Samjhawan Unplugged Song Video – Alia Bhatt

In true love, anyone becomes a poet or a singer. Likewise, Kavya who is drenched in love, dedicates a heart dissolving song to Humpty. A song that expresses her strong affection towards him. Experience a touch of love by Samjhawan; a song voiced by Alia Bhatt.



  • Superb song from an absolutely cute film.hopefully it will complete varuns hattrick at the box office.

  • Last year on 5th july,a masterpeace released,which not only made humans cry but also aliens.
    Yes,i am talking about the greatest story ever told in the universe Lootera.
    The film did’nt worked on boxoffice but it won one heart!
    It went on to become the highest trending film on indicine,even after its own producers have forgotten it,it is still quite famous on indicine.
    It won several awards including oscars on every other planet except earth.
    From now on 5th July will be remembered as World Lootera Day.

  • #1yearsoflootera , a masterpiece, a timeless movie. . !
    @baby nipun: u are a known person. I know it’s any of my friend who is using dis id. BTW, agreed dat lootera is the most popular movie on indicine.i made Lootera popular n lootera made me popular.hmm. .so son, newton’s law of Each action has equal n opposite reaction gets proved here.

  • So-so, the voice does not cause emotions, unlike Shradha, when I thought it was a professional singer sings.

  • copy cat its originaly from a punjabi movie Virsa’s song… “Mein tenu samjhawan ki”…

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