Salman vs Salman in Kick 2?

Last week, Salman Khan announced that he would be playing a double role in Sajid Nadiadwala’s second directorial venture, Kick 2.

The actor had earlier said “Work on the film’s script is on. I had only given him (Sajid Nadiadwala) the concept, and now, he is working on the story. The movie will have a double role. Bahut zabardast idea hai. When he is done with the script and the screenplay, we will take it on the floors”

Now, there are rumours doing the rounds that Salman will be playing both the hero and the villain in the film. A source close to the film has said that the core storyline idea was Salman’s and Sajid is currently working on the story.

In a game of wits, Salman will be fighting himself. The look of the two characters, the source added, will be distinctly different.

Do note that Salman hasn’t officially signed Kick 2. Depending on how he likes the script when it’s ready, Sajid and Salman have mutually agreed to take the ‘Kick’ franchise ahead with a sequel.



  • Difference between Bhojpuri bhai and the King Baadshah Emperor Khan Shah Rukh Khan ——–

    Shah Rukh Khan does a bad film by mistake and bhai did a good film by mistake.

  • When i heard the news for the first time that kick’s sequel will come out i start hoping that it is just a rumor.. as we are still recovering from Kick 1.

  • @ imakn- i know your some body parts still paining after kick’s success over your self proclaimed king’s grand failure hny. failure in terms of entertainment.

  • I don’t understand why they are making its sequel , neither it made records nor it had a good story. it badly failed on boxoffice. didn’t make a single record from first day till last day. neither opening, weekend, week, 2nd week nor life time, failed both in india and in overseas ( didn’t break a single record of CE in India, Overseas ‘failed to cross 2001 K3G’ & WW ) still he is going to make the sequel Lol. it shows that Bhojpuri Bhaijaan is just a mental & is interested to give headache to people again & again by forcing them to watch such cheap movies like he is giving from his first movie specially from last 7 years. & also i would have died if my idol was going to make a sequel of such film where if he would have been overshadowed by any other actor like Guilty Bhaijaan was overshadowed by Nawaz in Kick. the only reason that people bear kick 1 was just bec of Nawaz otherwise it would be another Jai ho without Nawaz.. & adding to this, the last time Bhojpuri Bhaijaan wrote the script of his film was a all time industry disaster ‘Veer’ now he is going to write the script of Kick 2 once again, now you can expect how brilliant the film will be.. yes surely it is going to break the record of all his recent unforgivable films & performances in terms giving more headache and classless now just pray that GOD save us from watching such films by throwing qaidi no. 343 to Jodhpur jail once again, feeling even shame by writing comment & wasting my important time about such cheap film like this..

  • let’s hope for some dhamaka & hates pray kick2 just a normal script bcoz if it is an awesome script den only god can help u

  • Before we go to 2016 tell us the funniest joke you heard in 2015.

    Joke Of 2015 – SALMAN KHAN is WRITING SCRIPT FOR ‘KICK’ SEQUEL. He gave the concept.

  • Before we go to 2016 tell us the funniest joke you heard in 2015.


  • @Rohit: First and foremost Im not a SRK fan .. I just said it looking @ the Starcast and craze behind that movie that too even wen nothing related to the movie be it a teaser or Poster is out. I may be wrong. and even if i go wrong I don’t care. I’m not getting any share either.
    That was just a thought. If u got hurt I’m sorry.. and I hope I dint hurt U wen I said BB is the movie that i loved the most this year.

  • @Sheeraz – your comment is more entertaining & funny than the whole Kick Film & all Bhojpuri Bhaijaan’s recent films, wish you were the writer of Kick 1 as well as Kick 2.. Kick failed to beat CE’s first day, 2nd day, 3rd day, weekend, fast 100cr in 3 days, failed to cross 100cr in 3 days like CE and Hny. it failed to beat CE’s World-wide cross, failed to beat CE 1st, 2nd 3rd, weekend worldwide & Failed to cross CE in overseas.. forget CE even failed to cross K3G in overseas , CE was the first 400 cr film W-W while Kick failed to cross that mark despite of more screens, blockbuster remake, Nawaz & solo release & more free run, just did few crores more than CE in India acc to official by manipulating but still behind than CE in India acc to BOI.CO.IN & also failed to cross Hny’s W-W Gross and in overseas.. as well as CE was blockbuster on TV Industry by gaining 9 + TRP while Kick ( less than 4) was all time disaster on TV industry along with Flop Jai ho.

  • @imchamn:
    So according to you king fans Kick badly failed at box office. Fine, but see Bhai’s badly fafailed Kick collected much more than your so called king’s highly successful movies like CE, hny etc. That is the difference between a megastar and a chota mota star.

    Even Varun dhawan movies bcm successful with 100cr collections, so on your king’s.Tell your kong to give 233cr collected failures to prove his stardom. Till then compare your king with varun, Sid etc. Don’t insult Bhai by comparing with your tushar kapur type stardom wala king.

  • @iamakn
    u r not recovered from kick success till now so from bajrangi bhaijaan success u till wait for 100 births to recover

  • Height of hypocrisy King fans(eg- imakn)…..

