Salman vs Salman in Kick 2?

Last week, Salman Khan announced that he would be playing a double role in Sajid Nadiadwala’s second directorial venture, Kick 2.

The actor had earlier said “Work on the film’s script is on. I had only given him (Sajid Nadiadwala) the concept, and now, he is working on the story. The movie will have a double role. Bahut zabardast idea hai. When he is done with the script and the screenplay, we will take it on the floors”

Now, there are rumours doing the rounds that Salman will be playing both the hero and the villain in the film. A source close to the film has said that the core storyline idea was Salman’s and Sajid is currently working on the story.

In a game of wits, Salman will be fighting himself. The look of the two characters, the source added, will be distinctly different.

Do note that Salman hasn’t officially signed Kick 2. Depending on how he likes the script when it’s ready, Sajid and Salman have mutually agreed to take the ‘Kick’ franchise ahead with a sequel.



  • @iamakn kick weeknd was pre eid while both ce and hny released on national holidays.
    out of first 7 days kick had 4 pre eid days while both ce and hny had 2 holidays in first weekend,infact ce had 3 holidays in first week so there no logic in comparing these films.infact even after releasing on national holidays first week collection of both ce and hny wass less than kick

  • @Yuvraj — Hny did 383 crore worldwide & did 107cr in overseas if it is a failure then a film like Kick which did 377 crore W-W and 67cr in overseas is an all time Industry disaster .

    @Real Billi — How it collected more? come out from your Bhojpuri World — CE W-W gross is 432 crore while Kick W-W gross is 377cr, way less.. Hny W-W gross is 383 cr while Kick 377 cr again less.. if we talk about Jai ho it was even less than SRK’s RNBDJ gross. failed to cross even 200 cr WW. forget about overseas as it was behind than 20 + years old Darr too.

    @Indicine — i was comparing with all time highest grosser CE.. if you compare with CE then of course it badly failed as Kick didn’t break a single record of CE from first day till last day except did Just few crores more than CE in Domestic, though acc to BOI.CO.IN it is still behind than CE even in Domestic.. but still Kick is way behind than CE in Worldwide as well as in Overseas.. if CE would get Free run like Kick it would collect more than 250cr, Kick would fail to collect even few crores acc to official too still CE with clashes broke 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day, weekend, 1st week, 2nd week, lifetime record and became all time highest grosser unlike Kick.. also Kick had less gross than Hny W-W and in overseas. ( ) had extremely poor opening compared to CE & Hny.. now let me answer your Question * Both PK and Hny were more successful films than Kick last year in terms of gross…*

  • Seriously I’m not interested in Kick2…

    Can’t see Bhaijaan in Negative role…

    Hope this film will never happen and Bhaijaan should work with good directors like Kabir Khan and stop doing charity for his family members and friends…

  • I am excited for Kick sequel. But I dont want them to make Dabangg 3 and Bodyguard 2.
    Meanwhile, celebrate the success of BB and wait for PRDP 300 Crores!

    @Anipunma, you are a headache on this site. At least, Kick scored more at BO and was better than loud and crappy jadoo toy’s Bong Bong. You are an insecure and little pony who has failed to watch classic film like BB just because of burning jealousy.

  • hai AKN u compare ce with kick?please indicine,tell him ce released on eid day(fri+sat=eid+sun) kick’s first four days were ramdan.kick had jacqueline(at that time no big name),director new comer whereas ce had depika(who can add atleast 40cr),singham director,every city promotion,rajni lungi dance to get big south industry audience.if u say manipulation,hny does big 28cr manipulation(204-176=28).he has lost his this decade salman’s 7 blockbusters vs srk 1.

  • @jp – I have a brain that’s why i’m a SRK’s fan.. but to be a FAN of an non actor like Salman for that people don’t need a brain same like you don’t have… How Hny didn’t cross 40cr? it did 45 cr acc to official, did 40cr + acc BOI.CO.IN as well. Did 40cr + acc to biased BOI as well later deceased it just for the sake of Aamiri’s PK. if it was manipulated why they first gave almost 41 cr to Hny ( hindi only) ? same like they gave 36cr to Drishyam first week now the increased it to 40cr. the most confused and biased site ever.

    so? acc to BOI.CO.IN Hny >> Kick Worldwide.. Ce >> Kick in India now tell me who manipulated? of course the decade disaster actor Motu Bhaijaan.. also Acc to BOI.CO.IN Ett’s lifetime is 15-16cr less than official.. who manipulated.. ? acc to BOI.CO.IN Kick lifetime is 214cr, 19cr more than official who manipulated? Lol while there is very less difference among SRK’s films collections acc BOI.CO.IN and Official figures. when it comes to manipulation Guilty Bhaijaan comes 2nd after HR.

    Hny didn’t cross 100cr weekend? Bhojpuritard for a reason.. CE was the first crossed 100 cr weekend acc to BOI.CO.In and official both.. Hny became the fastest 100cr weekend (hindi only) acc to both official and BOI.CO.IN.. SRK’s CE is the 1st film which did 100cr in 3 days (100.42cr), and HNY is Fastest 100 Crore & weekend (108.86cr) while Both Jai ho and Kick badly failed.. even CE/Hny weekend was almost equal to Jai ho’s Lifetime..

