Sanjay Dutt biopic likely to release during Christmas 2017

Rajkumar Hirani’s last two films, 3 Idiots and PK, released during the festive weekend of Christmas and went on to become the highest grossers of all time.

His next film, which is based on the life and times of the controversial Sanjay Dutt, is likely to release during Christmas next year. The biopic goes on floors in September this year and the shoot is expected to be wrapped up mid-way through 2017.

Ranbir Kapoor, who made a special appearance in Hirani’s PK, will be playing Sanjay Dutt on screen.

There are reports that Dutt will be closely involved throughout the making of the film.

Earlier, Hirani had said the film will be engaging and entertaining.

“The only reason I am doing this film is because when I heard the story I couldn’t believe it. It will be a very engaging and entertaining film”

Widely regarded as the best director in the industry today, it’s Hirani’s direction that could make even the biggest of superstars think twice before announcing their film for Christmas 2017.

Note: The release date of Sanjay Dutt biopic hasn’t been officially announced.



  • First of all Ranbir is no Aamir,though it looks promising coz of Mr Hirani.
    To bad the only promising film for Ranbir is coming at the end of 2017,coz ADHM and Jagga Jasoos are disasters in making honestly.

  • Super star(with acting talent) + Super Director can give us biggest grossers like pk & 3i-Unfortunately
    Star in his worst phase(with acting talent)+super Director will give super hit at best-This is what I personally think

  • Hirani name is bigger than anyone in the industry. Believe that. If not, i challenge SRK and SK to clash with him next Christmas. In addition. AK will support Hirani and RK all the time. If you do not know, PK was offered to RK but AK intervened at the last minute.

  • Both Srk-Anand l Rai & Dutt biopic is not officaly Announced… I think both will be strong content oriented movies…. But when both will comes to clash King khan will easly crush that super director Also… king khan is only losted one clash.. that was affected Protest & Ban….
    #Fasal kerala

  • @sunnyakkiholic bro u didnt get my point i was telling amir doesnt need establish director to make a movie all time blockbuster neither any reputed banner. Gajni director was unknown to north india but amirs presence makes it all time blockbuster and for a true megastar they do not care low phases or high phases 3 khans were born to rule .Amir and salman first movie itsself was all time blockbuster get that fact. Akshya is gud even in his peak years he didnt give that hit as 3 khans did way back im 90’s and 2000. for instance dhoom 2 was way elegant grand and good in story too but still its not all time blockbuster only highest grosser of the year because hritik is superstar not megastar but dhoom 3 with average story only because of amir presence it became all time highest grosser in Indian cinema with a flop director whose last movie cash was disaster. U can see salman khan marigold which ended up in 2 crs something like that because he was doing films for his frns but his loyal fans were always there so he bounce back with wanted and dabang, maine pyar kiya with new director and gave all time blockbuster . You can see srk too ddlg and kuch kuch hota hai aditya Chopra and karan johar were the debut director and the movie became all time blockbuster.these 3 khans are bornstar they dont need chritmas eid or diwali actually because of these 3 khans eid diwali amd xmas bacame more lucrative time for the film. If hirani was superstar then his first movie munna bhai with sanjay would have all time blockbuster. Now i think u got my point hirani is nothing but a lucky and safe director that he got a privilege to work with megastar amir sir .

  • @sunnyakki bro i know how to compare and u also sud know that truth cant be modify neither it can be hidden. by ur name and comment u seem you are akki fan no offence to akshya but in his entire life he hasnt give any single all time block buster but that doesn’t mean that he is a small actor and compare wid new generation.he is way ahead than all newcomers and even u cant compare munna bhai with fanna lagan or mangal Pandey.u said sanjay dutt was gojng low phases so tell me when he was going high phases. are u trying to say ranveer singh is ahead than srk after dilwale if u think so then u dont know anything . All actors have a limit ranveer singh need sanjay leela bhansali to compete with srk but srk gave another all time blockbuster wid rhohit sheety whose all prior movies were hits and superhits wid ajay Devgan. 3 khans can go beyound anything to any extent but others all actor director without them has a hard luck to reach there. Lets wait for dangal and hirani next film and we will get an answer thanku dont take it hard .

  • I don’t want to see Ranbir in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic anymore than I want to see Hrithik Roshan directed by Sanjay Gupta.

  • Ideal director for Ranbir to make him regain his position.

    @ Indicine : Any update on SRK and Anand Rai movie which was also rumoured to release during Christmas 2017.

  • I really can’t imagine how this soft chocolate boy can be convincing as a macho hero like Sanjay. Runbeer did actions in Besharm but fell flat. Hirani must be crazy to cast Runbeer. Even Aditya Kapoor will better suit as Sanjay…

  • Sorry I am not a certain fake 007 to worship Hirani like a Demi God.. This time, Hirani will fail.. Runbeer will be over after ADHM and JJ become disasters.

