Salman Khan’s performance to be the highlight at Zee Cine Awards 2017

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will be the biggest star attraction at the Zee Cine Awards 2017. The actor will be performing along with the other stars like Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt.

“The Bhaijaan of Bollywood will be the star attraction of the night with his high-voltage performance. While the viewers will have to wait for more details, we are happy to share that the ‘Sultan’ (actor) will surely shake a leg” read a statement from the organisers of the awards show.

Zee Cine Awards has been slammed on social media websites for not nomination both Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan in the Best Actor (Jury) category.

Salman’s Sultan has been nominated in 9 categories, including Best Actor and Best Film.

Among those nominated in Best Actor – Female category are Alia Bhatt (Udta Punjab and Dear Zindagi), Vidya Balan (Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh), Sonam Kapoor (Neerja) and Anushka Sharma (Sultan).

The Best Actor nominees are Akshay Kumar (Airlift), Salman Khan (Sultan), Manoj Bajpayee (Aligarh), Sushant Singh Rajput (M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story), Amitabh Bachchan (Pink) and Shahid Kapoor (Udta Punjab).

Zee Cine Awards 2017 will be held on March 11.



  • Lol haters are burning here will take one by one each ganu telians
    @vicky vas lol poor hater crying let me tell you its zee cine decision to nominate salman but since salman will never take fake award with due respect amit sir will get it so stop crying and yes he shakes a leg because if he will not then who will save this boring award show your gangu teli can 100% not save the show as he is a flop star

    @Supremacy abey idiot its not salman who is forcing them to keep his name salman is never concerned about fake awards unlike your ganguteli who always buys awards his name is always nominated but some one other will win

    I am a new user will destroy everyone who dare to speak against my idol i hope indicine posts this comment

  • @rishabh then srk should win wankhede award and vadodra award salman is not concerned about these awards like your ganguteli

    @amankapoor ya srk did superb acting in hny dilwale etc he should have received national award for it even oscar in fact i am saying hny and dilwale does not deserve oscar oscar deserve both of them people cry when they see srks overacting on screen they laugh when srk does any emotional scene understood next time before bashing salman remember me ok i will not spare any sk haters here

  • @rishabh : All these years your gangu teli (SRK) got all those awards are real ? What a hypocrite you are. Your idol himself openly accepted that he is mad about awards and will do anything to get them so you can imagine how many awards he really deserved and how many he bought. Salman never cared for such awards neither his fans. Let your gangu teli keep winning YouTube records and fake awards !!!!!!!!!!

  • @Anand the original well said bro. You stole my words. Bhai is indeed the biggest megastar ever even bigger than amitabh bachchan and rajesh khanna. Just cant wait for tubelight and tiger. 4 months look like 4 years to me thats how much desperate i am. And 9 months for tiger look as long as 900 years to me. Dont laugh, i am just too excited and dying to watch these 2 movies.

  • @salman fan ha ha ha. Abe ghochu, you are as sick as your idol and his idiotic movies. Aamir didnt do anything special in dangal? Yeah for you illiyerates acting is all about dhinka chika, character dheela and so on thats why you all are called bhojpurian fanbase. If you really respect aamir then you wouldnt make such absurd comment that he didnt do anything soecial in dangal? What aamir did in dangal, salman and even srk can only dream to do. Aamir’s acting was best of 2016 and there is no shadow of doubt on that.

    @hrithik we all know real face of salman. Ever since he reunited with srk he has not been behaving good with aamir who always supported him even in his bad times. Salman has been taking dig against aamir by saying many rubbish jokes ever since he united with srk. He has forgotten that aamir helped him a lit when he was giving back to back flops. Aamir showed him how to come back on track and promote his movies. Thats why he revived. Aamir has always spoken good things about him but i never seen salman calling aamir no.1 star or bigger star than me. Thats his arrogance and i hate that. So i will speak what is truth and never expect me to act innocent. Truth is always bitter.

