Salman Khan’s Mental Release Date Confirmed

The release date of Salman Khan’s Mental has finally been confirmed. The Sohail Khan directed film, a remake of 2006 Telugu blockbuster Stalin, will release during the republic day weekend on January 24th 2014.

The film will be considered a non-holiday release as Republic Day falls on a Sunday.Mental will also be competing with Akshay Kumar’s Thuppakki remake which hits theatres on January 10th.

Apart from Mental, Salman returns to his traditional Eid weekend with Sajid Nadiadwala’s KICK, which is all set to go on floors in December this year.

Mental stars Salman Khan, Daisy Shah, Tabu and Sana Khan.

Salman Khan Mental on location

Salman Khan Mental on location



  • Blockbuster for sure
    Saman’s target will be
    1.Dhoom 3
    2.Krrish 3
    3.YjHD’s record
    Revenge time for SALMAN

  • I think YJHDs record will be very tough to break.
    Films which can break its record

    1.Dhoom 3(this for sure,big sequel)
    2.Krrish 3(another big sequel,superhit superhero)
    3.Thuppaki (blockbuster tamil remake with strong content)
    4.Mental (Salman factor,but only if marketing and content is also good)
    Besides these movies i dont find any film breaking its record.
    Very difficult for CE and OUATIMB due to tough competition.

  • First of all ”STALIN ” was average grosser in telugu not blockbuster..sohail khan has selected this subject bcz of social message it gives , an the theme matches to salman’s being human image.. so get ready for 6th Blockbuster in 2014 .

  • Film will have a lot of twists. Sohail Khan ki film hai (filmmaker of Ready, Wanted, Partner, Maine Pyar Kyo Kiya & Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya), overall these are awesome movies.

  • Salman Power will pull huge Crowds in the weekend.
    but big Cloud is Sohail khan hpe at least he makes an Good movie though i have my Huge Doubts over it.

  • @ stalin was superhit movie and content of movie was very good and gve msg thru this movie to help others. M sure mental will be blockbuster movie becaz this movie is perfectly of salman kind.

  • oh nooooo……plz save the upcoming republic day….this date has an importance for us for different reasons, but some people are trying to ruin it in the same way, with which they ruined last 3 eids…. but no offence to sallu..bcoz with these dates only, he can get his open weeks….so he desperately grabbed this empty slot..

  • I don’t know what kind of movie stalin is in tamil, but in Bollywood this movie is in the safe hand of blockbuster khan. It will take the box office by storm on the republic day weekend.

  • he doesn’t need holiday releases to make movie a blockbuster. ready opened in a non-holiday and became the 3rd highest grosser by that time.

  • In the early 2014 mental break all 2013 movie record and then eid 2014 kick will going to made big box office record
    next year going salman year bhai roxxxxx

  • @salman those who are saying ranbir’s yjhd break d2 record, yjhd get summer advantage and mental a pure non holiday release, mark my prediction

    1st day 28cr
    2nd day 30cr
    3rd day 35cr
    100cr just 4 days

    7 days col 145cr

    yjhd lifetime col broken in 2nd weekend
    lifetime col 210cr plus.

  • nothing interesting in this movie, its hyped only because its salman movie. it can’t compete with akshay’s thupakki

  • @salman khan fan check wikipedia man stalin was a superhit.. its a satire on society today not preachy film…high entertainment value …

  • Can,t wait for this movie man king salman back with bang and destroyed every record which held by some childrens.


  • so now Mental coming on next 24th jan great wish Salman and his fans Best of luck but look forward some quality or good entertainment from salman movies not like what we had in Ready,dabangg2 and Bodyguard have although i liked ETT but want something special in this movie which i liked in wanted or in Dabangg so looking for another iconic character as well as good script and screenplay….

  • Imagine ‘GARV’ releasing in 2013. It would take boxoffice by storm with very good content and Salman’s immense star power. A 200 cr given for it!

  • unbeatable recoreds of d2 & ETT’s lifetime collection recored along with 3i recored is going to be poorly beaten by none other than ”MENTAL”
    People are creazy for the movie to be released in theatre, all recoreds are going to be shatteres the tsunami, hurican sandy is going to come this republic day. The day when indian independance was implimented and the same day will vitness the records a bollywood moive will create wether indian or overseas no recored is safe.
    So jeaslous people don’t make a noise it will automatically become stronger by the way ”Mental” will perform….

  • Awesome news. Its gonna be great to have K3, D3, Thupakki and Mental releasing all in the span of acouple of months…!
    Indias Top 4 Megastars battling it out for supremacy at the BO is gonna be riveting and enthralling. Great time ahead indeed.

  • And in some quiet corner of some atlantis type mysterious metroplois popularly known as ‘overseas’, there will be some 3.8 billion srkians watching with abated breath at all the fireworks going of simultaneously by Hrithik, Aamir, Akki and our beloved pyaare Salman bhai…!
    Aaww it will be like a nostalgic moment for fans like xzone as Once Upon A Time In Mumbai our King of Men, King Srk was ruling the roost but now he and his hoardes of fans have abandoned India where a new BO King reigns supreme, he is Blockbuster Khan aka Dabanng Khan…! ;-)

  • i don’t think so it will get more then 150 cr. starting week will be high grosser bcoz of salman khan. but i don’t see any nice story or something new that public loves it. so good luck salman khan.

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