Salman refuses to write religion and caste, says I am an Indian

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan appeared in the court on Thursday and pleaded innocence in the Arms Act case, which was filed against him for poaching the endangered Black Bucks in October 1998.

The actor wrote ‘Indian’ in the religion and caste column and said ”I am Salman Khan and I am an Indian, that is what I mention in my caste column”

Pleading his innocence, Salman said he was framed by forest officials.

“I am innocent and have been framed by the forest officials” Salman said before the chief judicial magistrate.

Referring to a statement signed by him in which a witness Uday Raghvan had stated that he had brought the arms from Mumbai following directions from Khan, the actor claimed that he had signed the statement under pressure from forest officials.

The next date of hearing is April 4.



  • I am agree 2 Sallu
    According Indian law everyman is free for his religon
    If the don’t know Indian
    Then write Hindu&Islam

  • Hats off bhaijaan…… Every one should do d same beside there caste & religion should proud to b an indian 1st….

  • This good decision by him , unnecessary don’t involve in controversy . This wise decision by him . Other actor should learn from him .

  • Guilty or No guilty, that is another matter. But Salmaan is setting an example here. There should be no caste and religion. Just humanity!

  • When people says there is only One God of every religon
    But why there is many Religon?
    What difference between 2 religon

  • Hahahahaha…..Narender Modi effect. Salman’s fans Jab tak center mein Modi h, salman Ko jail nahi hogi. Ye andha kanon h….. Enjoy.

  • Total crap he is …..
    How can someone force salman khan to sign on any paper…
    He is lying for sure

  • Lol, full of drama.
    First, “Being Inhuman” and now, this religion card…!
    Non-actor never leaves a chance to gain sympathy for himself , but perhaps , he is unaware that Indian judiciary works based on proofs and not based on human reactions.
    Else if sympathy would have been a parameter, then terrorists like Kasab and Yakub would not have been hanged, as for many “Sick-ulars” , both were innocent and they took the path of terrorism due to “Circumstances”.
    So, in case of non-actor too, justice is being delayed, but one day it will definitely take place as all the proofs and witnesses are against him.

  • Only non-actor Khan can come with such lame excuses.
    First he said that “my car was drunk and not me. I was not driving the car and my car automatically poke on to the footpath”.
    And now this eye witness is saying that forest officials took his statement forcibly.
    I mean, even a 6 years old kid can conclude who is more powerful ..?
    That poor forest official or non-actor Khan?
    So it’s quite farcical that the forest officials would have pressurized Salman’s eye witness, though vice-versa might be true.

  • salman plz accept tat u r muslim to the core and dont look hinduism with respect its evident with ur behaviours time and again … salman if u r a true indian then “1.. can u surrender urself in hit and run case for atleast 5 yrs in jail … as all know u r were driving the car tat day 2.. will u say sorry to mrs aishwarya rai bachchan on misbehaviour by you on him…. 3.. will u accept tat u have killed an endangered animal named black buck .. and go to jail …..4.. say sorry to vivek oberoi and sanjay leela bhansali for passing vulgar comments on them …… 5.. say sorry to the press and media persons whom you have innumerable times abused in public ….. answer iks a big big no never u will not say sorry ………. verdict . let alone asuperstar let alone a star{ no acting ability takes benefit of eid } let alone an indian you r not even a good muslim ……period..

  • it is stupid how long they take. i mean this was in 1998 and now its 2016. if he is guilty than give him his punishment and if he is innocent than let this man go. system is joking around

  • Maha nautanki
    If der s a form 2 fill den u must provide d genuine religion u follow if not den y s he vng his surname as khan no need of it.
    Even I am Hindu n follows it.. I go to church gurudwara too celbrt eid Christmas bt if sum1 ask me which religion u belong to den I m supposed to say it..
    Don’t know y he s trying to do movie stuff in real life just to give dis manipulat media a news.

  • @Arjunk Crapistaan Fan, Abey Idiot Chameleon!! First of all, Meow bhai fans wont take you or support your crapistaan even if you flock together with them.
    Better you stay on with your crapstaan and try to the ass of assbir kapoor from becoming another Abhishek Bachchan

  • Unfortunately he has always remained in the news usually for the wrong reasons. But the masses love him so it doesnt really impact him.

    Regarding this matter since this is a personal decision/matter so no comments.

  • @F Karela, And who will serve justice to the old, poor and dutiful Wankhede Stadium Security Guard brutally punched by a drunken hooligan? #PowerofMeowBhai&RupaBaniyanKiDaring!

    How shameless is he to use his daughter’s name as a shield to conceal his own crime?? #PowerofMeowBhai&RupaBaniyanKiDaring!

    Who will punish the country’s biggest tax chor who have made hell of money by doing tax chori and under-valuing shares of his club?

    Who will punish the Paani chor from drought hit village? #PowerofMeowBhai&RupaBaniyanKiDaring!

    Who will punish the drunkard who attacked Farah Khan’s husband from behind in the frustration of not winning an filmfare award even after hosting it??? #PowerofMeowBhai&RupaBaniyanKiDaring!

    Who will punish the intolerant Begum of Hafiz Saeed??

    Extramarital Affair with PC! #PowerofMeowBhai&RupaBaniyanKiDaring!

    Getting detained at US Airports Twice!! #PowerofMeowBhai&RupaBaniyanKiDaring!

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    Hero of 3.7 Billion fans, yet failed to Ranveer Singh! #PowerofMeowBhai&RupaBaniyanKiDaring!

    Besides, In India, when u become too rich, no matter how or even doing tax chori, you can avoid from getting punished by bribing. But the actors who top the list in paying even advance taxes become victims??

  • @Xxxzone, ‘Full of Drama?? LOL! This phrase obviously does not suit Meow bhai’s Zebra Fans!!! For a fact, Meoww bhai is known to the biggest nautanki and drama queen in India. ‘Intolerance Drama,’ ‘his Drama with Shiv Sena’ and the ‘Dramas at US Air Ports’ etc…. And you are accusing Salman of being full of drama?? You pathetic loser’s fan!!!
    OK! Every judiciary court in the world works on proofs and evidences!! That’s why the honorable HC Judge acquitted Salman. There are no evidences! Then, why do you losers unnecessarily create dramas and human reactions/protests against him despite knowing that Court works on evidences and your reactions/protests can’t affect him??? Spineless chaprasi FAN!!!

  • @XZone, “I mean, even a 6 years old kid can conclude who is more powerful ..?
    That poor forest official or non-actor Khan?” Really? Poor haklu fan! I pity on you! Please apply the same logic when a certain drunk hooligan physically assaulted a poor and old security guard at Wankhede stadium!
    First, there were hundreds of people witnessing the hooligan’s physical assault on the guard. Secondly, there was a voice recording which was full of abuses and insults towards the old security guard!!
    I mean, even a 6 years old kid can conclude who is more powerful (to turn the actual scenario upside down and bucking up the blames on the victim guard itself by forging a false scenario that he manhandled his daughter? That’s why the hooligan assaulted the dutiful guard! He used his daughter’s name to save his ass from being kicked at hardly. Now guess, who is more powerful? That poor old guard or over-actor Khan?

  • Noutanki sala…

    Accept the truth and go behind baars ..

    Unhuman being he ye lallu.khan..

    Love u Don..

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