  • @Supremacy
    Abey idiot
    Your Aamir Khan was number 4 in stardom in 90s after 2 Khans and Sunny deol, actually 5th even Behind akki. Madhuri in Dil and chartbuster music of RH were only his saviours.
    Still he is no.3 in stardom, even Indicine has said that Salman is light yrs ahead of him and SRK is second.

    So stop chanting nonsense………………dont force us to do what we do with these Loongi walas

  • I don’t think anybody can match akki energetic performance he is the best . He is not good dancer but he never forget his dancing steps .

  • Aamir khan doesnt believe in awards? then why doesnt he return the ones he has won? in filmafare?
    he is a sore loser if he lost some awards coz he thought he was the best then he comes to bash the award ceremony! bloody cheap stunt! akshay says if you dance in awards you get an award seriously ???? he has been dancing on award stages in the past several times but he never won!!!! Salman has hosted several award shows but has not won!! these award shows should be scrapped as a whole too many award shows loses the integrity. the film industry should allow 2 award shows filmfare being the oldest and from the rest they should only allow one. and zee plz give salman this award shame on you he deserves it!!!

  • Salman khan is the biggest superstar today….one can imagine how big a star he really is ….for example whenever salman cries in his movies audiences in theatres laughes, laughes and keeps on laughing until tears come out of their eyes…also whenever salman khan laughs in movies and real life ,audiences cannot stop themselves from from crying crying crying…wow at a supreme star…

  • @supremacy
    Shut up
    Aamir is the most hypocrite Bollywood star ever !!
    He supported salman back then only because he had a fight with srk !!
    He never thought that even salman can one day become a superstar !!
    His only goal was to surpass srk “!
    Which he can never do in his life !!
    From dog statement in his blog to intolerance comment during dilwale aamir has always been the most chalu person !!
    Now salman is maintaining distance with aamir because he knows his insecurity as he has been with him “!
    He doesnt want aamir to do what he did with srk to do the same with him !!

    Aamir , Salman , Ajay , Akki these all used to work in a group at a time to defeat SRK !!
    Still SRK used to beat them very badly !!
    Afterall baap baap hota hai

  • It will be really funny to see salman getting the best actor award !!
    Haha lol even audience will be laughing !!
    Even the award presenter will be laughing
    Even the award will be thinking ki kiske haath me ja raha hu
    And at last even salman would be laughing ki mujhe kaise chun liya !!

  • I just came to know what happened with salman during sultans shooting !!
    When he took anushka to hospital for pregnancy check doctor actually admitted him at first by mistake seeing his stomach !! Doctor was thinking u r late its not the time of pregnancy check but its delivery time !!
    Lalwa rocks

  • @Being prem fan dont you even dare to blabber anything against the ultimate megastar of bollywood aamir khan.aamir is always no.1 in stardom. In 1990s he was on top. What madhuri is his savior? Then what about hum remake ke hai kaun? Madhuri was paid more than lallu. So in 1990s lallu’s savior was madhuri and songs. Apart from madhuri’s HAHK lallu had only bunch of flops and disasters. Lallu can never be even an inch ahead of his baap aamir. Aamir is light years ahead of lallu in stardom. Currently aamir is on top followed by srk in superstardom. Lallu is at 3rd. And in last decade lallu was not even in top 10 even tushar, uday, akshaye khanna were far ahead of none actor lallu and their movies used to open more than lallu. Ha ha ha . Stardom of lallu. Aamir is light years ahead of lallu in stardom

  • Lol every one here is bashing salman !!
    I mean r all his supporters gone??
    Good point rishabh
    Award ko bhi sharam aayegi !!

  • @rishabh srk is most chalu, fake person who is always jealous of aamir’s success and he can never reach where aamir is. Aamir is light years ahead of tiny flop actor srk in superstardom so shut your mouth. Aukaat me reh 2 kodi ke gawaar fan of gawaar star. Srk khud hi gawaar hai aur uske gine chune ekke dukke fans bhi gawaar. Aamir is in his own league in popularity and superstardom. No one can beat him.

