    & this is not out of hatred, any sane person would agree that Rajpal sir is a better ‘actor’ than Bhai.

  • Hrithik starrer THUG under YRF directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya too releasing on Xmas17

  • Look at @gj007, he is the same person who was going ga-ga over Bajirao Mastani when it clashed with Dilwale, & now he is the same person who is mocking SLB even without any knowledge of the movie.

  • I don’t care about slb or hirani !!!
    I want Srk to release his next film on Eid 2017 ….!!!
    Raees bhai on this Eid !!!

  • @kaali

    Never went ga ga over bajirao. Just said that it was a good film. Raju Hirani films are spiritual odessey. SlB will need to take a new birth to reach his level.

  • Syed
    April 14, 2016 at 2:07 pm
    My Fan movie review…. I watched Fan in Dubai today 9:15am show by taking off from my work!!! This is the movie I was waiting for very long time. Fan movie is all about SRK vs SRK….. You will love every scene… Thank God there are no songs to divert… But the actor in SRK will keep you glue to the screen from scene one!!!.

    Every one knows the story from the trailer itself but what makes this movie special is the treatment and the SRK performance…Im pretty sure that FAN will cross 200crore this time!!! You can watch it multiple times…. Especially the climax when SRK superstar says to FAN SRK that leave everything and live your own life and not as some one’s shadow, the reply comes from FAN SRK – tum nahi samjhoge!!!… That brought tears in my eyes!!!

    Best scenes are 1) when chandana enters real SRK house and thrash his awards!! 2) the actual reason why superstar SRK hates chandana!! 3) all the scenes which involves chandana to defame the superstar SRK. 4) the way chandana stays in the same hotel and same room where actual Superstar SRK stayed when he first came to Mumbai from Delhi!!!5) climax scene

    My rating :. 5/5

  • SLB has totally lost it after Bajirao Mastani… SLB remember that Hirani has never made a guzarish or a sawariya… You are about to be doomed… write it…

  • Fan Movie will totally Flop or just hit……….Watched it ……….

    A good movie ruined in second half……..

  • What’s happening with the stardom of Self claimed King Khan? He has become ordinary like Like Akshay when it comes Biggest holidays. 2 years going no any Lucrative hols release. Ding Dong. Srk tata bye bye thank you for pleasing us. You need to retire. Ranbir is going to blast next year. Watch out

  • Oh man! Why isn’t Aamir Khan having a releases next year..If Aamir Khan announces a release for Christmas 2017 then I strongly urge all other filmmakers to sincerely vacate the spot because Aamir is the only Santa of Bollywood..If no,then I want a triple threat match next year..Aamir Khan vs Rajkumar hirani vs Sanjay leela bhansali..Bring it on

  • 3 christmas films so far. 2 ATBBs and 1 Blockbuster ( Munna Bhai MBBS). All three films receiving critical acclaim & cult status.

    Beat that slb.

  • Those who are saying Salman is nothing without holidays forgot about READY which was a non-holiday release yet was 2nd Highest grosser of 2011, still trashed Ra.One which was a Diwali release hahaha… SULTAN OF BOLLYWOOD

  • @ Indicine : Any rumors about the starcast?

    This advance booking of release dates will continue and is logical too. It has always been about the survival of the fittest. Clashes will continue and in fact will increase.

    SRK with Anand Rai will be a truly BIGGIE and should target Christmas release no matter who else releases. Anand Rai is a superb director and this one will not be a Dilwale. If the reports about SRK playing a dwarf then it will see a craze similar to that of Fan and Raees

  • No story, Na star-cast, na shooting start date nothing. But lets reserve the date first so that no other film chooses it.
    I hope that HGOTY 2016 is a film other than the the ones the release during these 3 big holidays of EDX(though highly unlikely only MohenjoDaro and Fan have an outside chance). So atleast these fights for release dates are over and even a normal release date can be opted my makers for a good film.

  • Oh Bhai!!! He is the king! Again, occupied Eid and Diwali for Kabir Khan film and Raj Kumar Santoshi film respectively!!!
    Sultan is here to rule! #RaeesKaSultan!!

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