  • But Anand L Rai’s film with our Meoww bhai in the lead will be a blockbuster. There are good luck and reasons for it.
    1) every bhai’s rejected film done by our Meoww bhai became huge hits: Baazigar, Devdas and Chakde.. so bhai rejected Anand’s film because the lead has to play a dwarf. And our Meoww bhai took it as the blessings.
    2) 2017 will be four years from 2013 . As our Meoww bhai is known to give a blockbuster in a leap year, this will be a blockbuster.. Likh Ke lelo

  • @Gaurav 420, With due respect to Mr. Hirani, I am more looking forward to Munna bhai 3. there is no denying that MB MBBS, LRMB, 3 idiots and pk were gem of movies and great content and i thoroughly enjoyed all of them but can’t expect anything from a biopic on once convicted person sanjay dutt. it won’t be a great like his previous movies. I am disappointed that raju is making a biopic on sanjay dutt rather a director of his caliber could have made biopic on some great politician, PM Modi or a great living legend like Big B. so don’t blindly say that it will be great movie or so by judging the book by it’s cover.

  • @Anand

    Whatever! Haters have been waiting for Raju Hirani to fail from 2003. And they are still waiting 😂😂

    Btw, your demi-god, Salman was asked which director he wants to work with. He said only two names, “Raju Hirani & Karan Johar” Enough said.

  • @chew420

    Agreed. At first glance this looks different from his other films but Raju Hirani has the ability to heighten entertainment in anything. He has shown that a film on Mahatma Gandhi can be entertaining, a film about engineers can be funny, heck even a film set in hospital can be laugh out loud hilarious!

    Raju Hirani doesnt need your certificate. Even Aamir who has given numerous cult classics with many master directors doesnt hesitate once to say, Raju Hirani is India’s no. 1 director.

    Box office wise it cant beat Pk, coz PK had aamir the megastar, but Hirani has the ability to deliver a blockbuster on his own so dont doubt his ability.

  • @anand_the original takla,at least @gj007 worships hirani unlike a India’s most wanted chakka criminal non actor worshiper like you.what you said KING KHAN is a leap year blockbuster star?but a being a leap year blockbuster star is far better than being a decade disaster star like your chakka bhai used to be in 2000-2009 and was unable to give a hit of his own.rofl.and his last hope EID SLOT also is not vecant because of which your criminal bhai used to get blockbusters.his free run days are over,now he’ll again will comes to road and will be a bheekmanga like you rikshawala fans used to be before 2010,rofl.FINALLY EID SLOT SNATCHED BY THE REAL KING OF EID.

    and one more thing why your sadakchap and criminal idol rejected BAAZIGAR,DEVDAS,CDI because aukat nahi thi can a sadakchap papa’s made non actor can sign these kind of LEGENDARY MOVIES.he only born for gutterchap films like wanted,dabang,ready,bg,dabang-ii,kick,jail ho,prem ratan dung khayo,rofl.not only your non actor is dwarf compared to KING KHAN in real life but also achieving success too,rofl.

    @gj007,even though lallu had said that he wants to work with KJO SIR and raju hirani.but KJO SIR always only will give him supporting role like in K2H2 because HE knows lallu’s non acting caliber for which HE recently kicked lallu out of shuddhi.and raju hirani don’t know about salman khan as he trusts sharman joshi who can at least act, than the takla lallu,rofl.but the biggest doubt is how still kabir khan attached to him till yet,but I’m sure soon he’ll kik lallu too very soon as he already signed a movie with hr.

    as usual raju couldn’t get more fantasy unrealistic script for the reason why he now startedto do another manipulating script by manipulating sanju’s biopic.

    only LRMB is the watchable and finest movie of his direction even though it also manipulated.still IT has BAPU and bringing BAPU’S SOUL into the film is simply made me emotional.whatever it may be but raju hirani knows the art to captivate people’s mind as well as soul.with out him amir’s career is a flop career though amir has better movie like lagaan,tzp which is far uncomaparable manipulated pseudo-classics like 3i,pk.

    but after did a c grade film like pk,he almost lost all the respect from my heart.because is the most overacted tortured movie of all time in the history of Indian cinema.

    still I don’t hate him because he is a funny character,and his invention is the great,the legendary RHU(raju hirani university) where a roadside goon can become a doctor,where a student who attends senior’s class and with out studying a bit can be overnight college topper,where a almost men looking weird alien creature can transfer data from human mind to his mind by holding hand of theirs but can’t transferred the data about GOD’S EXISTENCE from human mind and made himself fool through out the movie by acted like mad and some illogical gone gaga over it.

    only raju can think and do this type of weird things.still don’t what made @indicine to write like “widely regarded as best director”?????hah ha @indicine before declaring this at least ask intellectual people’s opinion too,rofl.

    anyways it remains to be seen how raju will manipulate oops I mean portray sanju’s biopic through ranbir.

    @rew1,and best joke is biopic on modiji,rofl.

  • When morons like sss gain access to internet you know something is seriously wrong with the world 😂😂

    This moron who is bashing 3 idiots & Munna Bhai supports ‘realistic’ films like doodhwale & lungi express 😂😂😂

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