Salman Khan’s next few movies: Exclusive Update

Prabhu Deva, Salman KhanExclusive updates from reliable sources on Salman Khan’s next few movies in 2013. The actor will be shooting for 3 movies this year and the sequel to ‘No Entry’ and Sooraj Barjatya’s next have been pushed to 2014.

Unfortunately, Salman fans who have been waiting to see the superstar in a comedy / romantic film, will have to wait for another year as almost all his releases in 2013 and 2014 will be mass-oriented action films. Two of them are confirmed to be remakes, while the script for the third film is undecided.

List of Salman Khan’s next few movies

Mental: From Sher Khan to Radhe, several titles for this Sohail Khan directed film were doing the rounds. But it looks like the Khan’s have finally registered the title ‘Mental’. The film, a remake of Telugu hit Stalin (2006), is currently in it’s pre-production stage and will go on floors in March 2013. A newcomer will be cast as the female lead. The official release date of Mental is yet to be announced.

Kick: Ever since Sajid Nadiadwala bought the official rights of the Telugu movie Kick, the remake has been in news for all the wrong reasons. Post the success of Dabangg, Sajid finalized Salman-Sonakshi as the lead pair. After talks with A.R Murugadoss failed to materialize, Shirish Kunder was finalized as the director. But, a day after the ‘Joker’ debacle, Shirish announced on Twitter that he is no longer a part of the film. Later, it was announced that Sajid Nadiadwala would make his directorial debut with the movie. Now, with the film ready to go on floors, the makers are keen on casting Deepika Padukone opposite Salman Khan, i.e if her dates can be worked out. The shooting is tentatively scheduled to begin in August 2013 and the film is likely to release early 2014. Read more on Kick

Prabhu Deva film: It was ‘Wanted’ that marked the beginning of Salman Khan’s second innings in Bollywood. After a string of debacles, the film was a decent success at the box office and a huge hit on home-video and television. Since then, both Salman and Prabhu Deva have expressed their desire to work together in several interviews. Now, Ramesh Taurani (TIPS) has signed the superstar for a film that is set go on floors by the end of 2013. Talking about the untitled film, Taurani said “Yes, Salman will be doing a film with us. It will go on floors by the end of this year. Prabhu Deva will be directing it. I can’t talk much about the film right now. It may or may not be a remake. We are contemplating the subject right now. Once the subject is finalised, we will look for the leading actress”

So Mental, Kick and a film directed by Prabhu Deva will be Salman Khan’s upcoming films.

Do tell us what you think in the comments section below. Considering the fact that Salman Khan has already done about 4-5 action masala films in a row, would the sequel to No Entry or a pure romantic film with Sooraj Barjatya have been better choices?




  • @indicine and salman fans…don’t bother…suraj will have to wait for another 3-4 yrs…salman is not going to be a part of his movie…bcoz “doodh ka jala, chhach ko bhi fook kar peeta hai”…
    The same saying is applied here…salman knows the result of his romantic movies like yuvraaj,kyuki , mai and mrs khanaa and a lot…so he ll continue to play safe…bcoz once he ll change his track…he ll face a sudden fall..mark my words…

  • @all salman fans….where is tejas….??? it has been a long time to see his comments…
    by the way…go at ur fav site “BOI” and check the final collection of dabangg 2 and don’t be get surprised….its 148 cr….so , i am announcing it officially that i have won the bet.It was my predicition that D2 won’t cross 150 cr and i am 100% right….now , don’t say that we ll bet according to other sites and not according to BOI.

  • so, salman wil continue making MASALA film and his fans will keep comparing it with unpopular genres. i challange him to make at least one non-masala movie.

  • 3 movies this year means 3 more blockbusters guranteed to bollywood from salman khan and 1 blockbuster guranteed from aamir khan in 2013 .even there is a chance of atbb from these 4 movies.

  • these are three movies of three different genres – Mental has a social message, Kick is a thriller and the one with Prabhudeva an action/comedy.

  • @xzone , According to Boi dabangg 2 crosess 150cr mark in its 4th week. And for your information acc to boi dabangg 2 collected 148cr after 3 weeks. So keep dreaming.

  • Indicine,as you said that both telugu remakes stalin & kick are action movies.My first ? to u is that have u watched both the movies, the first one is a social message oriented film & is a below average film,the other film kick is a romcom entertainer to which sajid is planning to add action to it & was just a hit there.
    Now coming to the 2nd point u mentioned that with wanted salman has started his 2nd innings,let me clarify u that wanted released in 2009 was a super hit but in 2007 he gave the 2nd biggest blockbuster of that year Partner.If in 2008 he didn’t gave hits that means for a gap of 1 year you call it 2nd innings right.So if any hero doen’t gets a hit for 1 – 2 years means it is called their 2nd innings after getting a hit isn’t it.
    So my final suggestion to you is that don’t post any thing with half knowledge.

