Salman Khan’s Sultan confirmed for Eid 2016, no delays

There were rumours doing the rounds that Salman Khan’s 2016 Eid release, Sultan, would be pushed to a later date to avert the much-hyped clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees’.

However, reliable sources at Yash Raj Films, have confirmed that the film will release as planned and that there are no plans to postpone the release date.

Sultan will go on floors in the second week of November 2015, soon after the release of ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, and the shoot will be wrapped up by the end of March 2016.

Now that ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ has released in theatres, Salman will be working out on his physique and look to play the role of a wrestler in ‘Sultan’.

At an event to promote ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, the actor had said “I have to work a lot for this film. It’s going to be a stressful film. In November, I start shooting for it. There is lot of action in it. Wrestling, weights, (build) lot of muscles. I have to be very strong”

Salman added that ‘Sultan’ is an out-an-out commercial sports film with a love story, action, emotion and music. He had also stressed on the point that, unlike Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’, he wouldn’t have children in ‘Sultan’ and there wouldn’t be a ‘negative force’ in the Ali Abbas Zafar directed film.



  • If Bhojpori Baadshah Rice Smuggler did managed to win even 1 day collection wise against Sultan The Great then it would IMO be a bigger upset than the Montreal Screwjob 1997 (bret hart vs shawn michaels/ vince mcmahons interference in screwing over Bret Hart)

  • Next year will only belong to Aamir. Dangal will cross 350 crores at least and no limo outside. So no chance for raees, fan or sultan next year.

  • From a sadistic point of view I really want to see this clash coz I realy want to see how much damage a wrestler like Sultan will do to the paperweight Rice Smuggler. We all saw what a soft door did to Queen afrw yrs ago so cant wait for next Eid.

    Im pretty sure there will be afew powerbombs, half a dozen leg drops n shoulder barges, acouple of superman punches, peoples elboy is a dead cert, atleast 1 ankle lock before releasing it just before Queen taps out, one or 2 chokeslams followed by the Tombstone before dragging Queen up for One Last Ride n then 1 2 3 Sultan WINS handsomely…!

  • Lol our nautanki item queen srk trying to
    portray a Don character in Ra.1ees is
    like another nautanki drama queen Rakhi
    sawant trying hard to act like innocent
    munni in BB, Rajpal yadav’s dialogue
    delivery as the ‘chota don’ was infinite
    times better than our queen’s in don &
    don 2, yes it truly was.
    I can’t help but laugh how can directors
    even think of casting srk for the role of a
    ‘Don’ unless Ra.1ees is a comedy &
    spoofy movie and so even the Mr.bean
    Rowan attiknson is a much better choice
    , Lol srk don kathe , even a DON in c-
    grade bhojpuri movie will not act as
    terribly as srk, Lol on srk & his fans who
    think that he is an actor , he is just an
    over-actor , was,is and will always will
    be an overacting overrated star.


    I read Two news on website today

    1st) Yrf decided to move Sultan movie for Diwali 2016, So Now Raees will be solo release on Eid 2016.

    2nd) Yrf’s and Aditya Chopra’s Next Directorial Movie where First Adi Sign SRK and Ranvir Singh. But today the news is different Now Aditya Chopra Want to Sign Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan for his Romantic Thriller movie which likely to go on floor September 2016….

    So gays get ready for the biggest movie of Eid 2017 Karan-Arjun are back.

  • Aaya Re Aaya Re Sultan (Salman)
    Bhaga Re Bhaga Re Shaitan (Sarook).

    What a Lovely Song From Sultan.

  • @JhundwaleKaFan Overseas king hahaha Tuchiye in overseas top 3 movies Belong to Aamir n salman! Kahe ka King :p In Domestic & Worldwide u better know who iz ur Baaps :p

  • @sss:
    If BB is a average grosser with 300cr+ collections which movies are blockbusters for you??? 176cr collected multistarer hny or 40lakh collected epic YLJK???
    #Get well soon moron.

  • @BabajiKiCholii Dholakiya :D Watch his last 2 directional movies n den predict abt rice !! Ab to clash hona hi chahiye

  • @fan pk:
    What’s wrong if anyone wants publicity by helping poors and needed person????
    Shame on those people who dance on streets for money, create troubles in public places (stadium, airport etc) for publicity.

  • No offence to SRK he is also a great superstar and defeated Salman earlier. But this time the title of the film tells all. Who will you prefer Sultan or Raees?

    Whom the mass will prefer Sultan or Raees?

