Salman’s opinion was as a common man, a mere civilian: Sohail Khan

He could be the biggest superstar in the industry today, but anything that Salman Khan says – even if the message is positive – is being blown out of proportion by the media.

The superstar landed himself in yet another controversy yesterday when he said the people who want war should themselves be asked to fight it out.

Salman had said and we quote “In war, the armies of both sides lose their lives. The families are without their sons or their fathers. They have to live their whole lives without them. Those people who order war, they should be given guns and made to fight. Within a day all conflicts will get over as their legs will start shaking”

His comment resulted in relentless mainstream and social media bashing. Salman himself doesn’t react to controversies anymore. He didn’t react when he was severely criticised for days for his slip-of-tongue comment on “feeling like raped woman”. The only time he actually apologised and took back his statement was during the more serious and completely unnecessary ‘Yakub Menon’ controversy.

Defending Salman’s statement and his right to have an opinion as a “mere common man”, his brother Sohail said “A lot of importance is given to actors’ comments on such issues. I am not sure if people from this industry have the knowledge to talk about politics with such depth. What Salman bhai, or any actor for that matter,  says, is his opinion as a common man, a mere civilian. Ask people about war, and anyone would say it’s bad. That’s exactly what he said as well. War anywhere, in any part of the world, be it Syria, India, Iraq, China, cannot be a good thing.”

“There is a scene where I get recruited for the Army and Salman’s character feels bad because he feels Army people lose their lives. I am told they are right in their own way, but I don’t see how. We respect all soldiers who put their life on the line for us. We should do something to protect them too. Authorities should be questioned for sending them. Why should anyone have to lose their loved ones?” Sohail added.

‘Tubelight’ releases in cinemas on June 23.




  • Gullible Indians, like they can’t reason anymore, is war in anyway good to both parties or countries? Who has ever benefited from war? Lame bunchs without thinking faculties. Please the MSM should leave salman alone.

  • I’m not his fan but whatever he said is absolutely correct..War years families and their generations..he is not diplomatic and speaks his mind..kudos to him

  • Indicine we all know you are super fan of Salman&Deepika and you post every positive quote about them!
    positive quote are exist for everyone so why you post only positive quote about Deep and Sallu???
    try to being website news not fanpage

  • Had Modi, any BJP or even Akshay said it, the hyperbolic DeshBhakts and the TRP hungry channels showing deshbhakti would not have problems with the statement.

    It was a very general statement.

  • It was a very fair statement.

    Some may criticise or bash him for being ignorant and making the comment without knowing the real situation on the ground. But the same people are ignorant and unaware of what politicians’ dirty plays and using the war propaganda as the pretext to control people emotionally.

    Being someone close to politicians and elite people in the country, Salman really knows them well and is right even if his statement wasn’t general but to bash politicians. The politicians and the ruling elites use wars, fears and hate to manipulate common people’s feelings, consolidate their power and accumulate more money. FACT!

  • Salman didn’t take the name of either Pakistan or India in his statement. His statement was a general statement can be seen in global perspective and perceived as anti-war. Nothing wrong in that absolutely!

    Somehow hyperbolic ultranationalists and TRP hungry media twisted it and made it appear like India V Pakistan.

    I wonder why they don’t have problems with India’s diplomatic ties and roaring trades with Pakistan. I wonder why they don’t have problems when Modi visits Nawaz to personally wish him on his birthday!!! Irony!!!

  • But Salman is Salman. A daring Salman!

    He’ll never mince his words to please anyone. He dares stand up against popular opinions if he perceive them to be wrong! Nor does he take U-Turn after making a statement!

    In short, boot-licking is an antonym to Salman.

  • indicine one question if jhms opens bigger than tubelight eid partial holiday release then ?? srk is more popular than sk even in bad phase..

  • Funny media loones. Sohail sir you dont have to clarify…just ignore them ,what Salman Sir said is very spot on!!

  • Well said Salman and Sohail. There is nothing good with violence and wars, nothing good has ever come out from it, only destruction and loss. Peace should abound always. Peace!

  • @ Shayan, keep harping about indicine, Salman and Deepika. Indicine team is always neutral and non-biased, they only flow with the wave. And for the record, Deepika has been confirmed for her 2nd Hollywood project for XXX4 and indicine has not posted that yet.