  • Some mentally unchallenged fellow is challenging salman khan to make one non masala film.
    For his better information,Salman khan is only actor to have blockbusters in all genres like love,romance,family drama,comedy & action who deserves to be called as an actor but doing the same old crap romantic films till he turns old never makes one a complete actor.

  • @xzone according to BOI jthj 101 cr, talash 90 cr, khiladi 786- 60 cr & Dabang 2 149cr. Tel us whc movi’s cllction is btter among them.

  • Salman Khan’s haters need a reality check. Salman has been successfull in comdey and romance also. Kick and Sohail Khan’s next has been in pipe line very long since Dabangg Time. Salman Khan has never asked other starts not to make Masala films.. Everyone has it own choice.. If Masala movies were so bad, why SRK is doing a masala film with a director who is only famous for masala??

  • Okay..after looking at this article..we can finalise the nicknames for the 3 khans..srk is king of bollywood,king of romance,badshah of bollhwood……aamir is mr,perfectionist…nd sallu is king of remakes(tat too remakes of only masala films)…look at the films hes done nd hes continuing to do them..guess he finds tis as the safest way to mantain his newly found stardom…remake successful masala films which will make a good amount at the box office..but tat will never take india forward in tis field…its srk whose a global superstar..whose popularity in overseas+indian market is huge..nd who makes movies of a certain class…nd aamir who ll make patriotic nd logical films even though hes got lesser stardom compared to salman nd srk who ll take india forward..definately not salman..anyway good luck with ur films…hope u act well and hope these films get those brilliant BO collections tat ur fans want them too..i know its silly of me to hope for “salman” acting well but well..its just a hope..:P

  • @jag..go and check at boi.. then comment..

    @tejas.. don’t say i am back, instead say that i am using the id “tejas” after a long time.

    because I very well know that u have been commenting here with different id’s and when i mentioned ur name, then u suddenly used ur id “tejas”.

    @salman bhai.. i m talking about my bet not about JTHJ, Talaash and SOS.

  • @ts So I Guess you like SRKs getting a knock on the head, going into a come and waking up losing ten years of his life/memory acting much better than Salmans ultra cool cop act in Dabangg 2 much better eh!!! Well Each to their own and to show I have no hard feelings, for your sake and for srkians like xzone and star I actually hope SRK can show us all how to act well in his next masala film Chenna Express. The greatest actor of them all will be acting in a masala film after a long time so it would be interesting to see how SRK performs. Records could be broken, Readys 123 cr net all India record could be broken by Chenna Express no doubt.

  • @TS : srk class movies?? Lolzz… I hope u remembered OSO n MHN? these movies were Not masala genre? I also hope u know that CE n HNY will be masala genre as well…!!

  • @xzone : I challenge you that your words will be proven wrong… Among No Entry sequel n Sooraj Barjatiya’s next 1 will be sure shot Blockbuster… N another will be atleast superhit… Wait n watch.

  • @xzone you pretend to be a sensible, but do not have the brains to realize that dabangg 2 three weeks total was 1,48,53,00,000 crores acording to BOI. As i have told you before, think before commenting because your making a fool out of yourself.

    The fourth week total is 2,41,00,000 crores. BOI never add week collection till they post next week amount in chart in that total and in coming days and you will see it. as for salman movies I was anxiously waiting for sher khan but they are not doing it so i will be waiting for no entry main entry. indicine i thought no entry main entry will come before Prabhu deva’s movies because salman scheduled himself for no entry main entry and filming begins from june.

  • @ahmed There was an article on Indicine with an update on No Entry sequel stating that shooting would coincidentally commence alongside Kick in June. It would be the first time in years that Salman bhai would be working on two films simultaneously. But I guess what with the 5 articles daily Indicine publish about SRK that their editors forget to check and validate articles before publishing. I Will need to search for that particular article but for me as of now I am eagerly waiting for Sajids Kick as the original movie Kicked Ass. Lolz

    PS for @star Bhai roxXx

  • @mr.anand mental is not masala film idiot go and check stalin telugu film its message oriented subject very good script which suits salman than any other….

  • Salman’s Mental and KICK will both do well as the films will have super action in it. Mental also will be the biggest block buster of all time as this film has a good message and Salman is playing the role of messiah in it.

  • @xzone i’ve won our bet…dabngg 2 official collection is 160 cr…& according to boi 3 week collection is 148 cr….& in 4 th week d2 collected 2.5 cr!!…so again u lost loser!!

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