  • After hearing this , srk must be regreting and saying ‘ yar ye kya hogya maine teaser me to bol diya ki mai aarha hoo ab kaise aao bhai ke saamne meri to pehle se hee fat rkhi thi ar ab to pura hee faad diya bhai ne ‘

  • Srk – aa rha hoo
    salman – lol , line me rah abi mere fans mera wait kr rhe hai ,tu lungi dance kr filhal.
    srk fans- akele mt aana ni to lungi utar jayegi
    salman fans- rofl , to aa jao tmse koi ni darta hai not even ranvir singh haha .lolwa

  • All the best two both the Khans !!!!!!!!

    Currently, Salman is ahead of SRK but SRK known for his consistency. Pity on those idiots who still living in 2006 when Don overpowered Kunder’s Jaaneman. BTW, Original Don was written by Salman’s father along Javed sahib. So even in that SRK success, Salman has some connection and a contribution from his family.

    Bring it on SULTAN vs RAEES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not sure how Sultan will turn out but Raees (by teaser and first look) does not look like an universal appeal movie like 3 Idiots, PK and BB. Majority of families will stay away from a Don and crime based movie. Even if Raees gets a solo release (May never happen) then 250 crs looks difficult for it !!!!!!!!

  • @Babaji : So according to you ZNMD success is due to Farhan, K3 due to Vivek, Jodha Akbar due to Ash and Ashu. Rowdy Rathore due to Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi, Singh is King due to Music and Katrina and Brother will be successful due to Sid, Kjo and Karan Malhotra ?? Chameleon-ism at its best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think its just a PR that more number of Screens sre added by the time of the release…only one movie will release for sure..
    And ppl why so much hatred..u guys r behaving as if u have invested in sultaan..sultaan ya raees 200cr kamaye ya 300cr..tumhe ek paisa nahin milega thullo…just enjoy both the movies u bufoons..movies are for entertainment purpose only…not for who collected more..yeh producerska geadache

  • @Mohit you idiot, your comment is nothing but childish and senseless. The truth is Aamir is the most consistent superstar followed by Salman and then srk. Aamir should be compared with sachin because he is most consistent while sarookh should be compared to yuvraj Singh who had shot 6 back to back sixes and then no consistency afterwords same thing goes for srk. He gave 5 small hits from Big B’s Don plagiarized remake to MNIK and then gave epic disaster While aamir’s last flop flop was way back in 2000. So success ratio of aamir is more consistent than srk and so srk can not give back to back all time blockbusters like aamir and back to back blockbusters like Salman, so Aamir and Salman are true superstars and srk is nowhere close in consistency. So shut your crap.

  • If raees clashed with SULTAN then samajh lo SRK’s career will be gone from there… it will slide downwards

  • sultan will be blockbuster.
    the future of raees,will depend on the boxoffice performance of Dilwale and fan.

  • mohit,nobody is great if he has not seen failure.kalam said look at how a man overcomes his failure to become does not mean that u should fail intentionally.srk is child(23)compared to salman(27).raone,hny would average if released in jan instead of diwali like jai ho.yes srk is consistent,great.but salman will be megastar on completing 30years with10highest grossing films,15big blockbusters,15backto back centuries,near4000cr domestic collection maintaining 40cr avg for 100films(including cameo).salman is not a king but an emperor.

  • @navin the despret looser you waana see the clash ??// o really I think you r also born like your star in 2010 bcoz if you know the previous clash of your so called boxer than may be you getting in coma bcoz at this time your boxer bhai not even qualify for that match he is like Bermuda v/s Australia chak de India v/s marigold but we decided to gave one more chance to your boxer bhaai and at this time we gave him a another khiladi akki but what happened again janeman v/s Don you so called boxer again loose by a distance so don’t drunk and comment mark my word a star who r so much insecure always want festive realese , south remake and don’t even try to change the gern of his movie clash with srk not even in dream wait and see how bhaai will back off like hero movie it will sure shot postponed

  • @javed, y not raes?? ?? i guess u forget how sos beat jthj.

    @SSS, who said ce clashed with sat?? ? i guess u didn sleep well last was sos vs jthj ?

  • YRF has confirmed that Sultan will be released at eid 2016 yet you have bw life saying it had been postponed. Its srk film which has cancelled eid dates.

  • @fan pk : You are knowledge about Srk movies as same as your thinking. According to you Chak De India (2007) came first and then Don (2005) !!!!!! Lol

    @Navin & @JC : perfectly analyzed. Keep rocking !!!!!!! Mohit will be out of Indian squad very soon !!!!!!!!!!

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