Salman’s father Salim Khan says he deserves better than Padma Shri

One of the industry’s most renowned scriptwriters, Salim Khan, has ‘refused’ to accept India’s fourth highest civilian award, the Padma Shri, saying he deserved better.

A leading daily quoted Salman Khan’s father as saying “Refused is too strong a word since I have nothing against the awards. I just think that after 55 years and over 40 films, I deserve more than a Padma Shri for my contributions to Hindi cinema, given that my juniors have already got it years before. Even my erstwhile partner, Javed Akhtar, received both a Padma Shri and a Padma Bhushan.”

Salim Khan

Salim Khan

Khan said that he wouldn’t accept the Padma Bhushan (India’s third highest civilian award) either because it would now set a bad example.

When asked if he has any issues with the ruling party headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Salim Khan said “Modi Saab and I share a relationship of mutual respect that goes back to before he became a PM and is beyond all this”



  • Salim Khan is definitely a great script writer . He along with Javed Akhtar has given us some iconic films and outstanding dialogues which no cinema lover can ever forget . It is quite sad to know he got Padma Shri so late in his career . But i would like to say Better Late Than Never . This is the first time i have heard that anybody has refused a award given by Government of India . All the Best Salim Sahab and May God Bless You with a long life . Cheers .

  • I don’t know why they are not giving a Padma Shri to Hrithik,he has been in the industry since 15yrs now…
    All A-List actors (except sallu coz of criminal cases) have padma shri,Aamir even has a Padma bhushan also..saif also has padma shri although he is’nt an A lister.
    Hrithik should be given next year..

  • I somehow agree with him that he should awarded Padam Awards earlier and even this time also his name announce because he is close to our PM.I was surprised to see That Rekha got Padam Shri and Dilip Kumar got Padma Bhushan just in last couple of years,Both were deserved this so early in their career.

  • He should acknowledge the jury for considering him worth for the Padma Shri.There are other actors and directors who are far more successful than him who haven’t been conferred with Padma Bhushan.Any award which is conferred by the President himself shouldn’t be considered to be worthless

  • Okay, so let me just clarify that I am not a Saif hater or from any anti-Saif fan club (if that exists)
    but Salim Khan receives Padma Shri after Saif is just unbelievable. He has contributed so much to screenplay writing. In fact the Salim-Javed duo were the reason why we have talented writers like Jaydeep Saini, Abhijat Joshi or Juhi Chaturvedi in the industry.

  • I totally support his decision. well said MR Salim.
    They should give him that award in 90s not now where a youngers who didn’t do much r winning it each year.
    shame on Padma Shri jury.

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  • The common man will always remember his dialogues so whether the State/ President acknowledge him accordingly is not for us to mull over… Thats their business in what they agree to give him n his personal business if he thinks he deserves better…. I was gonna say Salim sahb should refuse the award and say ‘mere paas Salman hai’ but I will leave the dialoguebaazi to Salim Sir… RespexXx for refusing the honour as far too often undeserving winners unashamedly grab any award for their own self gratification…!

  • @challa seriously what do you mean by many writers-directors, tell me any writer of 70s,80s which was highly successful like Salim-Javed. He definitely deserves earlier.
    @Babaji agree that hrihik should get the Padam shri early but I am surprised how come Ajay Devgn hasn’t get but Aamir,Srk,Akki and Saif who started their career around him got and Ajay is definitely a great Actor.

  • @sky I have never said he wasn’t a very successful writer but he can’t disrespect such prestigious awards.I agree he should have conferred with Padma Shri earlier but just because he’s getting it late in his career he can’t reject it.Even Ramesh Sippy received the award in 2014 or 2013.
    Name any celebrity who’s conferred with Padma Bhushan less successful than Salim sir.

  • @Sky yes, I am too wondering why ajay hasn’t won it yet! he deserves every bit of an award for his acting and versatility.

  • ‘Salim-javed’ jodi, the Bollywood’s most successful scriptwriter jodi of all time gave Bollywood some of its most iconic & memorable movies and gave birth to some of the industry’s biggest legends . javed saab apart from writing scripts also penned many lyrics & poems, so probably that was the reason why he was conferred with the prestigious Padma shri award ahead of salim saab but considering that javed saab received the Padma shri way back in 1997 but now the same award is being presented to salim saab as lately as in 2015 is gross injustice! akthar saab received Padma Bhushan in 2007 and still salim saab wasn’t even considered for the Padma shri even then and what is more insulting is mamma’s boy saif ali khan winning the Padma shri ahead of him, saif undeservingly won the national award because of his mom sharmila ji’s hand in the selection panel but if winning the national award is a criteria for getting a Padma award then the 2 time national award winner ajay D should have had won the awards way back but it hasn’t happened till now, ajay D seriously deserves a Padma award .

    Salim saab should have had already won the Padma Bhushan by now, its really a serious injustice to the talent & achievements of one of the Bollywood’s greatest ever scriptwriters that he had to wait so long to finally win a Padma award, really happy for him, Padma award or no Padma award salim saab would still be widely respected & regarded as one of the finest scriptwriters the Bollywood ever had , though I respect his personal decision I still think that he should gracefully accept an award as prestigious as the Padma shri , it’s better late than never, he thoroughly deserves the Padma shri & other Padma awards.

    @babaji , ya agree with u , hrithik too is deserving & should have won the Padma shri by now. Because of his pending court cases salman too is devoid of any Padma award to his name, really unfortunate…

  • @saksham… Bro I think moon moon sent mother also refused to go to Delhi to collect d same award. I think its suchitra seen if am not mistaken

  • National award is d most coveted and prestigious award in d country that underlines cinematic excellence!!!
    NATIONAL AWARD is OSCAR(ACADEMY AWARD) EQUIVALENT!! 1st very very happy and proud to see different fans for d 1st time praise AJAY DEVGN meaning that his WORTH along with HRITIK too is known!! Tanx Guys!!
    As some1 said its a dream come true for a star to b awarded NATIONAL AWARD so…Winning 2NATIONL Award makes me more complacent!! Way to go SULTAN/SINGHAM of BOLLYWOOD!!

  • Salman too deserves it!!! For his Dad am sure he has his reasons and should b respected…God forbid if he wasn’t alive till date then definitely he will b pissed off!! Buh again its good he said he has nothing against d government

  • @Babaji your bhai couldn’t get d award that’s why u dreaming of his father getting a more prestigious award?? Boney kapoor deserves it more than your criminal Dad.
    @sid so what if floppy devgn has national award? It was a fluke
    @Sani D don’t worry bro Arjun kapoor will win it for ajay before 2 years. Even Arjun started his career better than ajay cos ajay has always been a loser in terms of award recognition just like sallu criminal bhai!

  • @sky u r aamir fan so why always supporting flopy devgan and bhai? Its not late Arjun can welcome u easily

  • Now people will still bark that SRK didn’t got Padma Bhusan…..So he is not a superstar…Even National Award is corrupted many

  • @challa I am not saying he deserves Padma Bhusham but yes he should get Padma Shri earlier,regarding not receiving them it his personal decision and I didn’t comment for the same.
    @sid original Yaa bro he had two national awards that’s why he should got Padam Shri at least 5 years ago from now.

  • @indicine….u shoud not write it salman’s father salim khan….salman is known by his dad…..not his dad by him

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