    Kick failed badly with 213cr collections.

    HNY was a highly successful movie with 176cr collections…


  • some 1 just said….
    double roals dnt work in bollywood……
    but salman does unthinkable..,. thts power of bhai….
    successful double roal….??????

  • @iamAKN acc to you kick failed badly then how it surpasses each and all srk highest grosser,s in domestic
    you say by manipulation and believe then acc to hny lifetime below than ett .hny didn’t cross 100cr weekend hny didn’t collect 40cr and you called kick collection is manipulated
    you have brain or not

  • @iamAKN acc to u kick did not break even single record in India
    kick beat first week record of bakrapur express
    second weekend
    second week
    and most importantly lifetime

  • Double role means double torture !!!!!!
    Kick was a complete piece of headache !!
    I don’t care if lallu bhai does this movie .
    Looks like after his debut in 1989 he has
    given a sensible movie bajrangi bhaijaan
    I know he will not give this kind of again
    and bhai fans don’t get over excited plz
    becoz of bb success.
    The reason behind bb’s success was its content not bhai.
    Bhai’s stardom will be proved by prdp
    if it breaks bb record I will accept that bhai is bigger star than srk but that should be
    with mixed wom not extraordinary wom .

  • in kick,only two scenes main kick kam tha-mother’s scene & one slap all gayab.haters say kick only because of these two scenes.2nd half alone is paisa wasool,better than total k3(sorry hrithik fans),hny,ce.i hope kick2 will be atleast 70% of robot.thats enough for salman to make it a big blockbuster.i want salman to do wanted2,ek hai tiger,bodyguard2 with a better director.sequels always add 20-30cr extra even on any avg salman blockbusters continue.  

  • @Yuvraj – Hny did 383 crore worldwide & did 107cr in overseas if it is a failure then a film like Kick which did 377 crore W-W and 67cr in overseas is an all time Industry disaster .

    @Real Billi – How it collected more? come out from your Bhojpuri World – CE W-W gross is 432 crore while Kick W-W gross is 377cr, way less.. Hny W-W gross is 383 cr while Kick 377 cr again less.. if we talk about Jai ho it was even less than SRK’s RNBDJ gross. failed to cross even 200 cr WW. forget about overseas as it was behind than 20 + years old Darr too.

    @Indicine – i was comparing with all time highest grosser CE.. if you compare with CE then of course it badly failed as Kick didn’t break a single record of CE from first day till last day except did Just few crores more than CE in Domestic, though acc to BOI.CO.IN it is still behind than CE even in Domestic.. but still Kick is way behind than CE in Worldwide as well as in Overseas.. if CE would get Free run like Kick it would collect more than 250cr, Kick would fail to collect even few crores acc to official too still CE with clashes broke 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day, weekend, 1st week, 2nd week, lifetime record and became all time highest grosser unlike Kick.. also Kick had less gross than Hny W-W and in overseas. ( ) had extremely poor opening compared to CE & Hny.. now let me answer your Question * Both PK and Hny were more successful films than Kick last year in terms of gross..*

    thnx fr ur comment…
    kick -233 cr… salmans second highest…
    CE-227 cr… srks best…
    nw u say kick failed…
    then its clear … verdict of all srk films like HNY.. JTHJ…RA1.,DON 2..
    all disasters…. ??

  • @indicine:
    Who is this chame leon #tiger-the faithful dog??? #Babaji, #nipun, #ajinkya, #dynamic or anyone else????

  • @Fake

    its not star cast its containts which make film to cross 300crs.

    Srk & Deepika with Abhishek,Boman & Farah-Srk combo after OSO with 5 open weeks collected 177crs last year.

    You need masterpiece movie for cross 300crs & i expect it from Raju Hirani,Kabir Khan,Suraj Barjatya or Ashutosh Gowarikar.

    But i am not fool who expect masterpiece from Rohit Shetty.

    & i objected your point because you first said Dilwale’s record which is not going to happen with solo also it will collect max 230crs.As we know Rohit Shetty films standard.

    Then you said Kick2 will break it.

    You forgot Fan,Sultan,Raees,Dangal & Mohen Jo daro will release before Kick2.
    So i objected you.

    So plz sorry if i heart you.

    But my strict opinion is PRDP,Fan(If get moved from April to better date) or Dangal only has chance to break PK & BB’s record unless we have wait for growth in market means atleast 5more years just like 3idiots record broked after growth in business.

  • hai iamAKN u talk about tv?salman got 500cr deal on star network.internet sites headlines-“forget bollywood,its now salluwood.”will skr ever get this?u talk about ce?lungi dance & thalaiva flattery for south/chennai audience+depika+rohit shetty car flying+every city travelling like a begger?true is that srk has never delivered a huge blockbuster without the help of salman,big b,oth(exception only ddlj that cant even break hahk record).yes srk(with yrf, johar)was the only big star in overseas until 3idiots.if srk ruled the last decade,the highest grosser of two decades is salman’s mpk(80s),hahk(90s)without any actor’s help.this decade is ruled by salman with 7blockbusters already.we show respect to srk,dont insult salman.

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