Salman refuses to write religion and caste, says I am an Indian

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan appeared in the court on Thursday and pleaded innocence in the Arms Act case, which was filed against him for poaching the endangered Black Bucks in October 1998.

The actor wrote ‘Indian’ in the religion and caste column and said ”I am Salman Khan and I am an Indian, that is what I mention in my caste column”

Pleading his innocence, Salman said he was framed by forest officials.

“I am innocent and have been framed by the forest officials” Salman said before the chief judicial magistrate.

Referring to a statement signed by him in which a witness Uday Raghvan had stated that he had brought the arms from Mumbai following directions from Khan, the actor claimed that he had signed the statement under pressure from forest officials.

The next date of hearing is April 4.



  • Salman khan there is another column “Nationality” that where u can write Indian. Why u want to write Indian on religion column. Tomorrow u will write Indian on gender column. Indian on profession column. Indian on address column. Don’t try to act like ur fellow friend chameleon star Amir who is pretending nowadays himself as a deshbhakt. If u r really deshbhakt then accept ur crime.

  • @Jhandu the Eda 7:18 pm : Lol, don’t show your frustration here. Tax chori, stealing of Water etc are just fake allegations and SRK has not been convicted for any of them. Here people are questioning your bhabhijan because she has been convicted and she relentlessly visits the courts and pleads the judges for mercy. So we have all the rights to question and talk about her.
    And supporters of a coward (who sold out our nation publicly, by supporting terrorist like Yakub Menon) are questioning SRK’s linking with Hafeez Saeed. Only god will save out country now.

    @Jhandu the loser 7:34 pm : You moron, charges are there on bhabhijan and so we have all the rights to question her. But what is your take about those moronic bhabhijan fans (including you) who always blabber rubbish about SRK even though there are no pending cases against him. So when we show you the mirror, you will start giving big lectures about Indian judicial system etc, but when you shameless mates come and abuse SRK, then you keep quiet. Double standard Fan of double standard Bhojpuri Khan.
    @Anand 7:46 pm : Of course , SRK is powerful as compared to that security personnel. And I am happy that justice took place in that case and a six year ban was imposed on SRK (though I believe what SRK did was his self defence as no body will bear a misbehave with their loved ones). So what else you want in that case?
    According to you, a person should be hanged till death for a verbal spat? In which other way , SRK can be punished? Wasn’t it sufficient to impose a ban on him?
    But I understand the mentality of you idiots. Bhabhijan crushes people sleeping over footpath, she can kill black bucks , but still she should be released.
    But when SRK gets indulged into a verbal spat and even though he gets slapped with a six years ban, that’s not sufficient for you all and he should be hanged for that wankhede Incident? Right?
    Hypocrisy , hypocrisy and hypocrisy at it’s best.

  • And dear Mr Jhandu @7:18 pm : Since there are no pending cases against SRK, you are coming with some lame cases like Wankhede spat, Sirish Kunder conflict etc.
    Let me tell you, you should be thankful to us that we are only talking about the pending cases of Bhabhijan (In which she was actually convicted). Else if we come on making a list of his fights and scandals, that list will never end. I mean we all know how he assaulted Aish publicly, how he threatened Vivek, how he supported Sooraj in Jia Khan case, how he used heroines like Somi Ali, Sneha Ulal and Bhoomika Chwala for his personal needs.
    So my friend, list is very long. Hence don’t even dare to talk about some small fights/arguments of SRK, because if we compare the same with the sins of bhabhijan, SRK stands no where.

  • after reading @mentalzone comments I was abt to rply him but @mr ananda_original made him down his knees & apologies …..hahahahahaha….well said bro

  • LMAO at this lunatic @XZone!!! Something has really been nailed on the head of this loon!! Keep crying babe! ha ha ha

  • @Challa : Only for you ….

    * Star of 3.7 bilion fans still I will lose to Ranveer Singh in clash !!!!!!! Lol

    * I am worth $600 Millions still I will steal water from drought hit village.

    * I have received numerous degrees awards but my morals are worse than pheri wala and I insult a legend like Manoj Kumar and lie to a veteran like Jeetendra.

    * I give lectures at Yalle and various universities across the Globe but does not know how to behave with a poor old watchman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @xzone : Why are you bothering about Salman cases so much ?? Cant see him free and reigning over your fake king ?? What are you doing to help Law and country ? Vijay Mallya ran away with 9000 crs which is public’s money are you doing anything for it ?

  • @Anand : Looks like the symptoms have re-occurred in @xzone he urgently needs to visit the asylum which he fled few months ago !!!!!!!! Lol

  • @Sultana Roshan 11:08 pm : What is the exact definition of apology in Lalluland? Giving a fitting reply to a retard is called apology in Lalluland or what?
    No wonder you are an illiterate bhabhijan fan, so such blunders are expected from you.

    @12:18 am : Lol, you are running short of answers. So now you are laughing like an insane. Don’t worry, I will continue giving such special treatment to you, until your mental health gets stable.

  • Apology is defined as when someone misbehaved with a watchman & cried on d final night begging for apology on national TV……. Isnt it????????

  • @Xzone, shame on you. You dont have any respect for India’s no.1 megastar Salman khan? He is ruling Bollywood. You are not a true srkian. You are fake person. Shame on you. Real srkians like me respect the megastars like SalMir. But you are bashing them? Shame on you. Never pretend to be srkian.

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