Salman Khan’s Mental Update: Shooting postponed

Sohail KhanPriyanka Chopra, Diana Penty, Karishma Kotak.. and several other leading ladies have all been rumoured to play the female lead in Salman Khan’s Mental.

But brother Sohail Khan has time and again denied all rumours. Now, the producer/director himself says Daisy Shah is also one of the names shortlisted “We are considering lots of actresses. There are some established names too. Daisy Shah too has been shortlisted from a very long list that we had. We’re doing the final screentest of all the shortlisted actresses next week.”

Meanwhile, the first shooting which was scheduled to begin this month, has been pushed to March.

Sources within the industry now say, the film is unlikely to release during EID. There is also a strong possibility that Salman may not have a release in 2013, as all the holiday release dates have been blocked by major releases like Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3.



  • there is no release of salman on eid,confirmed
    now akshay will show the real star power with outim2
    akkis only holiday release with huge hype,huge release
    all the records r in danger

  • i don’t agree wth ur view whether holiday or salman will release atleast one movie in 2013…and the movie will finish in top 3.

  • Will wait this year or next year but its gonna be worth the wait. ;-)
    @xzone No Mental this year but still theres Chennai Depress looming over the horizon to watch. :-)
    @star bhai will rock next year…!

  • Ready non-holiday collection was 130 cr, so whether his movie releases on a holiday or non holiday it will be a blockbuster.

  • No release of salman this year.oh! I am so happy! salman’s star power is over with dabaang 2. This year only two name will rule the box office- SRK and Hrithik. Or may be Aamir.

  • No need of holidays for salmans movies. Movie will release in this year or next no matter but surely it will be one of the biggest blockbuster of all time.

  • Eid slot is already taken by Akshay’s OUATIMA, Christmas slot by Aamir’s Dhoom:3 and Hrithik’s Krrish 3. Better luck next time Salman.

  • Sohail postponed shooting to avoid clash bcoz he is scared of ouatim2’s hype and buzz and he also knows that akki and sallu are frendz.

  • Akshay will have 1st holiday release from last 7 years. Satyagarh postponed to 2y1d august. 2 open weeks. Buzz and hype. Directed by talented director. Sequel to highly appericiated movie. Waiting for akki’s 1st atbb OUATIMA and record breaking, earth shattering collections.

  • Boss also postponed and is set to release after ouatim2. So it will be akki’s 1st release after special 26. I watched s26, it performs well at box office but not very well. I have programme to watch ouatim2 atleast 5 times, i’m from pak, to make it highest grosser of pak(currently jthj). And my cousins are also deciding.

  • Wait wait so salman will not have release this year that is why srk wait and he dont announced his film dates now im 100% sure that srk will release his film in eid

  • @Navin…hahaha..bcoz ur bhai is completely get panic and thus he is fearing to release his film during any hliday and specially on eid bcoz of his “baaps” akki (ouatim2) and ajay (satyagraha) and dada ji amit ji (satyagraha)….so don’t worry…he ll continue to delay it…until and unless he won’t get an open run for atleast 3 weeks….which he requires to score 130-140 cr..
    @navin…”ghanta” award winner salman really roxx….

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