Salman would ask me to get 500 heart patients treated instead of Rolls Royce: Sajid

In an interview with Faridoon Shahryar, producer-turned-director Sajid Nadiadwala has rubbished rumours of him gifting Salman Khan a Rolls Royce.

The superstar who runs one of India’s most popular non-profit charitable organisation Being Human, would want Nadiadwala to get 500 heart surgeries done instead of materialistic gifts, says the director who gave Salman his biggest blockbuster Kick.

Excerpts from the interview

The news of me giving a Rolls Royce to Salman is completely untrue.. If anyone should be giving Rolls Royce then he should be giving to me.

Salman is always a giver, not a taker. If at all I’d have thought about (giving a Rolls Royce to him), he’d have said that please get surgeries of 500 heart patients done, or operations done of 100 patients with eyesight issue. Rolls Royce, all these are materialistic things. We’ve tried to rise above all this.



  • Waiting for raja natwarlal . Chartbusters like tere hoke rahenge, dukki tikki , kabhi ruhaani are not broadcasted on tv due to weak music company jungli times

  • then why HE is not admitting that Hit & run case…….if He hasn’t done that then at-least HE should say the name of murderer!!isn’t it??

  • real life king – robinhood khan – the man with golden heart – being salman khan.
    absolutely lovely person.

  • publicity stunt….we know who is criminal salman khan…he started human being to cover up the illegal activities he has done over the years….WHERE WAS THIS CRIMINAL SALMAN KHAN BEFORE THE CASES????….WHEN WILL THIS WOMEN BEATER GO TO JAIL????

  • @sudhir mishra agree,, raja natwarlal will be a good movie ,, music is the best of the year. Hny music will be the best followed by raja natwarlal. Yuvan has done a smashing debut .

  • The man with the GOLDEN HEART

    “Tu Meri” first song of Bang Bang to realease at the end of this month

  • Salman khan never demands costly things like cars or even cheapest things like lungi to his producers and he donates large percentage of his earned money in charity.

  • Hatss off to you and Salman Bhai!!! Salman is more of a spiritual than materialistic. That’s why he helps so many without thinking twice.
    He has helped SRK in struggling days. SRK has admitted that.
    @Bivan, Teri toh….Did you witness all these? If so, go and tell the court. Else, you will be the bigger murderer!

  • Sajid sir, this is heights of flattering..! :P
    Agreed that Salman has altruistic nature and he has proven it time to time, but its not like you should boast about it wherever you want. After every successful venture, directors/producers and associated star cast exchange some gift which is nothing but the token of appreciation. Its quite normal and nothing new in it. But you are relating this thing also with philanthropic nature of Salman, which is not fair on your part.

  • Bhaijaan’s heart is a golden one…
    In KICK he saved the life of bicycle first and then himself from the train…

  • Search on google typo “The man with golden heart” u’ll get this ans. if u wont believe me try once!!!

  • @Bivan,actually he is a coward just like fans and cowards couldn’t dare ever to accept their sins,but THE ALMIGHTY will surely punish that devil who is trying to make people fool due to money power.soon THE VERDICT will come.

  • great salman in charity work,

    taran adarsh @taran_ adarsh 5h
    Hrithik has danced his heart
    out in #BangBang. Features Katrina too. The song ‘Tu Meri’
    is slated to release by end of
    the month.

  • Let’s hope Salmon asks him to get those surgeries and operations done, let’s hope Salmon keeps doing charity to help those people in need, let’s hope other celebs also get inspired by his such activities. We need more such personalities.

  • My hrithik also does lot of charity but doesn’t blv in shouting fromnthe roof top about hrithik doesn’t need to wear being human t shirt to show his charitable and generous sid to the world.ppl who always blow trumpet of their good doings are actually doing it to create a fake good boy image.Salman’s charity is just a show off so that ppl ignore his criminal and immoral activities like fighting with a clise friend,threatning ex gf’s boyfriend,drunk driving,hunting,being non puntcual on set etc

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