Aishwarya Rai Bachchan declared Best Actress for Sarbjit

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who played the role of Dalbir Kaur, in the ‘Sarbjit’ biopic has won the Best Actress award at International Film Festival and Awards of Australia (IFFAA). 

Directed by Omung Kumar, ‘Sarbjit’ also starred Randeep Hooda (as Sarabjit Singh), Richa Chadda and Darshan Kumar. Hooda won acclaim for his performance in the film, along with Aishwarya who went completely de-glam to play the role of Sarbjit’s sister.

For her effort, Aishwarya also received a nomination at the Filmfare Awards.

‘Sarbjit’ released in theatres on May 19 last year.



  • she doesnt deseve
    best actress without a doubt is anushka sharma for sultan
    she did a very good job

  • Bullshit…Atleast they should have given award to Richa Chadda,if they are so desperate to give award to Sarbajit…@indicine pls post news of Relaunch of Tu chiz bad hai Mast Mast…Its historical song,no doubt about it.

  • I almost got a mini heart-attack when I read the headlines and thought it was the National Award for best actress! Goodness gracious…!

  • Actually scratch my previous comment, it’s Sonam Kapoor for Neerja who deserves ALL of the female best actor awards…that performance was heart touching realistic and moving..and the best I have ever seen from any female actress in a long time in bollywood..

  • What that’s the most shocking news for me in 2017 till now…..her accent and acting was terrible in the movie. ….even if rakhi sawant won the award for some movie. ..I wouldn’t have surprised but aish for sarbjit. …omg….what is happening. ..

  • I respect aishwarya rai so much….she had faced physical abuses from a star who usually comes on eid…….thank god she does not marry tat non actor expressionless star…

  • Randeep Hooda deserve more than her. It her PR & contacts in foreign which helped her winning such awards. She is trying to be in buzz for a strong come back but ultimately will fall flat on her face. I hate her to the core for using men for her benefits, bhagwan ne jitni acchi shakal Di hai utna hi bura Dil diya hai.

  • Aishwarya deserve an award for using & spoiling Vivek’s career. Ultimately she needed fame & publicity to become daughter in law of top family of Bollywood.

  • a bhaitard just said anushka deserved award for sultan !! I mean yes she did deserve it but the fact that the male lead was lalwa khan she didnt got the award due to it !!

  • @rishabh : Teri kyon jal rahi hai (If Anushka is getting award) ? Toh pagal hai ? On one article you call Zee awards are fake because your gangu teli or batla is not nominated and now on this article abusing Salman for not getting award. First decide yourself what you want to say, dont enact like a hypocrite chichooraa !!!!!!!!!!! Tere fake tere idols ke pass hi rakh !!!!!!!!!

  • My previous comment is not against Hrithik but his retard fans like @Chamankapoor. If someone abuses Salman I wont spare them and will give the reply in the same language they understand even if it comes to abusing their idols !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hritik u still have not changed ur I will not talk to u as u r using my idols name…u r the fakest person on this site…..y r u not using ur bhaijaan name .then I will see u .who the hell u r …and u cannot stop Mr from bashing salman…salman himself is such a cheap person .so obviously His cheap fans will be no different….my this comment is both for u and ur criminal bhaijaan..

  • Fans continue to be impossible. This is supposed to be an international award, not a local one. India, the second movie capital of the world, continue to enter in what is arguably the most recognized acting award winning ceremony. “The Oscars’, but rarely makes the last five, yet outsiders who make Indo based films do far better…There must be a reason, and it is not language or culture, because other countries that enter films do far better, despite being in a foreign language and culture.
    Bollywood produces excellent films, but their entries try to satisfy a Holly wood/ English audience. Frankly, if we do not enter our best Indian film, we will get no where It is better if we lose with our films, than ATTEMPT to win with imitations.
    Comments like that from Hrithik are sour and bias and provide humor for others

  • @chamankapoor : You are officially a ret@rd now and ready to replace @sss and @Javed on Indicine. btw your so called Geek D0g despite heavenly looks his wife dumped him because she caught that cheater involved in infidelity red handed but poor guy could not get his GF too. Instead she slapped a legal battle on his face and on top of all these shameless acts he along his baldie father manipulates to the core. Biggest manipulators in the industry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Indicine post this. Don’t be biased.

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