  • @Being criminal fan, abe pappu, aamir is no.1 in this decade and light years ahead of everyone. Don’t even dare to blabber against him. Your lallu’s only savior in 1990s was madhuri and rajashree banner and few multistarrers. In last decade he was super duper flop actor and depended badly on few multistarrers and was not even in top 10 forget top 5. Aamir was in top 3 in 1900s despite taking risks and other khans were ahead only becuase of big banners and top actresses but in terms of stardom aamir was on top even in 1990s. Your lallu never was and never will be ahead of aamir. Aamir is light years ahead of lallu in superstardom in this decade. And dont even talk about last decade otherwise you will cry. ROFL.

    Superatardom of 3 khans in domestic overseas and worldwide throuout their career

    This is the fact and it will never change no matter how much you cry.

  • Salman never cared for awards neither is fans. Let whoever wants to award him let them but he wont go and personally collect it even if he is attending the show. That is for sure. Now haters, bark more !!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Supremacy : You know what Salman said about Aamir ? He loves him personally but hates him professionally it means there is no one like Aamir who can such a dedicated and through professional with a perfectionist attitude. What else you want Salman to do ? lick batla’s feet ? If you keep ranting reality wont change. Salman can never hate Aamir and will be his friend forever.

  • @hrithik first of all mind your language? How dare you to use word batla? FYI salman is also batla. And 2nd, if salman really is friend then why is he ignoring aamir these days? He is keeping distance from aamir shows that deep inside he is feeling insecure of aamir’s success because aamir keeps giving ATHG and ATBB while salman is yet to give 2nd ATHG of hos career. Isn’t that jealousy? Now who is ranting? I see many salman fans blabbering against aamir and showing their jealousy ever since dangal smashed all records. This speaks everything.

  • @Supremacy
    Morning shows occupancy of Khans last film
    Sultan 75%
    Raees 65%
    Dangal 55%

    Indicine said in twitter that advanced booking of Dangal was dull but picked in last 2 days when reviews were out.
    Sultan and Raees were in psce for day 1

    Sultan in working day with winter vac advsntage wil cross 30 cr and Raees would be between Dangal and Sultan
    And Aamir chased Hahk for 14 years . To reach 50 cr it took him 12 years
    Your Batla cant create masd hysteris like bhai
    If batla starts doing few bakwaas type films he will give less than 10 cr opening from next time
    Aamir has trust
    Bhai has devotees

  • @Being batla fan shut up you jerk. your gatarchaap lallu is tiny star in front of aamir. baatla has not given any ATHG since 1994 as he is real struggler. Even HAHK took disastrous opening and went on to do huge business due to madhuri, family members and story. Baatla struggled last entire decade for even semi hit. Baatla lallu can never reach where aamir is. Aamir has devotees and trust while lallu doesnt have any trust and only few local bheekhari fans like you. So shut up. Dangal’s opening was far better than lultan and raees despite many disadvantages like non holiday, non commercial genre, demonitization and so on. If lallu was in dangal then opening would be less than 10 cr. Of lallu will start doing non commercial films and out of his comfort zone then his movies will start opening less than 5 cr. Aamir movies will always open more than 20 cr. In star power aamir is light years ahead of batla. Batla himself chased madhuri’s HAHK until 2010. It was south remake wanted which saved batla’s career. Batla was always batla in front of aamir’s megastardom. Aukaat me reh gawaar bheekhari.

  • @Supremacy : Nothing is gonna change by ranting. Do you want Salman to follow Aamir everywhere and appear in every damn event to prove his friendship. You actually want a servant for Aamir and not a friend. Both of them are doing great professionally with Aamir slightly ahead of Salman. You keep ranting whatever you want even your Aamir won’t care about your words.

  • @hrithik, no i am not ranting. And when did i say so? You are making up all these. I am just saying that salman is no longer the kind of friend that he was before his reunion with srk. Thats all. And i am not denying that he is also doing we but some of your mates are pissing me off and thats why i reacted. Thats all.

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