  • BHAKTS are calling Salman a deshdrohi/Gaddar/Pakistan premi for the statement. But BHAKTS might have forgotten that Modiji also wants peace with Pakistan. Modiji visits Pakistan and eats Biryani there seeking peace between India and Pakistan. Indian soldiers are being killed in border…. But Modiji is releaseing Pakistani prisoners instead of bringing EK SIR BADLE DUS SIR. These things make Modiji much bigger deshdrohi, Gaddar, Pakistan premi than Salman Khan. What do you say Bhakts???

  • Bahubali 2 crossed 500 crs in india and became first hindi movie to do this but this khan website has no time to cover those landmarks as that movie is a big slap to these bollywood thekedars.. instead this crap site kept on posting the fake collections of dangal in chinese version to counter the popularity of bahubali 2 in front of khans movies.. and irony is that this was the site which kept on saying that domestic version collection is what matters most and movie’s verdict is solely based on domestic performance..

  • Modiji : Pakistan ko dhul chata dunga.
    Bhakts : Modi-Modi-Modi🙌🙌

    Modiji : Ek sir ke badle 10 sir launga.
    Bhakts : Modi-Modi-Modi🙌🙌

    Modiji : Plan changed, war is not good. We want peace with Pakistan.
    Bhakts : Modi-Modi-Modi🙌🙌

    Modiji : ab Pakistan jaake Biryani kahunga.
    Bhakts : Modi-Modi-Modi🙌🙌

    Salman : There shouldn’t be war between two nations.
    Bhakts : Gaddar, Deshdrohi, pro-pakistani… Bhag India se.

  • If same thing Akki or any other Hindu Actor said then no one have problem and Bhakt will call him Deshbhakt…….But since Salman is Muslim so everyone have problem……Now I really think what Srk and Aamir said about Intolerance in India is right……Some Idiots just want to spread hatred, and they call themselves Deshbhakt…….LOL

  • @Tiger, well said. Really applaud you for Modi and Salman comparison and for exposing pseudo nationalists

  • I was against Salman When he tweet about “Yakub Menon”……..When he give “Rape Comment” then I was with him because he immediately apologies it, just after that statement but Stupid Bhakts want him to apologies again, which is not right…….Similarly now what Salman said is complete correct, don’t know why people are bashing him for such nice statement, he is against war and showing concern about the Soldier’s life on both side, so what’s wrong in it……So I am totally with Salman Bhai…….Kutte Bhokte He Hai, Let Them Bark……

  • @Wap4;
    Indicine only give information about Bollywood movies, and Bahuballi 2 is not Bollywood movie, it was dubbed in Hindi like other South movies and Hollywood movies……But still Indicine update so many times about Bahuballi 2……So Chill……

  • @befikre;
    So according to you 23 June is a Partial Holiday, Bhai apne Dimag ka ilaj karvale, there is something is wrong with you…….

  • He could be the biggest superstar in the industry today. Ha ha ha. What a joke? Thanks indicine for making my day with such a hilarious joke. Box office wise everyone knows the truth. The one whose movie hasn’t even reached 350 cr in India and 700 cr worldwide is biggest superstar in the indistry? Let me take a breath. LOL.

  • After Modi became All BJP supporter bash Muslip star whether it is SRK Salman Aur Amir anything above mention name said media and social media and modi Supporter start barking that they are anti national.Salman is Correct this time as Srk fan i totally support Salman this time..

  • @Salman Fan if you think India is intolerent then fuck off from India and go to any other place.

  • @befikre no need for indicine to answer you. i am answering you. in 2000-09 which is considered to be srk best phase salman’s dulhan hum le jayenge opened bigger than any srk film released in 2000, chori chori chupke chupke opened better than 1 2ka 4 and asoka, tere naam with new heroine bhumika chawla opened bigger than srk’s chalte chalte which had number 1 heroine , lucky no time for love with new heroine sneha ullal opened bigger than srk and number 1 heroine rani starrer paheli , salman’s disaster salaam e ishq opened bigger than srk’s masterpiece superhit chak de india and there are many examples like that. salman has beaten srk more than 20 times in terms of initial last decade which means per year he was beating srk at least 2 times in opening. so it proves salman was way bigger than srk even in salman’s worst phase.

    tubelight is a ramzan release and will not have gst tax effect on opening day like jhms. jhms should be compared with tiger zinda hain in terms of opening. but there is no gurantee that even jhms will open bigger than tubelight seeing srk’s poor initial pull.

  • Salman gets jail free pass here. What is with indicine? Why are they not supporting younger actors. JJ’s second song trended higher than Tube light and still I don’t see it on site.

    Deepika’s career is over. XXX4 is C grade cheap movie. No one is interested in her anymore except her few hard core fans.

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