Salman wants ‘KICK 2’, Sajid Nadiadwala doesn’t want to direct for 8 years!

Superstar Salman Khan who is currently enjoying the super-success of his Eid release ‘KICK’, has expressed a keen desire for a sequel to the film that also happens to be his first 200 crore grosser.

“It has never happened before. No matter how successful his films are, Salman is principally opposed to sequels. Sajid Nadiadwala never made a sequel to his blockbuster ‘Judwaa’ although everyone thought it was a great idea. For the first time in his career, Salman is keen on a sequel” a source said.

However, director Sajid Nadiadwala says he is ‘too exhausted’ to direct another film.

“Right now, I am completely exhausted. Direction along with three to four productions every year is not possible for me. So as far as I’m concerned, I am not directing another film for at least another eight years. Unless Salman has his way,” Nadiadwala said.

Salman is currently busy shooting for Sooraj Barjatya’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo shooting while Sajid is working on his productions.

Salman Khan - Sajid Nadiadwala

Salman Khan – Sajid Nadiadwala



  • Whenever it comes, it will one more havoc at box-office.
    By that time Akki will be struggling to cross 30 cr mark at BO.

  • Salman, you have great line up with movies like PRDP and Shhuddhi. Sign movies like them, also I would like to see him in No Entry sequel.

  • There is no need for KICK 2…salman wants his DEVIL character to become one of the remembered characters in bollywood by wearing krrish’s mask but that won’t happen..
    There was no need of Dabangg2,but they made and the end result we all saw…a story almost similar to its prequel.
    Now everyone knows what DEVIL is he will keep robbing and a dumb cop will not try him to catch..salman better do dhoom 4,instead of wannabe dhoom series chor role..

  • Not sure how salman will look after 8 years !
    Already he is looking different from what he looked 8 yrs ago inspite of taking revital tablets lol

  • Because Kick is entertaining as well as a noble plot. Serving the welfares of the orphans…
    Anyway, Salman has fantastic list of upcoming films…Looking forward…

    To all ignorant Paglapurians that do not know Kick has knocked down UFO Express,

    What the Trade Site BOI says for until 17th day of Kick run,

    Kick Becomes Second Highest Grosser Of All Time

    Kick has now become the second highest grossing film of all time as it added around 6.50 crore nett in its third weekend taking the seventeen day total to 210 crore nett nett. There was a drop of 80% in the third weekend due to the release of Entertainment.

    The other 200 crore nett plus films were 3 Idiots at 201 crore nett and Chennai Express at 208 crore nett which have both been surpassed by Kick now. The highest grossing film of all time is Dhoom 3 which grossed 260 crore nett and Kick will not get close to this figure.

    Kick is looking at a finish in the 215-220 crore nett range and will set new lifetime records in a few circuits as it crosses the business of Dhoom 3. The film is the biggest grosser of Salman Khan in every circuit in India.

    Producers’ figure of Kick till Sunday (17th day of the run)- 223.40 Crores and still running
    Producers’ figure of UE- 226.70 Crores (Lifetime)

    Records set by Kick,
    Only film to cross 200 Crores by Debutant Director
    Only film to cross 200 Crores with B-List Casts except for Salman Khan
    Only film to Cross 200 Crores Released in Pre-Eid Period
    Only Film to do so with just one month long promotions
    Only big film to show growth on its second day and others…

  • KICK has’nt trended that well as anticipated…KICK will finish with 230crs lifetime which is below expectations…
    It got 2 open weeks,what else u want,but will just surpass CE which was competing against ouatimd,madras cafe,satyagraha,so nothing extraordinary in these collections…

  • media – after ddlj,kkhh srk is the king

    media – after knph hritik is the new king. lol

    media – after gadar sunny deol is the new king. lol

    media – after welcome,sik akshay is the new king. lol

    media – after gajani,3idiots aamir is the new king. lol

    media – after dabang,ett salman is the new king. lol

    just like amithab could not be dethroned by rajesh khanna, vinod khanna, dharmendar in the 80’s srk also cannot be dethroned by salman,aamir,hritik.

    yes some of devanand, raj kapoor films broke record of dilip kumar’s films but still dilip was the greatest in 70’s

    yes some of dharmendar,rajesh khanna films broke amithab’s films records but still was the greatest in 80’s

    yes some of salman,aamir films broke srk’s films records but still srk is the king.

    deep down inside even haters know this truth thats why their hate increases day by day. lol

    and when it comes to worldwide fame & money, salmir cant even come close to srk lol

  • Bhai doing kick 2 is great news for us,now we want our bhai to release its trailer on 14th Aug so that the other film’s trailer does’nt get much views and buzz.

  • Thats great news because if Salman wants to do kick 2 then sajid should definitely think to direct it. Waiting for final announcement.

  • But I do know that one indicine user will b really upset after re iading this news as he had apparently gone to watch the film wid high expectations but instead got a night long headache.I pity u bro and request u to avoid kick2 as v don’t want to read another ‘genuine’ review of urs.

  • There are 2 kinds of stars:
    1) Ones who earn respect and appreciation for their class films and brilliant acting. Eg Srk, HR, Big B, Dilip Kumar, Aamir, Ajay.
    2) Ones who cant act but make people laugh like a madari walla bandar. They have zero talent but are the butt of jokes.
    Salman falls in 2nd category. Noone watches his films for content or acting. They watch it for his madari-monkey inspired antics.

  • These female centric or female lead movies look quite boring to me —
    1. Dawat -e – ishq
    2. Khoobsurat
    3. Mardaani
    4. Finding fanny
    5. Creature 3d

  • Apart from few exceptions, Sequels always result in crap and disgusting products, still I don’t know why these stars are running behind sequels. I think one and only reason behind this is, desire of commercial success. They know it very well that a sequel can secure a huge collection without much promotion and hype, so they run behind sequels frequently, but its not good for Bollywood in a long run.

  • legends like dilip kumar and srk have 8 filmfare awards in lead role……
    megastar amitabh bachan have 5 of them…..
    superstar hrithik, aamir, ranbir also have this award…
    but actors like bobby deol, fardeen khan, salman, vivek, tushar dont have a single of them……
    now only srk haters, salamir fans and the fan of those actors who dont have this award will say that award functions r fixed bla bla bla…..
    but sorry to say media and common people give lot of importance to these awards……
    now if u say ur stars beleive in reward then u should know srk also consider reward ahead of awards……….

  • Even i don’t want a sequal of kick as i didn’t enjoyed kick much. I want Salman to work with fresh and new scripts, different zoner kind of films in which he is busy in coming 2 years. Salman please concentrate more on great films not on avg to good films. Since dabangg i miss a superb Salman’s film from 4 years.

  • Btw yesterday kick broke the Ce 208cr mark. Now it is 2nd highest grosser of all time. Congrats Salman, kick team and Salman fans. Similarly Salman crossed Kank,ett,yjhj and oso overseas collection and soon to join 11 million overseas, so kick is Salman’s highest grosser in both market and almost each and every circuit. Great going.

  • kick is one of best film I don’t want to see his sequel.
    bcoZ sallu u given a one of best movie like dabangg and then u made dabangg 2 which is not good movie at all. same content no difference.

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