  • @ i m akn- do you know footfalls of both movies worldwide? because footfalls matters to me not collection. give me total net india, gross india and gross overseas collection of hny and kick.

  • @Srk’s Fans if kick 233 crs is all time disaster then what about srk’s all film. none of his film collected more than 230 crs…. LMAO to the logic of illiterates

  • @imakn+dhakkan u r suffering from kick fever till now then what about BB fever ??? RIP Dhakkan & srkian

  • @IAMKN: What is the point in discussing all the trash. BB has smashed all the records. Wait for PRDP, it will be the biggest blockbuster of the year and all time.

  • difference between real and fake star Kick 233 crs all time disaster and CE 227 crs all time blockbuster… lol so expectation from sallu is more than srk…. so srk’s fan accepted the truth….. @imakn

  • All time disaster 233 crs (Kick) and all time blockbuster 227 crs (CE) LMAO….. then srk is far far behind from sallu’s Mega Stardom….

  • @iamAKN u sarook actorCan’t Even Dream to make 300 cr filim becasue of an non actor shame on you really shame on you i never seee in my life some one like you too much shame on you

  • @I am dhakkan : Brain aur toh ?? Not possible. Brain is one of the most beautiful and best invent by God however you have ruined your brain by filling Gobar, filth, and blind hatred towards others !!!!!!! Even Srk will slap you and feel ashamed of you if he read your comments. First thing, comment with some source and fact, Srk fan hai kuch bhi bolega kya like kick was failure on Box Office ? Tum logon ki jalli padi since BB’s smashing success. Tere king ko bol pehle SLB ke saath clash hataye if he really has some power else keep one hand at your mouth and another at bottom and keep watching Bhai ka Jalwa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-p

  • @iamakn kick not break even single of ce in domestic
    first week collection of kick is more than ce
    second weekend
    second week
    and most importantly lifetime
    and you say kick didn’t break opening of ce
    ce was a holiday
    kick was pre eid without popular heroine, debut director
    can you explain me without holiday any single movie of srk touch 20cr on its opening day while salman non-holiday pre eid bb=27.25cr
    kick 26.54cr

    and dabanng 2 = 22cr
    without holiday srk movie collect 83cr weekend

  • @ imakn- Kick release on 7 November 2014 in Pölandand collected Rs.8crore. Kick grossed US$11.1 million in overseas at the end of its theatrical run.[70]The worldwide box office collection ofKick are?3.85 billion(US$60 million)[2]and become the second grosser of 2014 behind PK.

  • according to our akn baba kick failed badly but still beat all highest grosser of srk according to this point all movies of srk are mega all time disaster

  • @imAKN………bahut sadme me he ye to :O

    CE ki baat kar raha he……….
    BB fastest 100,150,200,250
    BB fastest worldwide 500
    in overseas…….. more then all SRK movies
    first beat kick domestic life time then think about BB :P

  • @1:34pm

    LooTera opening sequence was a torture so one can only imagine what the rest of the film did to the imbeciles brave enough to watch its entire footage…!

  • Breaking News

    A sneak advanced peak into aNIPUNma Kumar Swifts review off Kick 2 has been leaked! Correction the leak was in reference to his diaper so my apologies for misleading you here.

    Here it is-

    “Dear fellow kindergarteners, as you know I only review those movies that my fav wannabe strict kritiks majerv dwarf rasand n aNIpunMa Chopra get paid to favourably review and sadly neither Salman not Sajid have followed Rakesh Roshans shining example by bribing my smart business type critics.

    So accordingly they havent given the film a honest review n seeing how I myself was too busy playing with my diaper plus jadoo toy n surfing the net about a possible LooTera sequel so thus I too will instead post a fake review by instead watching an X-Men cartoon n label it as Kick 2 review.”

    PS more extracts to follow but now its aNIPUNmas feeding time so next leak will occur in an hr or two

  • abe #dhakkan
    srk ka fan hai to fact or proper info leke to comment kar
    tumhara srk #kick ka record bhi break nahi kar sakta
    chale ho #bb ki baat karne
    without deepika srk ki aukat 121(JTHJ)cr hai
    hum srk ki izzat karte hai, uske struggle ko appreciate karte hai
    lekin tere jaise blind haters ki vajah se srk ko hame bara bhula kehna padta hai
    #apni aukat mai reh
    n lastly 4 u’r kind info
    #bb till 24 days
    domestic – 310cr
    worldwide – 600cr
    #its a dream for srk

  • @nipun : You watch movies like Kick (to KCriticize) but skips a movie like BB (you have no reason or excuse to bash it) !!!!!!!!!! Real shame !!!!!!!!!!

  • @Asad Khan Nangawala : You been trolled not only by Salman’s fans but many neutral fans for your blind hatred !!!!!!! Aukaat mein reh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick was pre-Eid release whereas CE was Eid release and HNY Diwali release !!!!!!!!!!! If you had little sense you will not have barked about opening and weekends records and comparing them !!!!!!!!! Illiterate gaddha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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