Sanjay Dutt biopic likely to release during Christmas 2017

Rajkumar Hirani’s last two films, 3 Idiots and PK, released during the festive weekend of Christmas and went on to become the highest grossers of all time.

His next film, which is based on the life and times of the controversial Sanjay Dutt, is likely to release during Christmas next year. The biopic goes on floors in September this year and the shoot is expected to be wrapped up mid-way through 2017.

Ranbir Kapoor, who made a special appearance in Hirani’s PK, will be playing Sanjay Dutt on screen.

There are reports that Dutt will be closely involved throughout the making of the film.

Earlier, Hirani had said the film will be engaging and entertaining.

“The only reason I am doing this film is because when I heard the story I couldn’t believe it. It will be a very engaging and entertaining film”

Widely regarded as the best director in the industry today, it’s Hirani’s direction that could make even the biggest of superstars think twice before announcing their film for Christmas 2017.

Note: The release date of Sanjay Dutt biopic hasn’t been officially announced.



  • “Widely regarded as the best director in the industry today, it’s Hirani’s direction that could make even the biggest superstars in the industry think twice before announcing their film for Christmas 2017.”

    Enough said :) :)

  • Great news. Hirani + Ranbir will be a terrific combo. I hope the writers remain unbiased and explore both the positive and negative side of Sanjay Dutt’s life.

    Last thing we want is for Sanju baba to be shown as a clean character, when he has been married thrice, drug addiction, friendship with terrorists and eventually jailed for possession of weapons.

    He’s a good man, a changed man.. but his past is terrible.

  • @Nibedan Baral, don’t underestimate Hirani and Ranbir.. Even Bajirao Mastani without a big clash did nearly 200 crore with clash. If biopic gets solo release.. then even 300 crore is not unachievable.

    I believe it’ll be the next success of Ranbir.. i.e if Ayan Mukerji film doesn’t release before that.

    Don’t see Ae Dil Hai Mushkil working.. KJo is worst director.

  • This movie will grab a lot of headlines because of Rajkumar Hirani and Sanjay Dutt . I don’t know but I am not as excited for this movie as I am for Munnabhai 3 . This is a very important movie for RK as he has to do justice to the colourful personality of Sanjay Duty and he is getting an opportunity to work with Rajkumar Hirani . I still don’t think he can do justice to this character but this is the challenge for Ranbir and he has to prove everybody wrong including me . I don’t have too many expectations from this movie but I hope this movie will surprise me with its content just like Munnabhai Series and 3 Idiots . Hirani Sir told this movie is the most entertaining movie of his career . So let’s hope this movie is something which people are dying to see because there will be a flood of Biopics in the coming months such as Azhar, Sarabjit, MS Dhoni and Dangal .

  • I hope they officially announce the release date as soon as possible..Raju hirani is one of the best directors and Ranbir is one of the better actors we have today..should be an interesting combo..Also,it would be interesting to see which film Aamir Khan is doing after Dangal and if it releases in 2017 then at what date?

  • WOW…..SRK VS RK On Christmas 2017……..
    Both are Terrific Actors…….
    Both have more Following in Cities Than Mass Areas………..
    Both Director Are Good & Can Make Perfect Film………….
    Both Director’s Film had Universal Appeal…..

    One is a Biopic of a Bollywood Actor whose life is very Mysterious with ups & Downs so that will attract Audiences.
    No one Knows Much about the SRK starter.

    Both Film are Awaited…………..

    It Will be Neck 2 Neck Battle on Christmas 2017………….

  • Even without one of the Khans as Superstar

    HIRANI alone is a superstar director. This film could show he do not need any superstar to open his movie big.

    I can see DUTT comfortably crossing 250 cr mark without Aamir, Salman or SRK.

  • The movie is yet to go on floors…….and Ranbir is not currently on form……so, may be, the fate of his next releases will be a deciding factor…….though no doubts that he is a good actor.

  • I don’t know, but i feel, may be Ranveer Singh could be a good bet…….looking at his current form……and he is pretty good in the acting department too…..He would take it as a challenge.

  • No offense to indicine but lets go back to 3 idiots where were rajkumar hirani. Munna bhai series were cult classics but still couldnt make money as with megastar amir khan did in 3 idiots and pk . He is indeed a great story teller with great sense of social dramas who knows how to entertain plp but still without amir khan he wouldn’t have reach in this level . For instance Akshya movie oh my God was on whole entertaining and was acclaimed by audiences too but pk gone over the head wid the same kind of story and put new bench mark that also wid huge margin wid same wannabe kind of story which was released already.3 idiots would have another Oh My God without Megastar Amir khan. For those who doubt in amir’s stardom kindly go back to 2008 when gajni released A.R murgudos was not even know director to north india but when Amir presence made it first 100 cr then plp started to notice mr murgudos. Munna bhai was superhit but if Amir was casted instead sanju sir then imagine the outcome of that movie would be all time blockbuster because munna bhai role would have gone perfect to amir sir as plp still remember him as a munna bhai in blockbuster Rangeela. For sure ranbir is a fine actor he can make it maximum blockbuster like yjhd but not all time blockbuster Never .3 khans is destined to rule indian cinema regardless of directors or banner and 3 khans dosent need to think twice to release their movie. Lastly i am Salman khan fan .

  • Sanjay Dutt is one of most controversial and famous personality of bollywood so his Biopic is always a hot topic for treads… RajKumar Hirani’s direction is one of the positive things about Biopic but Aamir-Hirani’s pairing always set benchmarks for others when it comes to Box office and this time that will not happen…. Also very much depend on ‘Iska Hit Hona Hai Mushkil’s response as ‘Run-Bear’ is a flop star now even Varun is ahed of him in stardom
    Only RajKumar Hirani and Content is the saving grace don’t expect much from ‘Run-Bear’ 😂.

  • Sure shot blockbuster… because hirani is No1 talented director of bollywood…He is the superstar director… without hirani fan less Aamir is nothing… because Aamir 2 ATBB movie is the only power of Hirani & X-mas….
    And Also Ranbeer kapoor is a power full Actor not like non Actor lallu…Any way best of luck most powerful director & most power full youngster…

    Eagerly waiting for Fan… 31 days left…
    Duniya ka Sabse bada superstar ka sabse bada Fan
    #Fasal kerala

  • @Boyzone good try but very foolish still.
    Oh my God was Directed by a New comer director not as popular like hirani. 2nd thing oh my God was small film in budget which released in limited screens . 3rd thing oh my God was not that high in terms of entertainmen while PK was a big budget commercial film . It got only 4 Cr opening because of all above things .

    From 4 Cr opening to 85 cr made on may 16 cr budget .
    Rarely a movie tht low opener does this Much business.

    So don’t even compare the PK nd oh my God.
    Oh my God is still as profitable as PK .

    Nd both munnabhai did more then amir’s movies at tht time like Fanah, rang de basanti, mangal pandey I think . LEARN TO COMPARE. 3 idiots release in 2009 nd PK in 2014 . Big difference .

  • Also sanjay Dutt’s carrer was on low at tht time but still both movies were Superhit. So all credit goes to mostly rajkumar hirani for his all hit films with sanjay or Amir..

  • @sunny jokerholic:
    A superstar (acc to u) movie’s opening day collections are just 4cr!!!! Is it worthy to call him even a star???

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